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Metrobank Dubai United Arab Emirates Branch | Telephone Number

Metrobank  Dubai Branch, United Arab Emirates

Office/Branch Address
PO Box 39925
Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Contact/Phone Number
00 (97150) 362-0583

Fax Number
00 (9714) 220-6113

Email Address

Banking/Operating Hours

Type of Industry
Banking / Financial Services / Remittance

Do you have any concern with Metrobank Dubai Branch in United Arab Emirates?

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Total comments : 44
Rechiel B. Quilangit   (13 July 2018 1:26 AM)
Good Day! I want to open an account here in Dubai. How and what are the requirements? Thank You!

Ricardo   (30 June 2018 2:59 PM)
Me I know the location of metrobank in Dubai and I want to get the mobile number of metro bank

Ritchelle   (13 June 2018 2:00 AM)
Me and mu husband is currently working here in Dubai,UAE and we wouldnlike to open joint bank account.please let us know what are the requirements and where is your office.

Marjorie Delos Reyes   (17 May 2018 2:21 PM)
Mobile contact number for both Abu Dhabi and Dubai Branches of Metrobank are not working

mark joel   (29 April 2018 12:32 PM)
may i know if the metrobank in al rigga is still active? '


Marriecar   (27 March 2018 2:31 PM)
HI Good day. Im here at uae i would like to ask if where i can change my password for my metrobank card which atm machine or bank is allowed . For this transaction.

Marriecar   (27 March 2018 2:29 PM)
Hi! Good day po im maricar i would like to know about metrobank ofw here at uae. Where i can check my atm card. If its already have my balance. If ever i withdraw here cash where the best atm machine ? Im just new joiner for this acct.

Jovielyn castro   (25 March 2018 5:11 PM)
Good afternoon.
I want to open an account here in UAE. May i know where and what will be the Requirements to Open one. Thanks. Hope to hear from u soon.

Allan   (17 March 2018 10:40 PM)
Good Evening,

What is the swift code of Metrobank further to use in online banking transfer?

Jervin   (12 February 2018 12:16 PM)

I need you assistance, i am planning to open a OFW savings account in Metro Bank here in Dubai but all the money exchange that i asked are all said that the card in not available. Kindly advised which area in Dubai i will to open an account.

Appreciate your quick response to my email

Thank you


Toby Carmichael   (19 December 2017 4:53 AM)
My name is Toby Carmichael. I have been instructed by my fiance, Lovia James of bank identification MTR/366-HT/012 to transfer the sum of 700,000 pounds equivalent from her account in your bank my personal account.Kindly let me know what I need to provide to complete the transaction as soon as possible. I look forward to getting a swift reply from you.
Best Regards
Toby Carmichael

Ruel Portuguez   (27 October 2017 11:13 PM)
Good day.
I just want to inquire to METROBANK if possible to open/invest in UITF even we are in abroad (UAE)? Some of the bank are not allowed.



Jose Vieira   (30 July 2017 2:34 PM)
Dear Sir's,
I currently live in the UK and bank with Metro Bank in the UK and do business in the UAE.
I would like to kindly request information regarding the possibility of opening a Metro bank account within the UAE.
Is this possible to do from the UK?

I thank you in advance for any information you can supply me with.

Jose Vieira

PADMANABHAN GANESAN   (26 May 2017 10:26 AM)
Sir, I am padmanabhan ganesan from chennai, India and i approached by inter net the Lending Club Firm for a loan of $500,000 USD and theyapproved the same and they raised issues at the time of transfer. They informed me to effect the transfer i, The borrower to get BVN ( Bank verification Number and i have to make payment of $4000 USD to get the BVN. Out of $4000 USD, the lending companyagrees to pay for $2000 USD and the balance of $2000 USD payable by me and also they asked me to transfer the money by Western union to one MR. VICTOR NDUBUEZE NEWZOR company secretary and also they have attached payment slip for the said loan amount value. they have given address as METRO BANK,Central processing office, white housesouth, Dubai and mentionedas transferorder confirmed by Swift. Can you kinly verify , whether it is true/ Scame. Thanking You-- Padmanabhan Ganesan.

