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Below is the list of courses/programs offered by University of San Carlos (USC), which is known as the oldest school in the Philippines.
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Courses/Programs Offered in University of San Carlos (USC)

College of Law
Bachelor of Law

College of Arts and Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology
Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy

Master of Arts in:
Anthropology, Applied Linguistics, Economics, English Language, Teaching Guidance, History, Literature, Philosophy, Physics, Clinical Psychology and Psychology (majors: Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Social Psychology

Master of Science in:
Biology (majors: Botany, Zoology), Chemistry, Environmental Science, Information Technology, Library Science, Marine Biology, Mathematics and Physics, Master of Library and Information Science (Thesis and Non-Thesis)

Master of:
Biology, Chemistry, Economics, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Political Sciences and Sociology

Bachelor of Arts
Major in Economics, Business Track, Information Technology Track, Law and Politics Track, Social Science Track and Statistics Track
Bachelor of Arts
Major in Anthropology, History, Philosophy, Political Sciences and Sociology
Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Literature
Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Literature with Professional Education Course
Bachelor of Library and Information Science
Bachelor of Philosophy
Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics
Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics
major in Mechanical Science and Operational Research
Bachelor of Science in Biology
major in Environmental Science, Chemistry, Computer Science, Information Technology, Marine Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology and Statistics
Associate in Computer Science major in Database Technology, Multi Media Technology and Networking

College of Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing
majors: Community Health Nursing, Medical-Surgical Psychiatric Nursing, Maternal and Child Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Associate in Health Science Education

College of Commerce

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration
Master in Business Administration
Executive Master in Business Administration
Master in Science in Accountancy

Bachelor of Science in:
Accountancy, Management Accounting and Hotel and Restaurant Management
Bachelor in Science in Business Administration
majors: Development Management, Executive Resources Management Entrepreneurship, Legal Management and Environmental Management
double major: Marketing Management and Entrepreneur
Bachelor of Tourism Management
Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management
Certificate in Business and Information Management

College of Engineering

Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Management, Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in:
Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic and Communications Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering majors: Computer Network, Digital System Design and Software Engineering

College of Pharmacy

Master of Science in Pharmacy
Bachelor of Science in Clinical Pharmaceutical Sciences

College of Architecture and Fine Arts

Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture
Bachelor of Fine Arts
major: Advertising Arts and Painting
Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

College of Education

Doctor of Education
Doctor of Philosophy in Education
majors: Curriculum, Instruction, Education Administration and Research and Administration
Master of Arts in Education
majors: Economics, Education Management, English Language, Teaching, Guidance, History, Montessori Education, Physical Education, Religious Education and Special Education
Master of Arts in: Mathematics, Education, Religious Education
Master of Arts in Science Education
majors: Biology, Chemistry and Physics
Post Baccalauriate Degree Courses
Certificate in: Professional Education, Special Education, Teaching Special Education and Montessori Education
Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor of Elementary Education
majors: Special Education, Early Childhood Education/Montessori Education
Bachelor of Secondary Education
majors: Biology, English, Mathematics, Physical Education and Religious Education
double major: Communication Arts, Religious Education-Values Education, Music, Art, and Physical Education, Biology-Chemistry, Physics-Chemistry, Physics-Mathematics
Bachelor of Culinary and Textile Arts
Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics

Basic Education

Pre-elementary Education
USC North Campus, USC South Campus
USC College Education Montessori Laboratory
Elementary Education
USC North Campus Grade School
Gen. Maxilom Street, Cebu City
USC South Campus Grade School
J. Alcantara Street, Cebu City
Secondary Education
USC North Campus High School
Gen. Maxilom Street, Cebu City
USC South Campus High School
J. Alcantara Street, Cebu City


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daryl beso [Entry]

Dear Sir/Maam,

Good day! can I ask if when is the schedule of the entrance exam for fresh graduates? and where can I get the admission form? Thank you so much!

Dear Sir/Madam,

Good day! Are you accepting tranferrees for Marine Biology. My son is a 4th year student of Legal Management. Will his subjects be accredited and how long will it take for him to finish the degree.
Thank you so much.
Finina Quijano McKenney [Entry]

My daughter is interested in studying Linguistics. She is a US citizen. How much is the tuition fees for international student. She is planning to start next year 2018 in June. I believe she has to take an entrance exam. When can she take the exam?

Bessie Koel [Entry]

Hi please kindly email me your enrollment form. I am trying to enroll my son.
Thank you,
Jeni Jamerlan [Entry]

Hi I have a few questions here. Hope you can help me.

