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How to Activate Touch Mobile (TM) Sim Card

Like any other sim card, you cannot avail Touch Mobile (TM) services if your TM sim card is not yet activated (inactive). So, you must activate it. Here's the procedure:

How to Activate Touch Mobile (TM) Sim Card?

TM Sim Card

To activate your TM sim card, just call 801. You will hear a voice prompt,

"Welcome to TM this is your first call..." 

If you heard and prompted to reload call card, kindly disregard the voice prompt. 801 is also use for reloading a call card.
Also, if you heard the call card reloading procedure during your first call it means your SIM is already active.

If you're having any problem activating your sim, try to refresh your handset by turning it off/on and monitor for any changes. Or use another phone.
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Total comments : 158
Mia E. Cerrado   (02 February 2018 6:38 PM)
paki activate naman po itong sim # 09751109931

Cheryl   (25 January 2018 10:53 AM)
Paki activate po tm nos.ko...09752065358, 09551862912...salamat po

Cheryl   (25 January 2018 10:51 AM)
Pls po paki reactivate ng tm simcard ko....0955186291 and 09752065358...salamat po!

Lhip   (03 January 2018 11:41 AM)
Please activate my sim.. 09975669107

Deulyn barcebal   (01 January 2018 9:45 AM)
Pls.activate my sim..09750019927

carlo constantino   (25 December 2017 5:09 PM)
please pa activate naman ng number ko 09161993139

Marion macaraig   (23 December 2017 9:45 AM)
Please po paki activate po yung sim ko #09269985664
Thanks po ineed this.

dominic   (13 December 2017 0:56 AM)
please activate my phone number i need it as soon as posible thanks 09056995408

reynold   (07 December 2017 12:43 PM)
please activate my sim 09978720462

Joniel yoro   (12 November 2017 0:11 AM)
Bakit po s tuwing my tumatawag sakin may lumalabas n 6063 s unahan ng number nila?salamat

Hazel   (16 October 2017 10:49 AM)
Pls activate my tm no. 09057186301.

Danzel   (05 October 2017 12:43 PM)
I tried to dial 801 hindi po raw registered sa network.
Please pwede po pa activate 09974014922 po iyong number.
Thank you po.

Arjay Mendoza   (01 October 2017 8:45 PM)
Plz activate my sim 09354430220

Rodney Aguilar   (30 September 2017 9:58 PM)
No signal unavailable network kahit ilagay ko sa isang phone pls help me to get back my number

arman   (24 September 2017 10:40 PM)
please po paki activite po nang simcard ko nag emergcy calls only po 09367314333

jeserol   (10 September 2017 0:05 AM)
Paki activate po yung phone number ko .Thank you 09367313858

marco   (09 September 2017 5:55 PM)
Kindly activate my phone number. Thank you.

joemar   (05 September 2017 10:14 AM)
sir pa activate poh ng simcard ko, 09752165972 tnx po

Gav   (01 September 2017 9:30 AM)
please activate my sim 09553062543. thank you.

Rochie   (26 August 2017 7:50 PM)
Please can you activate this number 09977148446 as soon as as posible. Thank you.

mar   (21 August 2017 8:21 PM)
Pls iactivate nyo po yung sim ko 09758415138 ... no cignal po sya tas pag magcacall ako lumalabas yung simcard not registered

Ciel Delerio   (18 August 2017 2:14 PM)
No signal po sa simcard ko and when i tried to dial 801 di po raw registered sa network pls pwede po pa activate 09366003077 po yung no. thank you po. need ko po talaga tong no. na to

Paula Angela Rada   (04 August 2017 11:34 AM)
Good afternoon.tanong ko lang po bakit na inactive yung sim ko.Wala na posyang signal.Samantalang nakatawag pa ako,after ko tumawag nag charge ako habang naka off cellphone ko.Pagka open ko ulig wala na syang signal..l Matagal ko ng gamit to pero ngaun lang nangyari sakin anv ganito.Always naman ako nav loload

Mary cris   (01 August 2017 12:54 PM)
Hindi po ako makapag register sa any tm promo at hindi po ako makatanggap ng load though makatanggap ako ng notification na dumating ang load pero laging zero sa tuwing i dail ko ang balance. please help me

Mariella Vicente   (27 July 2017 7:29 PM)
emergency call lang nakalagay. -09364063964 please activate my number immediately. thankyou!

