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OFW - Bank
JoelVasquezDate: Saturday, 30 June 2012, 1:25 PM | Message # 1
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Quote (pyuds;12948520)
sir, unsa diay meaning aning OFW nga imong ipasabot, dili diay ni "Overseas Filipino Workers". Nya Miingon ka nga OFW-bank nga walay investor . wala jud ko ka gets aning imong gi promote. Palihug kuno pasabta ko.

Hi Pyuds,
My apologies if you are confused. But please work back the threads and read-review them carefully. Indeed, this is one of a kind BANK of the OFW's. That is why we do not need investors. The traditional banking is get people to invest. This is not so and the overall mechanics or Business Plan is what is missing for you to get the picture.

My analogy to this is the traditional farming vis-a-vis the kind of "farming" I am introducing. It is a different way of doing things and for many can be mind boggling.

This is the same with the OFW-Bank I am formulating. It is a bank but works differently from the way people normally think of BANKING. Investors are people who want to GIVE because they want to TAKE something in return. Our investors are people who want to GIVE but do not expect to RECEIVE. Please take note of the words.

Does that confuse you further ?? It would be if you are used to thinking the conventional banking and the way we observe things around us. Hence, this concept is something I conceptualized after working in Singapore and really observing people in Singapore as they think out of the BOX. They are a small country, but very efficient and productive. They can afford Fighter Jets and Apache Helicopters and Perhaps a Sophisticated Navy.

But before anything else, as it is written somewhere - It is better to give than to receive. We apply the bible principles in the way we run our business. Or we can use the taoist principles or whatever because the principles can be found in different books. This bank is one of a kind. Many will be surprised it is that simple.

Once again, why do we have to do away with conventional way? It is simply because if we do things the way we always did we will get what we always got. In the conventional way, the rich get richer and the poor gets pooooooooorer Keep in tuned.
Forum » AffordableCebu.com Lobby » OFW Discussion » OFW - Bank (Who are the investors ??)
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