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Coffee vending machine | coffee vendo machine

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Ad Type: Offer | Location: Alcantara
| Views: | Comments: | 18 December 2014
Coffee vending machine business in the Philippines
Our coffee vending machine edge
We are the first in the country to introduce the coffee vendo machine or coffee vending machine concept. Per cup of the coffee cost only five pesos. We saw opportunity in Filipino's love for coffee and how they value every pesos in their pocket.
Who we are...
Barista Choi Vending Solutions Inc. is a growing company born in 2010. Among the products offered by the company are coffee vendo machine /s, coffee vending machine and powdered flavors like coffee, Choco and caramel. Aiming to have more than 100 distributors nationwide, Joel Chua, the creative mind behind the mushrooming coffee vendo machine everywhere is positioning Barista Choi to its peak. Located in strategic points with dense population and belonging to the B to E market segment, the company is achieving its market recognition. Barista Choi offers coffee vendo machine /s or coffee vending machine /s to target market such as bakeries, sari-sari stores, transport terminals, hospitals and more. The management expands through setting up of distribution centers. The distribution centers became Barista Choi's volume customers and they are the ones who deal with the resellers, agents and end consumers.
Coffee vending machine mechanism
After inserting a five (5) peso coin, your coffee will be available in minutes. The machine releases it so it it falls in an open compartment into the cup. Some products or flavors need to be prepared to become available. For example, chocolate and caramel are also available. We guarantee that our flavors, especially coffee is freshly concocted.
The future of
The future of coffee vending machine for barista hoi coffee vending solutions
Our coffee vending machine business is fast growing and is available nationwide. We are currently being offered by international partners to expand the reach of the baristachoi coffee vending machine business worldwide. Our product has been performing well that…

What is a coffee vending machine
A coffee vending machine is simply a vending machine that dispenses coffee. We like to term or define coffee vending machine as baristachoi coffee vending machine business.

Email Add: baristachoi@yahoo.com
Address: 232 Baesa Industrial Terminal, Quirino Highway, Baesa Quezon City, Philippines
Call Us: (02) 961-1608
For more information, promo, discount and events follow us at http://baristachoi.com


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Carla dela Cruz [Entry]

Hi! Can you provide me a quotation for the price of the machine, including the price for coffee, cups, etc.?