Jude Clark Erana   (20 July 2017 8:41 PM)
Hindi po ako makatawag at makatext,emergency call lang ang nakalagay. Pa activate naman po ng simcard ko. 2 simcard ng TM na ginamit ko pero wala paring signal. Pa activate po ito please -> 09364082955 at 09356072265

Gionee Francia   (15 July 2017 8:59 PM)
Hindi po ako makatawag at makatext,emergency call lang ang nakalagay. Pa activate naman po ng simcard ko. Tm number 09759220200. Thanks

Jey   (14 July 2017 6:45 PM)
di ako mkatawag sa iba kung kasama puro nka lagay ay Emergency call only pano to e activate ? Register Failed nka lagay po pa tulong ty ty . ito po mga number ko 09555016990 at 09555017716

Emil   (07 July 2017 10:05 PM)
Please activate my number 0975 859 5284, i cant receive load, but receiving text and calls

Jhun   (07 July 2017 10:59 AM)
Please activate my sim 09263100005

King maru vasquez   (02 July 2017 10:48 PM)
I cant rezmceive calls and can't receive load and it says inactivate. 09156251334thank u

Judy   (21 June 2017 7:28 AM)
Bakit po nadagdagan ng 6063 ung unang number ng sim ko po pagmay tinatawagan ako, ano po ba ang problema nyan?

randil casundo   (19 June 2017 7:51 AM)
how to call costumer service for free? and please activate my no. 09750514369..tnx a lot

Ma.christine   (15 June 2017 1:28 PM)
09057072005 yan po . activate niyo po

Ma.christine   (15 June 2017 12:38 PM)
Plss pako activate po ang simcard ko kailangan ko po kasi may importanteng tumatawag kailangan po magka signal bigla nawala signa sbi exp na eh niloloadan ko naman salamat paki balik po

David Maria Jore   (30 May 2017 12:55 PM)
Please activate my sim po: 09368173542. Thank you.

Marc Nelson   (23 May 2017 4:12 PM)
09355968369 please activate my sim

Marc Nelson   (23 May 2017 4:10 PM)
please activate my sim 09355968369

dionard mohamad   (17 May 2017 4:05 PM)
pa help nga po.. kasi po yung sim card ko na nawala pero gusto ko pong magamit kasi meron po akong importanteng kukunin duon kaso nawala po iti po pala yung number na nawala 09051705693

benjamin mapula   (13 May 2017 8:49 PM)
please activate my new sim#09050450602 thank you

Angel Ann Marie Laride   (03 May 2017 11:25 AM)
Hi..Please help me..Hindi po kasi gumana ang sim card ko..Kapag inilagay ko po yung sim card ko sa phone ko,invalid sim card po ang nakalagay..Hindi po expired ang Sim Card ko..Please paki active ng number ko 09554196584..

Charlene   (27 April 2017 10:34 AM)
I can receive calls but can't receive load and it says inactive. Thanks

Guia Santos   (26 April 2017 7:40 PM)
Please paki activate po number na ito 09362935276 bago lang po na sim ito hindi maka tawag at maka txt. Thank's

valdezcrizzy   (20 April 2017 6:59 PM)
paki activate naman po etong number ko 09061713615 need na need ko po kasi.tnx po

Mary grace tomaro   (20 April 2017 12:19 PM)
Please activate may sim 09555125815..

F   (18 April 2017 5:53 PM)
kindly activate my sim 09362916711

Dolly   (15 April 2017 8:05 PM)
Pwede po pa activate etong number 09956774638.hindi na po siya matawagan at hindi na po makatanggap nang txt.emergency call na po siya..pls lang po may importante lang po..plz plz..

.....   (14 April 2017 1:14 PM)
Bakit po ganun

Nkakatanggap naman po ako ng mga text pero pag tinatawagan na cannot be reach?

Tinawagan ko din yubg 801 invalid din nalabas??

Erica Pangilinan   (10 April 2017 9:17 PM)
paki ayos po yung number ko 09364041030 bigla nalang nag SIM FAILED nagamit ko pa nga kahapon bigla nlng nag failed.

Joanna Erika Eraya   (03 April 2017 8:57 AM)
anyone ? na naayos ng TM un Number??

