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Metrobank Lucky Plaza Singapore Branch | Telephone Number

Metrobank Lucky Plaza Branch, Singapore

Office/Branch Address
304 Orchard Road
#03-30 Lucky Plaza
Singapore 238863
Contact/Telephone Number
65 6734-4648 / 65 6734-2748 / +65 6734 8035

Fax Number
65 6734-7348

Email Address

Banking/Operating Hours

Type of Industry
Banking / Financial Services / Remittance

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Total comments : 19
SOH POH HENG   (01 May 2018 9:22 AM)
I am a Singaporean looking to buy a property in Manila. I was wondering if I could open a bank account in Singapore and Manila so that I could transfer my money to Metro Manila for the purchase.

Lee   (17 November 2016 12:15 PM)
Hi I'm in singapore and i wish to have cash advance would that be possible? I have no pin number yet. Thank you

vincent samson   (16 February 2016 8:00 PM)
I am in Singapore and I had my atm card ugraded to VIP for international use. How much do charge per withdrawal?

Marilou jamora   (25 November 2015 9:11 PM)
Can i pay my metrobank credit card here in singapore eventhough my account was in philippines?is there any charges?how much if ever?

hazel ann reyes   (23 November 2015 9:33 PM)

Imee Cuadras   (28 August 2015 11:13 AM)
Hi,can I open atm savings acct.here in Metrobank Singapore?Thank you

Len   (22 July 2015 10:29 AM)
Good day. Can I open account here in Metrobank Singapore? Can I use it also in Philippines?

Thank you

Jasper Fernandez   (02 July 2015 10:01 PM)
Hi, can I open a ATM Savings Account here in Singapore? Please reply.

Assenav Alider   (30 October 2014 8:52 AM)
Hi can i ask if my remittance is my father using a metrobank atm.i only once deposit to his account did his account still active or can still deposit.tanx pls reply:-)

Ivan   (11 June 2014 9:20 PM)
Hi, Can I open a Savings Account here in Singapore in peso currency?


M Hassan   (04 June 2014 1:53 PM)
Dear Sir,
Can I sent a Import LCs add confirmation request from Bangladesh Banks.
please can you sent me any email address or contract to sent the request details.

M Hassan.

JAYSON SORIANO   (15 May 2014 2:25 PM)


chu   (06 May 2014 4:42 PM)

Do you process debit card application? If so, what are the requirements?

ezra espiritu   (15 January 2014 11:30 AM)
hi. Can I open my savings account here? (metrobank Singapore) and if ever can I withdraw my money when im in the Philippines? thanks.

zaldy torres   (12 January 2014 2:59 PM)
open on Saturday? how much initial deposit?

erika   (18 November 2013 9:45 PM)
just would like to ask.. someone send me money via online banking and he sent it thru my atm card and taht is metrobank.. using a metro bank electronic teller.. but why i wasn't able to receive it? he indicated my account no. using -- for example 130--111-- like that. pls. help

mel   (29 September 2013 6:30 PM)

Can I open a new account here in singapore and every month will deposit an amount as part of my savings but will converted to the rate peso once being deposit? What are the requirements to open one.

Thank you.

Adrian   (29 June 2013 4:34 PM)
Can i open a new account here in Singapore? If so, how much is the maintaining balance and what are the requirements needed to open one.

John   (15 May 2013 4:28 PM)

Can i open a new account here in Singapore? If so, how much is the maintaining balance and what are the requirements needed to open one.