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How to Apply for Metrobank ATM Card Bank Account

Known for its tagline "You're in Good Hands with Metrobank", Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. ( or simply Metrobank) was founded in September 5, 1962.

It was recently awarded in the Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2011 as the "Best Bank in the Philippines" and it's popularly known also to be the 2nd largest bank in the Philippines.

That's why your money is safe and secure when you open an account with Metrobank especially an ATM account. If you want to open or apply for a Metrobank ATM Card, just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1

Before going to any Metrobank branch, prepare the needed requirements:
a.) 2 valid ids. One (1) should be a photo bearing ID such as school/student's ID, company/office ID, or government-issued ID's such as Unified Multipurpose ID (UMID), Driver's License ID, Postal ID, Voter's ID, Passport ID, Senior Citizen ID, NBI Clearance, PhilHealth ID, PNP ID, AFP ID, etc. The other ID could be a supplementary ID (a non photo-bearing) such as NSO Birth Certificate, Barangay Certificate, Police Clearance, etc.

b.) 2 pieces recent 1x1 or 2x2 picture. It's recommended to submit recent pictures. Not those pics when you're still in high school... LOL.
c.) Initial Deposit of ₱2,000 for the minimum amount (initial deposit) of opening a new ATM account

Step 2

Go to your preferred Metrobank branch where you want to apply for ATM account:

Step 3

Then, go to the New Accounts section inside the Metrobank branch and ask for an Application of New ATM Card Account.

Step 4

The Account Officer will then give you forms to fill-up. Accomplish these forms. That's it. The Account Officer will give you a Deposit slip/receipt with your Account Number printed on it. 

Claiming Your Metrobank ATM Card (Waiting Period)

You can claim your ATM card after 7 days (1 week). Bring and present your deposit slip  and a valid id upon claiming.

Pictures of a Real Metrobank ATM Card

Metrobank ATM Card
Metrobank ATM Card picture
Metrobank ATM Card Front View
Old Metrobank ATM Card with Maestro logo in the front
Metrobank ATM Card Back View
Metrobank ATM Card with Bancnet and Cirrus logos at the back
New Metrobank ATM Card
New Metrobank ATM Card with MasterCard logo at the front
Metrobank ATM Card (back view)
At the back of the Metrobank ATM Card bearing BancNet, Maestro and Cirrus logos.

New Metrobank ATM Card

New Metrobank ATM Card

You can use (for withdraw, balance inquiry, bills payment) this ATM card on any ATM machines that bear the BancNet, Maestro and Cirrus logos.

Other Types of Metrobank ATM Cards

Metrobank ATM Cards

Maintaining Balance

The above ATM card is a Metrobank e-Teller ATM card. You should maintain the required maintaining balance of at least P2,000 in order to avoid charges/fees. Other types of Metrobank ATM accounts have different maintaining balance:
  • Passbook Savings with ATM - P10,000 
  • OFW e-Teller ATM - waived 
  • SSS Pensioner ATM - P100
  • AccountOne with ATM - P25,000

Falling Below Maintaining Balance Penalty

Metrobank charges P300 (per month) if your Metrobank e-Teller ATM falls below the required maintaining balance. The same amount will be charged to other types of Metrobank atm accounts:
  • Passbook Savings with ATM - P300
  • OFW e-Teller ATM- waived 
  • SSS Pensioner ATM - P300
  • AccountOne with ATM - P300

Some Powerful Features of Your Metrobank ATM Card

  • Withdraw or transfer money to over 800 Metrobank branches and to over 1,600 ATMs in the Philippines
  • Pay your utility bills (phone, electric, internet, etc.) through ATM, mobile banking and internet banking
  • Use it to purchase in major business establishments or department stores such as SM, Robinsons, Ayala Malls, Gaisano Malls, and any other stores with Card Swipe Machines which are affiliated with Bancnet.
  • You can enroll your ATM account to Metrobank Online Banking and avail great online banking services of Metrobank such as free balance inquiry (access of your account), pay bills (electric, water, phone or internet bills, etc.), transfer funds and many others.
  • and many more...
Do you have any concern with you Metrobank ATM card?