Joanna Erika Eraya   (03 April 2017 8:55 AM)
Please activate my number..
0975.259.9979.. need ko sa work ..
bkit bgla nlng not registered in network..

mark almendra   (30 March 2017 4:15 PM)
please po paki deactivate po itong number ko 09979279174 salamat po

jhulie   (25 March 2017 10:47 AM)
Please po paki activate naman po ng number ko. 09757261282 maraming salamat po.

rowena   (19 March 2017 12:02 PM)
Pano po mag redeem nang points? Hindi po kasi ako nakakapag redeem.hindi kopo kasi alam if na activate na sim ko pano po ba ang gagawin ?
Ito po digit ko 9351699421

norberto l. aguelo   (12 March 2017 1:48 PM)
sinubukan ko ang i dial ang 801.ang sabi NOT REGISTERED ON NETWORK, patulong naman po paki activate ng sim ko. This is my number 9555596567

Ruby Ann S. Bautista   (09 March 2017 8:35 AM)
Good day, kindly activate my new touch mobile sim : 09554428838 . thank you

Miguel   (06 March 2017 5:27 AM)
Pa active po please ng number ko 09557189747..thank you.

Maria   (28 February 2017 9:52 PM)
Na deactivate po ang sim ko..nawala una yung signal tapos talagang hindi na ma read kahit saang phone ko pina insert..ano po pwede gawin? Paki activate naman po oh..needed po kasi sa work..salamat po

mack   (26 February 2017 12:16 PM)
fake lang po yung 801 pa activate naman po sim card ko need lang po talaga 09753845308

mack   (26 February 2017 12:15 PM)
nawalan po ng signal yung sim card ko pa activate naman po 09753845308

mack   (26 February 2017 8:00 AM)
09753845308 paki activate naman po plsss

mack   (26 February 2017 7:59 AM)
paki activate naman po yung sim ko 09753845308 kailangan ko lang po

mack   (26 February 2017 7:58 AM)
na deactivate po yung sim ko. paki activate naman po plss lang kailangan ko lang po talaga

Vhin   (23 February 2017 7:32 AM)
Mam p activate nmn po ng cim ko 09357474488 thankyou po

Grandeur Cargamento   (09 February 2017 8:43 AM)
Since nagpunta ako dito sa manila hindi ko na sya mairegister sa kahit anong promo. Paactivate or check po 09067940491.. salamat po.

John Gillis   (26 January 2017 10:11 AM)
I am from America and brought my own phone and unlocked for international travel.
I just purchased a TH Sim card and on my phone needs your peremerters to activate my phone.
Thank You
John GillisGillis

jora   (18 January 2017 9:40 AM)
good morning sir/maam ito number ko 09362749397 pa acticvate ko lang thank you po...

Hissovi Baroro   (17 January 2017 7:53 AM)
Good Day ! Pwede po bang pa activate muli ang number na to 09051156521 need na need ko po tong number na to para ma recover ang aking facebook puhlease
. Thanks

Hissovi Baroro   (17 January 2017 7:51 AM)
Good Day ! Pwede po bang pa activate muli ang number na to 09051156521 need na need ko po tong number na to para ma recover ang aking facebook PUHLEASE

Felix Laurente   (14 January 2017 7:21 AM)
Good Day ! Pwede po bang pa activate muli ang number na to 09750297449 need na need ko po tong number na to. Thanks !

Jake Leonor   (30 December 2016 2:12 PM)
no signal on my sim card 09759076105, please help

danica   (30 December 2016 11:25 AM)
paki ayos naman ng sim ko 09752747084 . bigla na lang nawalan ng signal . it's so unfair kasi everyday nag-loload naman ako. 2 years na tong sim ko. importante mga contacts ko. please fix this!

shiela   (03 December 2016 11:05 AM)
Pacheck naman po ng signal ko 09758330288. Importante lang po kasi hinihintay kong text. Salamat po.

shiela   (03 December 2016 11:03 AM)
Pakicheck naman po ng signal ko 09758330288 importante po kasi hinihintay kong tx. Salamat

Mark   (24 November 2016 2:36 PM)
paano po ba i activate ang tm sim? naguguluhan ako kasi na follow ko na po ang procedure ung idial ang 801 pero bakit simcard Unknown parin? nakakainis naman.. please respond

sandiline guinto   (04 November 2016 2:36 PM)
PAayos nman yung signal ng sim ko 09979474511
Nireport ko na to pero hanggang ngayon wala pa rin po sabi 5days lang nkakailang araw na ako

sandiline guinto   (04 November 2016 2:25 PM)
Pa ayos naman po yung #09979474511
Tumawag last week sbi 5days lang maayos nila ung signal ng sim ko importante pa nman po ito please nman po pakiayos asap po... Thanks

