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Metrobank Personal Bank Accounts, Minimum Maintaining Balance and Interest rates

One of the largest banks in the Philipines, Metrobank provides an array and flexible banking products and services for your personal needs. To get the most out of your Metrobank account, it is useful to know their personal banking accounts for general reference:

This a table of Metrobank's Personal Bank Accounts, Minimum Maintaining Balance, Interest Rates and Service Fees/Charges as of January 1, 2013:


  • Passbook Savings
P 10,000.00P 10,000.00 P 10,000.00 0.250%P 300.00
  • OFW
waivedwaived P 10,000.00 0.250%P 300.00
  • SSS Pensioner
P 100.00P 10,000.00P 10,000.00 0.250%P 300.00
  • US Pensioner
P 500.00P 500.00 P 10,000.00 0.250%P 300.00
Metrobank e-Teller (ATM)

  • Savings
P 2,000.00P 2,000P10,000.000.250%P 300.00
  • OFW
waivedwaivedP10,000.00 0.250%n.a.
  • SSS Pensioner
P 100.00P 100.00 P10,000.00 0.250%P 300.00
CheckingP10,000.00 P10,000.00 n.a.n.a.P 300.00

  • with ATM
P 25,000.00P 25,000.00 P 50,000.000.250%P 300.00
  • w/o ATM
P 25,000.00 P 25,000.00 P 50,000.00 0.250%P 300.00
MetroCheckingExtraP 15,000.00P 15,000.00 P 15,000.00 0.250%P 300.00
Fun Savers ClubP 500.00P 500.00P 4,000.000.250%P 300.00

As you notice, Metrobank's interest rates of their personal banking account are mostly 0.250%. And their service fees on accounts below minimum maintaining balance are mostly 300 pesos.
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20 NICASIA   (21 September 2016 10:15 PM)
i try to deposit at my OFW account in Metrobank but its been denied?they said its been deactivated? how to check the balance

19 NICASIA   (21 September 2016 10:13 PM)
what happen to my OFW account if its not deposited within 2 years even if there is still money available in the account? how to check the balance?

18 3B   (01 May 2016 8:36 PM)
HI! my METROBANK ATM got negative balance. My question is can I still use the account for deposit or my account is automatically closed? I dont want to close my acct.

17 Christine   (15 January 2016 6:28 PM)
Good day, i just want to ask regarding my metrobank atm account. Can i have an update if how many months should i pay for the penalty? I already forgot when my account is down to zero balance. I just want to know so that i can prepare for it. Because the last time i deposited about 6,000.00 i was surprised that 600 pesos was missing. Can you just give me an update if how much should i pay for the penalties. Thank you so much!

16 Gerson Llames   (29 November 2014 11:57 AM)
What if I spend 1k from the 2k maintaining balance in the first week of December then I paid it the next day or the next week so it haven't reached for a month, will I still get a deduction of 300Php?
Thank you.

15 Nathaniel Sanidad   (29 September 2014 10:25 AM)
hello I just want to ask what happens when you have negative balance in your account and decided not to use the card already , will you still pay the negative balance?

14 Kathlea Solatre   (15 August 2014 7:16 PM)
I want to ask just in case i will open an ofw account with passbook does it require a maintaining balance??
thank you

13 arman   (18 June 2014 7:57 AM)
Good day! Suppossing after two consecutive months, the atm account has zero balance, hence, the balance becoming negative, will the account be automatically closed or will metrobank keep deducting 300 service fee?

12 ROLDAN R. TULOP   (20 May 2014 1:21 AM)
I want to ask, does Metrobank debit earn an interest? Please answer..thank you.

10 Mae   (23 January 2014 5:37 PM)
Hi, can I use the Metrobank ATM (Savings, OFW, SSS Pensioner) as debit card? thanks

11 admin   (26 January 2014 2:39 PM)
Mae, yes

9 rowena dela rosa   (18 October 2013 12:29 PM)
How much is the maximum amount of money can I deposit to the bank account?

8 jencina21   (14 October 2013 4:20 PM)
Hi. I have 2 years inactive bank account. I don't know if my metrobank deposit account has a remaining balance. I receive a letter from Metrobank for dormant account. I'm worried if how much service charges/penalties they would impose to that account. I'm worried also if I will be arrested for the penalty if I'm going to the bank. I thought that it will automatically closed and becomes zero balance according someone I knew. Thank you.

7 Leanne Mata   (29 September 2013 10:42 AM)
Hi, I want to ask. I'm a temporary employee in a company so I used my saving account in metrobank for my salary... Will that savings account of mine get closed if it reaches zero balance?

5 Kris Paragua   (17 May 2013 2:52 PM)
hi i would just like to ask what will happen if you go below minimu monthly adb when your balance is already 0?

6 admin   (17 May 2013 7:18 PM)
Kris Paragua, your account balance will turn into negative. (-P300) for the first 2 months of falling below ADB.
If you deposit money (let's say P2,000) into your account, Metrobank will automatically deduct P300 from it. So you account balance right after you deposit P2,000 will become P1,700.

4 chloe   (23 February 2013 9:47 AM)
Good morning, I want to ask, can I still deposit to my OFW account even if its remaining balance is Php 35.40? Thank you

3 Lea   (28 November 2012 10:27 AM)
Good Morning. I want to ask if my account is still active. I've opened it last year 2007.

Where can I view my account of my ATM here?

2 shayne tablang   (01 November 2012 8:41 PM)
how much is the service charge if i deposit in other metrobank bank rather than the bank where it open the account? tnx

1 shi   (10 August 2012 6:42 AM)
Good morning!if I'm going to open an ATM account. Can my fiancee from India deposit money to it? Thanks.