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Herminio Coloma Address and Contact Number...

Name: Herminio Coloma
Government Position in the Philippines: Secretary [Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO)]
Address: 2/F New Executive Bldg., Malacañang, Manila
Contact/Telephone Number: 733-3630
Fax Number: 734-5883
Website: ops.gov.ph

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EFREN UY [Entry]

Good morning to your good office. I write to inform you that i have problem with the INTERPOL office in Pasay City due to my parcel item they held from its delivery since the month of July 2015.
the parcel contains a booklet of information about my depository bank of my fund in London. to be exact, the bank is the Credit Suisse Bank, London. the other item is an ATM card that holds my fund which i am withdrawing from the bank..
the parcel, after release from the bureau of custom and ready to transit for the delivery, the Interpol halted the courier company to transit the parcel. they are asking from me the amount of 2,200.oo GBP EQUIVALENT TO ALMOST 160,000.00 PESOS but i do not have the amount they are asking. In fact, we paid (the bank, the courier and my share) the bureau of custom the amount of 8,900.00 GBP as clearance fee.you can just imagine the huge amount of the GBP when converted to peso currency. it drained my earnings and i have to barrow from others to raise the amount. the INTERPOL also demanded the same amount. that is why i can not afford the fee the interpol trying to extort from me.
upon knowing what the President have done to control the custom from their practices, i saw hope that i can have my parcel when i bring this issue to his Office., which i did but it never had received a response from his office. it was the office of VP Binay who responded to my pleading but he referred my case to the public attorneys' office . i have not yet reported to the PAO in the hope that other law-makers may help me. i wrote to all senators to inform them of my predicament, also i send email messages to Korina Sanchez and sec. Mar Roxas and ABS-CBN. As of this date it was only the OFFICE OF Senator Mirian Defensor-Santiago who sent me a message to enlighten me about the functions of the two agencies, the custom and The Interpol. i appreciated the good lady senator's gesture. with no promise of assisting me about the Interpol hoarding my parcel, at least she showed concern to my flight. She took time to read my problem and allowed me ventilate my feelings. But from the President, NOTHING! HIS Office is supposed to help me about the Interpol because the Interpol they said is under his jurisdiction from whom orders comes from him.

i am able to get your email and took the opportunity to do the same in informing you of my present hardship. Almost all of us in the family are burdened with illness that is why i am withdrawing my fund from the bank.

if you ask how i got fund from UK? it is in fact a beneficiary fund as donation from a philanthropist from Paris. She is Forbes’ richest lister. She donated a fund deposited in the aforementioned bank when she learned my family's poor condition and we got into condition that part of the fund will be given to charities and invests for my business for sustainability or generates jobs to others.

For my personal profile, here are few information about myself:
i am a retired citizen, 62 years old, have a contractual job as HR consultant with very low pay for an earning. i used to be an airline HR Manager, an Associate Professor in behavioral science discipline. HR training head from Valenzuela City LGU but was dropped from the payroll for no apparent reason. It just happens that the then mayor have an attitude towards people who cannot be his favorite. He practices nepotism and also loaded with corruption. Ask me about ghosts employees, i can tell many not just some. I for one was a ghost employee of his office in the congress.
I pray upon reading the content of my email, you will relay this the President because your proximity to each other is almost on a daily schedule.
I want to believe the President's is not callous. Please don't get me wrong, my pleading has not something to do with politics. Nagkataon lang po na naghahanap kami ng hustisya para sa aming suliranin dulot ng pamamahala ng mga ahensya ng pamahalaan na akin tinuran at sa pamumuno ng Presidente; pasensya na po sa aking nasabi at sa abala na dulot ko.
i am anticipating a rejoinder from you Sec. Coloma.