Jeffry Abapo   (02 November 2016 5:42 PM)
hi good day kindly check this no . ayaw po kasing ma activate.09551652743

rezza panogalinog   (27 October 2016 10:16 AM)
pa check po ako sa simcard ko na 09169197973 , nawala kasi ang signal tapos network error talaga . needed po for my OjT this coming November .. please po send it to my email account for update . salamat God bless !

rezza panogalinog   (27 October 2016 10:13 AM)
hello po , pwede po bang pakicheck mobile sim ko 09169197973 needed po kasi for my ojt this coming novermber . please naman po patulong .. chinarge ko lang kagabi tapos kaninang madaling umaga ayaw nang gumana nawala po yung signal tsaka network error . please po send nyo lang po sa email ko kung paano . God bless you ! salamat

mariel napa   (12 October 2016 7:08 AM)
ask ko lang po ano po kayang nangyari sa simcard ko bigla na lang po kasi syang nawalan ng signal sa celplphone ko tapos nung nilagay ko naman sya sa ibang cellphone ok naman sya ang problema di ako makatanggap ng mga incoming messages at di rin ako makapag outgoing messages...pero kapag outgoing call at incoming call nagagamit naman sya...patulong naman po importante po kasi tong simcard ko at yung mga contacts po sa simcard di rin nakikita ...

mariel napa   (12 October 2016 7:07 AM)
ask ko lang po ano po kayang nangyari sa simcard ko bigla na lang po kasi syang nawalan ng signal sa celplphone ko tapos nung nilagay ko naman saya sa ibang cellphone ok naman sya ang problema di ako makatanggap ng mga incoming messages at di rin ako makapag outgoing messages...pero kapag outgoing call at incoming call nagagamit naman sya...patulong naman po importante po kasi tong simcard ko at yung mga contacts po sa simcard di rin nakikita ...

Ruben C. Reyno   (11 October 2016 3:11 PM)
Kindly teach me how to activate a new TM sim card please. I'm having a hard time registering/activating my sim card and very excited to use TM services. Thank you very much.

Jodel A. Valledor   (09 October 2016 2:41 PM)
how to register my TM SIM... if I call or text always "NOT REGISTERED TO NETWORK"

Jo   (05 October 2016 7:47 PM)
Good day Po my cellphone number 09068970692, wala pong signal ang sim ko Po try kong nagload invalid ano Po ang gagawin ko please very important Po sa akin itong number ko please help me thank you.

cloyd   (04 October 2016 9:20 AM)
Hello po, my mobile number 09358949202 says its "invalid Sim" po how can I fix this?thank you po.

Jjancarlo   (29 September 2016 9:40 AM)
Good am po pwede po ba pa activate yung sim ko sa tm pangalawang bili kona po kasi to ayaw maregister sa ibat ibang promo ng tm 09976422808

Jancarlo   (29 September 2016 9:28 AM)
09976422808 please maki activate po sim ko sa tm salamat po

Jancarlo   (29 September 2016 9:26 AM)
Good am po kung pwede po sana ma activate yung sim na nabili ko ayaw po kasi maregister 09976422808 maraming salamat po

jen andres   (26 September 2016 8:19 AM)
paki activate naman po tong tm sim ko importante lng kabibili ko lang kahapon 09976575637

Maria ellise naval   (22 September 2016 8:06 PM)
Paki activate naman po yung sim card ko please lang po, parang awa ninyo na po eto po number ko 09355426879

Paul   (15 September 2016 8:56 PM)
Why do we have to activate a newly bought sim? Isnt this supposed to be plug-and-play? I haven't experienced this ever on all other sims. Can you give us a more accurate advice on this? Thanks

Cleford   (15 September 2016 7:16 AM)
Hi please help me, I bought 2 new TM sim 2 days ago.
I can't activate them, I can receive texts and calls but I can't register to any tm promos even if it has load, it says failed. Please help me. My numbers are 09350490143 and 09350490144.

John Gilbert F. Dela Curz   (13 September 2016 2:37 PM)
pake activate nmn po tong sim card ko imporatante po aksi to nasira lang cp ko tapso after 2 weeks nwla na ung sim card deactivate na pake activate po salamt salamt e2 po ung number

mark   (05 September 2016 4:30 PM)
hi po parang awa ninyo na po please lang po paki activate naman po, 2 months na po kase ayaw gumana ng sim ko, ito po ang number ko.09759605990

mark   (05 September 2016 4:28 PM)
hi to all goodvibes please lang po paki activate naman po,ang tm sim kopo dahil 2 months na po kase ayaw gumana ng sim ko, ito po ang number ko.09759605990

john rovic tarun   (29 August 2016 4:40 PM)
please lang po paki activate naman po, 2 months na po kase ayaw gumana ng sim ko, ito po ang number ko. 09357765287

xoxo   (22 August 2016 8:44 AM)
Nawawalan na ako pasensiya! Hindi ko ma-activate yung bago kong sim! Wala din naman nakalagay kung ano ida-dial!

