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How to Deactivate a Sim Card (Phone Number)?

Here's a concern from Donna Rose regarding on how to deactivate a sim card (phone number):

hi. good day!

I lost my phone with my sim # 09072839588, 2 years ago. I tried to call earlier and it was ringing. I am requesting from you to deactivate the said number.  Please have your attention regarding that matter.

Please have an immediate action for my concern.

I hope for your consideration and understanding.

Thank you & Godbless

Deactivate sim card phone number

Since you're using Smart/Talk N' Text sim card, to deactivate your sim card (phone number), you should call Smart Customer Service hotline number:

  • (02) 888-1111

What if your sim card (phone number) is a Globe sim, Touch Mobile sim, Sun Cellular sim or other network sim? You should do the same thing. Call its customer service and request for deactivation of your sim card (phone number).

Other Option

You can go to a Smart or Globe office/branch and request for deactivation.

Some Reasons Why You Should Deactivate Your Lost/Old Sim Card (phone number)?
  • You don't want other people or unauthorized person to use your sim.
  • You don't want to compromise your privacy.
  • Your old sim card may deduct load automatically without you knowing it. So you have to buy or use a new sim for that.

Do you have any other reason why you should deactivate your old sim card?

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2 Jhad   (19 November 2017 9:19 PM)
ive lost my simcard phone number : 09398316065 / can you please de activate for my privacy ?
thank you !

1 sarah   (03 September 2017 9:28 AM)
ive lost my simcard phone number : 09103780398 / can you please di activate for my privacy ?
thank you !