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Reaching for the Stars
JoelVasquezDate: Wednesday, 18 July 2012, 5:34 AM | Message # 1
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Quote (aenigma143;13057547)
Usa ra akong masulti

That is a very creative thought !!! You see, that is what is one of the most essential element, thinking beyond boundaries. Reaching out to the stars beyond our planetsss.. Aliens..You have those creative mind - in process churning out already in you as I stimulate your thinking, all energy of thinking is focused there, let's make the most out of it.. This is now the time to convert those creative thinking and make true of the principle of "knowledge is power". Information Technology - is there. Managing information is Power. This is what made people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Einstein etc., know how. We should have the desire to create our very very own process and procedures.

These people don't believe in education, they set the rules of their destiny. They believe they have something better to offer than what are taught in schools. Existing rules that we have have only set us to the bottom in the asian economy. With the existing rules we have not achieve anything decent. 4.5 millions filipino families involuntarily hungry, on the other hand we are the 5th richest country in economic resources. Something is terribly, terribly, terribly wrong here.

[COLOR="#FF0000"]If we continue to do the things we always did, we will always get what we always got.[/COLOR] If you had a chance to do things differently to lead our people out of misery what would you do?( BTW, with all due respect, you may not be that concerned about hunger and poverty so this question may not be for you, but for other readers) That will stimulate you to find the answers and create the mechanisms of how and what to do to change the situation we are in.

We need to have people who have common passion and desire to move out of this "stinking pit". There is no need to blame government and politicians. I am looking for more "good samaritans" to join me in this common ground. What and how the mechanism works is another matter, at the moment we need "good samaritans", the next essential element. Because we can be better than Singapore, or even Japan.

Times have changed, we need people who have changed their minds and willing to go out of their comfort zones rather than complain left and right about corruption, government, etc., There is more good to come, that is what is unbelievable about this system.
Forum » AffordableCebu.com Lobby » OFW Discussion » Reaching for the Stars (OFW Bank - the time has come)
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