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History of Aquaponics in the Philippines
adminDate: Saturday, 30 July 2011, 12:02 PM | Message # 1
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We know Aquaponics as of the present is at an early stage. Especially here in the Philippines, I think only very few are practicing this kind of agricultural system. Philippines is so rich and abundant in agricultural resources. We know how potential this venture could be here in the Philippines but we don't know some history about aquaponics in the Philippines. Who are some pioneers of aquaponics? When did aquaponics started in the Philippines and here in Cebu? What could be the future of the Philippines if 70% of the total population in the country are practicing or implementing aquaponics in their backyards?
ilikedollarsDate: Saturday, 24 September 2011, 6:05 PM | Message # 2
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This thread might be useful for Aquaponics hobbyist or anyone that are planning to start with Aquaponics. Please take a look at this.

JoelVasquezDate: Sunday, 05 February 2012, 8:29 AM | Message # 3
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MAPT – Newsletter-03 2010-11-29

By : Joel Legaspi Vasquez

Cell phone – 09165636627 or 09228047056
Email : jomavasquez@yahoo.com or joel.mactan_aquaponics@yahoo.com

The Many Advantages of Aquaponics

1. For the Philippine scenario Aquaponics Technology as a solution to reduce cost of food production made available and efficient distribution systems can now alleviate and help protect children from and exploitation from paedophiles, child labor and women from exploitation because of hunger and poverty. Prostitution, drug pushing and other crime related to hunger and need for food. There is a first step in achieving a total fix for economic development.

2. Cost of production benefits;
Families, Town, Municipalities and even cities can now produce their own food supply and the cost of transporting food is now saved. Save energy, protecting the environment from gas emissions, reducing our carbon footprint, a totally green solution to a country as miserable as the Philippines. Higher quality organically produced food for less cost…no need of chemical fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, packaging, throw away waste water, nothing goes to waste in an almost perfect eco-system.

3. Food Security, in case of economic collapse or catastrophe, people can still eat, no matter what happens to the stock-market, peso-dollar, people will not go hungry, no one has to beg, and even labor strikers do not need to beg for assistance from the public, because labourers can produce their own fish and vegetables.. Man made or natural disasters, other sectors will have food available.

4. Water is conserved and recycled, nothing is wasted (except through evaporation) as in watering the plants on the soil, a complete and natural eco-system in your backyard, homes and community.

5. Fuel – less fuel will be used and consumed for food distribution used in transportation. More savings in dollars, less pollution, carbon reduction. Food production is now close to the consumers

6. Land/Forest – don’t cut our trees and preserve our forest for planting crops…protect and preserve mother earth, we can now plant in our backyard. If you need more space, plant vertical. This technology can be located anywhere especially when it is reinforced with Solar or Wind Energy as power requirements are minimal.

7. High Quality Food for the prisoners because they can produce and grow their own vegetables and produce fish. Quality food for everyone…and eco friendly, natural and toxic free…purely organic…

8. Proven growing technology – yet there is still so much to be discovered and learned from this process, questions like which plants to grow? Which fish and which method best suited, which is the best combination of fish and plant and with God’s blessings only our imagination is the limit.

9. Protection from calamity or disaster, when these happens each area that is isolated for example because of an outbreak, can still have their own food. Fish can easily be covered with nets when flooded, a system when the right balance is reached can be self-sustaining. The fish feeding the plants and the plants feeding the fish.

10. Eco-tourism beautiful herbal, vegetable, gardens, ornamental plants and fishes and landscaping, self sustaining in every home, community and the country as a whole. For example, fountains, waterfalls, ponds are now both functional for the fish and serves as an irrigation system for the plants grown. Perhaps we can rebuild the hanging gardens of Babylon and the Water system of Rome, all using natural means and processes.

11. Ocean, seas and rivers need not be disturbed so they can populate again…seas no need for overfishing we can produce fishes on our backyard, we restore the sea and our corral reefs, we give back to the seas what we have taken away from them.

12. Healing of mother earth…go green again,…less heat from the sun transferred to the atmosphere since green plants absorb most of the energy…more green more oxygen in the air, more healthy population

13. Schools can also have some space for their student to learn to experiment and be creative and find more effective productive solutions using the principles of Aquaponics, there is so much to be explored and discovered..

14. Learning this technology can further the development in Green Buildings and Residential Condo’s can be structurally designed and equipped with already a “Vertical Farming” concept and infrastructure structure, totally Green Building concepts.

15. Small scale is suitable for retirees or handicaps creating a relax and stress free environment and not heavy work. The system can be designed for handicap-friendly combination. Still developing processes for the blind. Commercial systems can be adapted for handicap operators.

