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How to Deactivate or Block Touch Mobile Sim Card?

Recently, I receive a comment from one of our site visitors. He wants to block or deactivate his Touch Mobile (TM) sim card. Here is his message:

I want to know how to block my Touch Mobile (TM) Sim Card. It was lost last sunday (Dec 20, 2015) around 8:30-9:00am. It's so uncomfortable knowing that your number might be used for something else. Please if you can help me, message me at my gmail. Thank you so much!

Deactivate Touch Mobile TM Sim Card
To deactivate or block your TM sim from unauthorized use, you have to call Touch Mobile (TM) customer service hotline: 808 or (02) 730-1500. The hotline is open 24-hours a day. 
Request for deactivation of your sim or phone number. 
You have to remember the phone number associated with that lost sim card.
If necessary, you should get or prepare first the card where the sim is attached. The one with an ATM-sized card where vital information are printed such as your phone number, sim card's serial number, the PIN and the PUK.
Some Reason Why You Need to Deactivate or Block Your Lost/Stolen TM Sim Card
  • To avoid unauthorized use of your sim
  • To avoid further trouble with the phone number associated with the sim card
Tips and Suggestions
Everytime you buy a new sim, you should keep the card (where the sim is attached) in a safe place. Or you may place it in a folder together with your other important files. Keeping it that way will save you from further trouble in the future. Troubles such as blocked sim that requires PIN or PUK.
Do you want to deactivate your lost/stolen TM sim card?
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8 alvin ocampo   (12 November 2016 2:22 PM)
hello po pakiblock naman po yung simcard ko na touch mobile nawala ito kagabi lang kasama ang cellphone ko ito po yung numbe r09757461801 maraming salamat po sana po matugunan niyo po ito para sa aking personal na proteksyon

7 Jayson Agcanas   (23 July 2016 10:07 AM)
paki block nga po yong simcard ko na touch mobile # 09358419608 dinukot yong cp ko..para po di na magamit ng iba..thanks po sana matulungan ninyo ako...

6 reren   (10 July 2016 11:23 AM)
please please.... block my sim 09066730938 they use to get money from my relatives please do it asap please

5 reren   (10 July 2016 11:20 AM)
my phone is stolen last night and i know someone use it please block my sim card number 09066730938. please do it immediately thanks..

4 rica de manuel   (15 May 2016 0:25 AM)
please teach me to deactivate my tm sim 0926 2882 976

3 Jaycees Cabrera   (05 April 2016 7:33 PM)
I lost my phone and sim last year and now someone using it and he repeatedly contacting me. Can you deactivate my old sim card 09069046679. Please do it immediately. Thanks

2 JHON   (23 February 2016 8:40 PM)
please sir block my sim because i lost it # 09356748514 . I tried to find it but it was lost. I am requesting from you to deactivate the said number. Please have your attention regarding that matter.

1 arnel   (15 February 2016 7:51 AM)
hi. good day!

I lost my phone with my sim # 09359244585, last week. I tried to call earlier and it was ringing. I am requesting from you to deactivate the said number. Please have your attention regarding that matter.

Kindly have an immediate action for my concern.

I hope for your consideration and understanding.

Thank you & Godbless