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If you’re given a chance to be born again, what cultural...?
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If you’re given a chance to be born again, what cultural group would you like to inherit?

If I am given a chance to be born again, I’d prefer to be a Canadian. Canadian culture is inherently multicultural.. The people of Canada are mostly literate and maintain a high standard of living. Canada has a variety of artistic cultures. The interest of the people in dance and music gets clearly reflected in symphony orchestras, opera companies, classical and modern dance groups, and live theater, which are quite common in Canada. The musicians of Canada have made a mark not just in their country but also across the globe. The same goes for the writers who have also gained worldwide recognition, the painters, the sculptors, filmmakers, and architects. Canada has an abundance of natural resources, such as forests, minerals, fish, and hydroelectric power, all of which has helped Canada focus their economic development on the export of raw materials.
Since the recession of the early 1990s, The Canadian economy has grown more rapidly than the other developed countries. The success can be attributed to several factors, including low inflation, low interest rates, and a low Canadian dollar (with respect to other major currencies), all of which helped exports to grow. During the year from 1986 to 1995, the Canadian economy grew 20.4 percent and reached a GDP of C$776.3 billion, representing a per-capita income of C$25,900. In 1999 it was C$976.7 billion. That’s why, there are many people migrating to Canada.

Other factors why I like to be a Canadian :

Canada doesn't have the highest national debt (The U.S. does, ha!)
Canadians are polite
Canadian invented the baseball glove
Canadian invented insulin
Canadian invented the kitchen stove
Titanic, written, directed and produced by a Canadian, James CameronWorld's best infrastructure
Very low inflation (0.9%)
Falling unemployment rate
Canadian social programs are unsurpassed
Stocks reaching new records
Major profits among Canadian companies
More drinkable water in Canada then anywhere else in the world
The longest inclined tower in the world (Olympic Tower, Montreal)

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