16. Manual processes can be developed to provide aeration, circulation and filtration for physical fitness purposes should electrical systems fail.

17. Work in harmony with rivers and lakes using the natural contours-geography of the land and the river to create sustainable agriculture-food supply without polluting our rivers or lakes, possibly disilting. Use the power of river…use the power of the river and the law of gravity, innovate

18. Government can give people the systems-knowledge and chance to produce food rather than cash aide. Food for all, we teach how to fish rather than giving fish.

19. Prison facilities can participate in producing their own food as well as military camps and barracks. Let every square inch of land produce food and fish. Even the walls plant vertically on your facilities, there would be enough food for the soldiers, or at least save more money instead of buying food. These people can do a lot and feed the country.

Added (21-December-2011, 2:09 PM)
Aquaponics - Producing MORE with less space, less effort, less time, less money and zero waste.

Added (29-December-2011, 10:38 AM)

Title : Aquaponics Seminar

a. Who - Retirees, Housewives, Handicap, Architects, Engineers, Lawyers, Students-Teachers, Home-Owners, Foundations, NGO’s, Government Institutions, Barangay Centers,
b. What - Learn Aquaponics –
- Start to construct and finish it within budget,
- Operate and maintain and sustain,
- DIY techniques to reduce costs using recycled materials, junks and scrap.
- "High end solutions" available for the landscape of backyard-fountains and waterfalls
c. When - At agreed convenience – one-on-one tutorial is okay -
d. Why -
1. Knowledge is power, learn how to produce fish rather than giving fish – then share,
2. You will be self-sufficient and sustainable in your own backyard – start with 5 to 10 sq. meters, 1 sq. meter for fish tank. No digging, space is not a problem.
3. Produce your own healthy, organic food - using sustainable methods. Learn to produce your own feeds (using the God given resources around you)
4. Learn to construct your own systems with the materials around you, innovation and creativity. Learn to landscape-"functional and aesthetic" your place using vertical gardening. Nothing goes to waste – because you use recyclable materials.
5. Use this functionality to produce food - circulation and aeration and filtration - creative thinking and ideas.
6. Develop the expertise while producing on a small scale and go big time. Or rehabilitate existing ponds to increase productivity.
7. See "Engineered Systems" by learning to do it yourself, with locally available materials. Accelerate your learning curve, reduce costly errors-mistakes, fish-kills (like I did) and have immediate direction of what you want to achieve. You will be self-sustaining during storms and calamities - because you can produce you own food- Food Security
8. You are able to protect the environment turning it green and clean - zero waste. Let nature do the work for you - you just provide the infrastructure.
9. Good health, is the greatest gift you can have for yourself and your family. (90% of illnesses comes from the food you eat)
e. How much? 1,500.00 Per person ( 3 to 4 hours)
f. Presenter - Joel Legaspi Vasquez - Mechanical Engineer - OFW from Singapore, learned Aquaponics in Singapore –
Managing Partner – Mactan Aquaponics Philippines Trader
g. Where - 0943 Mahayahay Rd, Bangkal - Lapu-lapu City,
Mactan, Cebu – Tel : 032-4957204 Cel: 09228047056
Email : joel.mactan_aquaponics@yahoo.com or

Added (02-January-2012, 7:16 AM)
Be in control of your health, Knowing & Growing your food source - where and how it is produced - (toxin & toxic free) for you and your family...food security in your backyard

Added (14-January-2012, 7:54 PM)

Food crises in the Philippines - this people must be joking - do we need foreigners to tell us this? Filipinos are immune to crises already.

Learn Aquaponics

Added (22-January-2012, 5:53 PM)
Vietnam is producing 5 Billion USD on fish exports - without sending an OFW. Hi-density fish production is no rocket science. Our neighbors learned fish production in the Philippines and now exporting fish. Philippines is exporting people, hence, if our people could produce fish they do not need to sell themselves or their services.
Learning from others after they learned from us.

Added (26-January-2012, 7:01 AM)
Only 4 percent of PHL coral reefs in excellent health

Please check out above site.
Start to learn producing your own fish and vegetables, your health and your family will depend on your know-how to become self-sustainable.

Please Mr. President, OWWA, LandBank CEO, let us teach our people to produce their own healthy, toxin free, fish, protect our seas by providing alternative source of food. Help your OFW's-reintegration in Cebu.

Please Mr. President allow your OFW's to start this own business and start teaching and earning.

Added (05-February-2012, 8:29 AM)

Keep yourself and your family safe - know your food source, or learn to produce your own - safe, clean, fresh and really organic, Learn Aquaponics

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