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A Frog-Like Baby Born in Nepal

5 years ago, there was a frog-like baby born in Nepal but died half an hour after his birth. You could feel pity on the baby. His father didn't even care with the baby's death and proudly present them to the people around him in the street.

Picture of the frog-like baby

This odd-looking baby was born in Charikot, Nepal. Huge number of people are very curious and wanted to see the how bizarre the baby looked like.

(Picture) Frog-like baby is presented to the people in the street.

The baby is neck-less with its head sunk in the upper part of the body and its big eyeballs popped out in his eye socket. This extraordinary baby was born Nir Bahadur Karki and Suntali Karki at the Gaurishnkar Hospital in Charikot.

Unfortunately this extraordinary baby died half an hour after his birth, the mother said. Then the baby was taken to the hospital after his death. News about the baby spread like wildfire. And a large crowd personally went to the hospital to see the baby. The policemen found it difficult to control the growing number of people wanted to look at the bizarre baby.

Suntali, the baby's mother, is normal. She bore the baby after a normal nine-month gestation period. She didn't even have illness during his pregnancy with the baby. Nir Bahadur, the baby's father didn't feel any remorse or the baby's death. He's happy that nothing happend to his wife.

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Total comments : 5
Jo   (27 March 2013 4:30 AM)
This baby is an example of an anecephalad baby. essentially, one born without a brain. the eldeset living example of a baby born with this condition is 2 years old in the USA. it is a severe form of spina bifida, which means the spinal cord does not fully delevop

wesley   (09 December 2012 10:20 PM)
oh and I almost forgot, he might have bullies make fun of him but just in case of that if he were still alive I would offer to be his bodyguard and keep that from happining, oh and by the way I've seen this guy on a youtube video when he was born, reply to me if you want peeps :)

wesley   (09 December 2012 10:17 PM)
aww, this is sad :( it's not fair, if the frog baby could live to die of old age he would be named the famouse frog
man, or frog god, he would of been worshiped even though he does look a little wierd but he's cool too me, god be with you till we meet little frog guy D:

karmie   (20 October 2011 9:04 PM)
this is fucking weird!!!!!!!

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