John Bryan Jamena   (21 August 2016 8:29 AM)
Paano po kung ayaw na gumana ang aking sim card po ito po number ko 09752394166

kim brian asparo   (11 August 2016 5:24 AM)
Sir Pa help naman kakabili ko ng Sim tapos no mobile network available po. pls help me :(Eto number 09355085594

MN   (19 July 2016 7:27 PM)
all of a sudden, nawala nalang yung signal ng TM sim ko. please fix this. number ko ito: 09974994968 thanks!

mjturla   (09 July 2016 12:25 PM)
Pa help po nasira po yung Sim KO # KO 09367221282 hindi ko na po marecover yung gmail ko kasi nasira po yung Sim KO. help naman po marecover account KO. salamat po

mjturla   (09 July 2016 12:19 PM)
Pa help po paano KO po marerecover yung gmail account KO kung nasira po yung Sim KO.help naman po tnx

prince jhake barayoga   (04 July 2016 4:57 PM)
di ma-open yong sim ko na TM paki confirm po kanina ko lang nabili bakit ganun.

aramel04   (28 June 2016 1:52 AM)
Please activate my #. akala ko ako lang my problema sa inactive na. Yon pala this month marami my problema. Paki ayos naman ang sitwasyon this # is important to me. # ko to from my work.. tapos biglang ganito hndi magagamit.
this is my # sir/mam=09059348159
=4141 9016 1030 4858
As you can See naman.Marami my kailangan ng inyong tm sim cause maganda d2 sna maaus naman agad ang maintenance na ito.Were waiting for you action and reply

john jason kurdapya   (19 June 2016 6:45 PM)
bagong bili ko po TM sim card ko pero pag insert ko walang signal. bakit po, anong problema ? please help me ito po # ko 09356646062.
please help neede ko po TM sim card.

Johnelyn   (24 May 2016 10:08 AM)
why cant I activate it.. cant even dial 801 and,, need help please 0997 997 88 02

Ann Sastrillo   (21 May 2016 7:38 AM)
I just bought my TM Sim last night and I already dial 801 and 808, but still I don't know if it is already activated. I still can't register to any promo like CA10 by sending to 8888.

ron eric   (15 May 2016 9:24 PM)
ito poh number ko bgong bili kupalang 09051103247

josh   (06 May 2016 8:27 PM)
Hi. I bought a tm sim card yesterday and when I inserted it on my phone, it says "sim card registration failed" please help me to reactivate it. It doesn't have any signal. 09361318439

shelah grace ypil   (03 May 2016 2:06 PM)
my number is 09351551049

mj samonte   (02 May 2016 12:59 PM)
my # is 09262047834

mj samonte   (02 May 2016 12:53 PM)
you guys always have a maintenance but still not fixed these problems!!!

mj samonte   (02 May 2016 12:47 PM)
my sim card cant activate im in emergency and im running out of time please help me

mj samonte   (02 May 2016 12:45 PM)
i cant activate my sim card, my new sim card number is 09262047834

rhe   (04 April 2016 10:53 AM)
good day
i just want to ask for help...
can you help me reactivate my sim card? my number is 0926 334 0570
i was using it for years and suddenly i lost my signal i cannot even get text or anything
please help me ...
you can contact me at the email i provide when i post my concern thank you

Nassifah M Alonto   (04 April 2016 5:35 AM)
Why my TM SIM card can't recieve Text??? Or Activate

Dandolf Ordoveza   (27 March 2016 12:46 PM)
Goodafternoon how to activate my TM sim card, this is my number 0926-575-0466. My sim has no signal

gab manalang   (07 March 2016 10:24 AM)
Good Day. What happen to tm now? I can send messages but i cant avail tm promos? Please help. I just spend load too much. :(

Jolerei Daruca   (26 February 2016 9:18 AM)
My activation is failed please help me to activate my TM sim card, this is my number 09758111885, I can receive message , can receive calls but i cant send messages

TINAMPAY ANGELINA   (28 January 2016 6:00 PM)

abigail silva   (27 January 2016 9:47 AM)
good day my sim card can send message and recieve calls but i cant recieve message please kindly help me here is my number 09067404003 thank you

Andebhon dilag   (21 January 2016 9:06 AM)
Good day! My sim card is register failed. How this happened? It almost three days. Can i speak to the customer service? Thank you! My mobile number is 09051306882.

