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What’s your name in bisaya?


What’s the bisaya translation of “what’s your name”?


What’s your name?” in bisaya is “Unsa imong ngalan?

Or you could also use the following variations:

  • Unsa imong ngan? (prounounced as “Uhn-sa ih-mong ngan?”)
  • Unsay ngan nimo? (pronounced as “Uhn-sai ngan ni-muh?”)
  • Unsay ngalan nimo? (pronounced as “Uhn-sai ngan ni-muh?”)

What – translated in bisaya as “Unsa” (Uhn-sah).

Name – translated in bisaya as ” Ngan” or “Ngalan“.

Your name – translated in bisaya as “Imong ngan” or “Imong ngalan“.

Example of sentences using “what’s your name?” in bisaya/cebuano translation:

  • What’s your name? My name is Donald Trump. – “Unsay ngan nimo? Donald Trump akong ngan.”
  • What’s your name? You have a nice name. – “Unsay ngan nimo? Nindot kaayo imong nga.”
  • What’s your name? Where do you live? – “Unsay ngan nimo? Asa ka gapuyo?”
  • What’s your name? Your name reminds me of someone special – “Unsay ngan nimo? Nia koy madumduman special nga tawo sa imong ngan”
  • What’s your name? You’re my student. – “Unsay ngan nimo? Estudyante ka nako”
  • I’m your teacher. What’s your name? – “Ako imong teacher. Unsay ngan nimo?”
  • I’m totally mesmerized with your beauty. What’s your name? – “Mura kog matulala sa imong kagwapa. Unsay imong ngan?”
  • I admire your talent. What’s your name? – “Gi-admire nako imong talent. Unsay ngan nimo?”
  • What’s your name? How did you get that name? – “Unsa imong ngan? Asa ka gikan anang ngalana?”
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