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Darwin   (26 April 2018 2:59 PM)

Pwede po ba yung NSO Birth Certificate, Postal ID, Police Clearance

Darwin   (26 April 2018 2:58 PM)

Hi po Mam Paano po mag apply ng ATM Card

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Jenz   (03 October 2017 8:21 PM)

I would like to ask if my payroll card from metrobank still can use as my personal savings given that the card is EMV already.

I am no longer connected with the company but I wish to use it as wallet.

Anyone can answer me?

Maricar   (31 July 2017 5:51 PM)

Good Day.

Im here in South Korea Now.
and i want my kids to open an account in Metro Bank .....So that if i Send money in my kids direct to there atm.

What is the requirements????
they are UNDER.AGE
and how much is the deposit.


belle   (19 June 2017 8:56 AM)

hi! just wanna ask if pwedeng mag open ng new account at other branches though galing ka from different place. like, I'm from Cainta po, Can I still open new account at your branch at pampanga? thankyou.

Yelle   (01 June 2017 5:25 PM)

Good day po. Ask ko lang po sana if kailangan pa po ba ng TIN number kahit 19 years old pa lang po ako? Let me know po para alam ko po yung dadalhin ko. Thank you.

Cristine Cagasan   (01 June 2017 9:43 AM)

Hi good day paano po kung wala poh na utility billing anong dapat gawin poh thank you poh...?

joy   (31 May 2017 1:49 PM)

Hi, can I link Metrobank in Paypal ?

Ava madel salgado-sadama   (20 May 2017 5:25 AM)

Please assist me. Dito po ko ngaun sa abz dhabi want ko iwithdraw ang pera ko using my metrobank maestro atm card mkakawuthdraw po ba ako.please give me feedback.thanjs

Maylene I. Basbaño   (03 May 2017 3:34 PM)

Good afternoon madam/sir,
ang tanong ko po dun po sa valid id's pwede po ba yung voter's id kasi po yung sss id ko hindi pa po na papalitan yung surname ko ang nakalagay po dun ay yung surname ko pa noong dalaga ako. Thank you and God bless you.

marc kevin   (31 March 2017 2:51 PM)

sir pano po yung atm debit card ko nkuha ko n lhat ng laman at zero balance n sya..last pa yun..ang tnong ko po pde p bko mg hulog para sa savings ko..or blocked n yun?

marilou lagallo   (29 March 2017 11:26 PM)

hello po! magtatanong lang po. Meron po ba kaung Metrobank branch dito sa Dubai? (kung meron anu po ang address?) at kung meron pwede bang mag open account (passbook savings account with ATM). salamat po!

jay ann   (24 February 2017 11:59 AM)

.good day..
i have a friend who lives in california usa. .
.and she told me that she will send me money through my account which is my atm card. .Ilang araw ko po ba malalaman na may laman na ang atm ko. .if kung nahulog na nya ang pera sa account ko. .agad agad po ba na papasok sa atm ko or it takes a few days pa po. .thanks po

Mikee Capuchino   (21 February 2017 8:44 AM)

Ano pong specific card ung may kasama ng passbook Na initial dep is 10k? Pwd pong pa send ng pic with passbook. Gusto KO po makita ung design po ng card. Thank you po.

Genilda Semblante   (10 February 2017 5:43 AM)

Good day maam/sir..
I am a ofw in singapore...is it valid that i bring only a photocopy of my passport and my ic or work pass in the office to open a new atm card in metro bank..!?

Lorena barameda   (06 February 2017 5:10 PM)

Hi poh 2014 poh kumuha PO ako ng ATM account sa Metrobank pero Hindi ko poh nahulugan pwede PA PO bah ma activate ulit UNG ATM ko?Thanks poh.....

Sherwin Agad   (28 January 2017 1:12 PM)

Hi, good day. I want to have an atm account and I saw the requirements needs a TIN number but I am still a student, should I get it or is it okay not to have it? Thank you..

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