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This Is One of the Best Baptismal Tarpaulin Design!

On July, my 3-week old nephew-in-law was celebrating his baptismal day. So, I decided to create a baptismal tarpaulin design. I researched a bit in the internet and gathered some ideas to create my own design. Take a look at my output below.

Best Baptismal Tarpaulin Design

As you can see, the theme of this design is related to nautical, marine, and fish because the baby's father is a Seaman. His mother is involved in a fishing business. You can see the fish design on the middle name (for the mother's work) and the helm (steering wheel) design of a ship on the family name (for the father's work).

I highlighted the name of the baby thru making the font-size biggest. Font-colors were plain, simple. It had no glossy effect. Drop shadows can be seen to some characters giving them emphasis.

It's so rare to capture a picture of a week-old baby smiling. I recorded a video of this baby smiling. Then, I searched the part of the video where the baby was smiling and I took a screenshot of it. And viola, a photo of a baby smiling!

I got some of the designs from the internet. I copied some layers and pasted on my own design. If you like this design, please share or like this post on your Facebook account. You can download, edit and use this design for free. A link of the PSD file is provided above for you to download.
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