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How to Decrease MB Size in a PDF File

How to Decrease MB Size in a PDF File
"Image Credit: Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images PDF files are documents usually created using Adobe Acrobat. When you create these PDF files, each time you click ""Save,"" the file increases in size. The PDF file size can be reduced using a couple of procedures. Reducing the images in the file and using the ""Save As"" feature both reduce the size of the PDF. If the file is intended for use on the Internet, reducing the size improves user experience and lowers the amount of bandwidth use. Advertisement Step 1 Open the file in the full version of Adobe Acrobat. The full version is different from the reader. It allows you to edit and save changes to the file. Step 2 Remove ""Named Destination"" links. Named destinations are places within the Adobe Acrobat file that link to other documents. They take 1 Kb per link, so if you don't need them, remove them. To remove a named destination, highlight it and press the ""Delete selected destination"" icon (trash can in the main toolbar). Advertisement Step 3 Use ""Save As"" instead of ""Save."" When you use ""Save As,"" the file is overwritten. Using ""Save"" appends all the changes to the file information, so it increases file time each time you press the button. The ""Save As"" option is in the ""File"" menu button. Step 4 Use the space auditor to identify elements in your document that take the most amount of space. You can then make the decision to delete or change them. The optimizer is found by pressing the ""Advanced"" menu option. Then click ""PDF Optimizer"" and ""Audit Space Usage."" This lists all the objects in the page with the corresponding storage size. Advertisement Step 5 Compress large images. Images are one of the main reasons why a PDF file increases in size. To compress images, click the ""Advanced"" menu option and then select ""PDF Optimizer."" Within this window, select ""Enable Adaptive Compression"" to compress high storage images. Advertisement" - https://www.affordablecebu.com/

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