1. My sister wants to study Culinary and focus on baking and pastry. What course should she take?
2. She'll graduate on March/April 2018. What are the fees and schedules for enrolment, entrance exams and classes?
3. What are the requirements for enrolment?
4. Is it okay if she has an authorized person processing the requirements here because she's currently in GenSan City?

I appreciate your response. I would like to know all these things in advance so I can prepare.

Lorna M. Modina [Entry]

Would like to know what are the requirements for Grade 11 and I just want to know also if there is an entrance examination and please let me know also the schedule. Thank you.
Belinda N Escandallo [Entry]


I would like to request if it's possible to get a copy of the syllabus in MA ELT (English Language Teaching). I finished my master's degree wayback 2006. I am planning to enroll a higher education here in Canada and I need a copy of this syllabus. Thank you.

guigayomaangel [Entry]

hi hello good morning ., ask unta ko when ang enrollment sa second sem...  returnee diay ko but usjr ko gikan last year.  ask unta ko if unsa requirement?  thanks
Steve Abbott [Entry]

What is the web-site where I can find course information for specific BS degrees?
Steve Abbott [Entry]

How does someone find out the classes and credits required for a BS in nursing, or BS in Hotel/Restaurant Management. Your wed-sites are totally empty of information, or difficult to find.
Carlo Pacana [Entry]

hi i would like to ask for schedules of enrollment for transferees on sy: 2016-2017? thank you
kabiru sani musa [Entry]

Helo, I intend to proceed my masters in biology but I don't know the tuition fees and can it be possible to graduate in 1year.
Henry V. Alesna [Entry]

Hello, i am a graduate at USC Bachelor of arts Major in Pol. Sci. but i took up my law at USJR. I am interested to enroll for Master in Political Science at USC. What are my requirements and how much is the tuition fee.

Good day, I would like to enroll my daughter in your university (USC) she will be in Grade 11 by next school year. In which USC Campus she will go to and what will be your procedure and requirements for a transferee. Thank you very much.
StephanD [Entry]

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Kurd Nynon J. Bugayong [Entry]

Good day. I would like to ask about the Diploma in Culinary Arts. How much would be the tuition fee? and the what are the other expenses to be paid if any. Thanks!

Good day. I would like to proceed to BS Accountancy. I'm a BS Management Accounting graduate. How many years will it took me to finish? And how much cost will be incurred in the process for the tuition fees & miscellaneous?
mich [Entry]

Hello.Good day! I would like to inquire about the cost for m.a. in clinical psychology? Do you offer have any phd in psychology? also, what are the possible class schedules? i live & work in cagayan de oro, so i need to consider these.Thanks!
Ma. Basil T. Salcedo [Entry]

Good evening. do you still offer associate in health science education? do you credit subjects from FSUU Butuan City? thanks.
dominique legaspi [Entry]

Hi! Im inquiring about psychology course . How much is the Tuition fee?
Annabele Cudira [Entry]

Hi,I want to know when is the enrollment schedule for Master of Art's in Education major in English Language.I also want to know how much will it cost including tuition fee and books.I really like to study in this school.Thanks...
Rizza Besa [Entry]

I intend to enroll my son in your pharmacy program. How much will it cost for his tuition for a semester? Uniforms? Books? Is it really a 5 year program? Thanks.
irish mariquit [Entry]

Hello! I'm inquiring about the Master's of Science in Nursing major in Maternal and Child Health Nursing, how much is the tuition fee? is there an entrance exam for graduate studies? And what are the requirements? Thank you!
irish mariquit [Entry]

I'm requiring on a graduate studies... howmuch is the tuition for Master of Science in Nursing major in maternal and child health nursing?... is there an entrance exam? What are the requirements? Thank you
Jamaica Lawas Yap [Entry]

Hello, I'm a graduating student, I would like to ask that how many years will it take to finish the course of Bachelor in Science in Business Administration major in Development Marketing? And How much the tuition fee of this course ?

Leilana Areno [Entry]

Hello ,I am a parent & may daughter like to take this course, I would like to ask how many years will it take to finish the course of Bachelor of Science in Linguistic & Literature with Professional Education Course ? Then my additional question is advance , what will be the possible jobs for the graduates if they want to finish the course ....

Thank you & hope u can email to me the answers of my questions . God bless & more power .
Dennis [Entry]

how much the tuition fee for MLIS?
Gemai Salas Capitenio [Entry]

How much is the tuition fee of acountancy per sem??
sophie [Entry]

is there a fashion designer course?
Clara * [Entry]

Is there any Entrance Exam Requirements for Transferee Students? Please let me know also. Thank you. :)
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