Fawzi Ahmed   (26 April 2017 5:58 PM)
Dear Sir/ Madam, my granddaughter is interested in opening an account with you at your branch in Dubai. She is being offered a place to study in London. Can she open the account and start using it both in the UAE and UK? I would be grateful for any other information.

Monalina de Vera-Laurora   (11 April 2017 6:40 PM)
May I know the office address of metro bank here in Dubai, UAE. Thanks.

Monalina de Vera-Laurora   (11 April 2017 6:33 PM)
I want to activate my debit card internationally in orde

Lilian B. Lobo   (10 April 2017 4:36 PM)
Dear All,

Please Advice,
I can not withdraw my fund which was deposited from Philippines. It was PESO account and works international.I already received reply email from MAnila and said that it was tagged internationally and fund is already available.
But the problem is i can not make any transaction even trying it to many ATM machines in different banks. I can not do any transaction even balance inquiry...
Can you help me on this? I need the fund so bad...

Hannah   (11 August 2016 11:56 AM)
Hello good day . I just wanna ask if I can activate my metro bank visa card here in Dubai since I open my account here in Dubai. If so how and what bank to activate it?

Suzy   (08 August 2016 3:23 PM)
Dear Incharge,
Good Day!
I have saving accounts with you ( Metro Bank) I open here before when I went a vacation I transfer it to Davao my home place. If possible I want to know my account details.

Humble waiting for your reply and thankyou.


Cherry Pie Labang   (23 June 2016 6:20 PM)
hi!good afternoon i just want to ask if i used the metrobank card credit card here in dubai to purchase gadgets,there is a charge in my bill ? and howmuch>?

Thanks and Regards,

belle   (13 May 2016 7:45 PM)
hi good day, i like to open savings bank just want to ask what are the requirements? and where can i apply here in dubai? hope for your urgent response. thanks and best regard

Joann De Luna Racho   (18 April 2016 2:19 PM)
From last year March I open my metrobank account now I want to withdraw some amount in HSBC machine and written that my account is invalid???? WHY??/its not updated your system to all your customer!!!!

kathy   (21 March 2016 7:57 PM)
Hi good day I would like to ask if I can transfer in online banking if metro bank to BDO account? And how to transfer it ? Please ASAP thank you

Melanie banan   (15 November 2015 3:19 AM)
Which bank to withdraw money using metrobank card

Dolores M. Pastores   (09 November 2015 5:15 PM)
I already register to E-banking but still not yet receive the OTP?
Please kindly assist me

Waiting for your speedy response.

thank you!

catherine   (11 October 2015 2:15 PM)
Dear Metrobank,

Please kindly assist me to unlocked my Metrobank account as soon as possible. I want to make a local transfer to another account this week but, I don't understand why i cant open to log-in ? is there anything you can do immediately about this. Its always hang up until my account was locked. Please i need your assistance asap .

Waiting for your speedy response.

Account details:
Catherine Cornelio
Card number # 5286 6756 5064 9265 5286
expiration Date : 02/25
Contact # +971528602055 dubai

Thank you

Karol Hila   (28 September 2015 7:03 AM)
can i open an account here in uae ? and what is the requirements? thank you

ARIANNE JIMENEZ   (16 August 2015 5:18 PM)
Good Day!
May i ask where i can apply in metrobank dubai?
Can i get your email address or the location where i can drop my CV

Leizel Acob   (31 July 2015 0:47 AM)
Goodevening I just want to inquire.... I want to make a savings account using metro bank here in Dubai and I just want to ask if how much do I need to give for a deposit and except that do I need to pay more for anything else? I just want to know also if it's International. And once I am leaving Dubai for good do I need to deactivate my account here only in Dubai or I can deactivate it in my home country Philippines... Please and thank you!

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