Joel Molonias   (15 January 2016 7:57 AM)
can recieve msgs but i cannot register promos it says failed, kindly help... my number is 09261015629

sabby carns   (08 January 2016 7:33 AM)
Good day! My sim card won't send all the promos but i can receive text messages and i can also send messages but i cant register to promos. Please help me fix it. 09365487078

VANGIE Romulo   (08 January 2016 7:08 AM)
I can't activate my sim.I bought this sim card yesterday until now still not activating..Please help me..

Jericho Santos   (05 January 2016 5:07 AM)
how can i reactivate my TM sims i reload on my online games using my number and suddenly it automatically deactivated after i purchase the load and i didn't receive the pin# or the code of the item that i purchasing please help me its urgent thank you

chris   (01 December 2015 5:49 AM)
Had a hard time activating because of the call card number. Haha . anyways. It is said that once you heard the voice prompt after you dialed 801, your Sim is already activated. I'll try loading later. ^_^

vincent ortaliz   (24 November 2015 1:28 PM)
I buy a tm sim and i load it but i cant use the *143# it always says barred subscriber i bought it yesterday can you help me please and i try the code #33*1234* here is my number 09067887586 please help me

Kalo Khohan   (22 November 2015 7:19 PM)
Sim card is hard to activate.. What else those people who are unable to read?

Ethleen durado   (17 November 2015 5:12 PM)
Why cant activate it,i cant even call 801 but i have excelent signal.. Please help

Ian Elacan   (12 November 2015 11:23 PM)
Hi maam/sir,
My TM sim card cannot send and receive messages/calls but has signal.
Can you please help me to fix this problem? My # 09262196519
Thank you and god bless.

Fitz Tacotaco   (12 November 2015 3:17 PM)
why cant I activate it.. cant even dial 801,, need help please

Cyrille Dave Urbina   (09 September 2015 10:09 PM)
Can't Connect my simcard to Globe Network : Sim card number 09058121702, Please Help

patrick   (30 July 2015 11:31 AM)
cant activate my new tm card.. it always says invalid call card number. where to find this call card number?

patrick   (30 July 2015 11:30 AM)
are call card number and tm sim number the same?

Rick Gando   (25 June 2015 6:00 AM)
Hello Good Day,

I have a problem with activating my tm sim card because I haven't used it for how many months. I need to use it now. Please help me to activate my sim card. Here is my number: 0975 254 0352. Thank you so much!

migs correos   (20 June 2015 12:52 PM)
Good day TM, uhm there's a problem on my sim card, i can't literally access all the promos and i can't send text messages can fix this please? Soon as possible. Thank you here's my number 09263513055

Beverlyn Gonzaga   (07 June 2015 1:09 PM)
good day i'm Gonzaga Beverlyn i confirmed my new sim card i buy this car date: june 7'2015 but i can't use the card for i use this card i buy the load Php.10 but still waiting for text me . and its not work can you please fix my simcard no. 09059628382 i wait your response
thank you

Mae   (06 April 2015 8:47 PM)
My sim was already activated but why I can't register to your promos? I tried to register U15 to 8888 many times but keep on replying "Sorry, hindi na proseso ang iyong request. Please try again later." Can you fix this please? Thank you!

Daraman Mamen   (28 December 2014 8:04 PM)
Wtf? She's always saying "please enter the call card number followed by the number sign" "I am waiting".

Jeaon Edwin Delacruz   (11 November 2014 3:08 PM)
what the hell i cant activate my sim. it always says invalid prepaid!!!

BLANK   (15 June 2014 9:46 AM)
how to activate other tm sim card?using your own tm sim card?

Akay   (29 May 2014 8:40 PM)
I cant activate my sim card number !!!!! Urgggg nakakaasar na.. Help pls

diz   (15 April 2014 3:41 PM)
"Please wait. Your request is being processed." Its been 2 days, d ko pa ma register tong TM na to!

kristinr   (01 March 2014 11:51 AM)
Gosh! Half day na ako nag aantay sa number ko di pa rin nag activate ang number ko... Sana di na lang binago qng style that anyone can choose the nimber gosh!!! Kakasakit ng ulo

Marky Dela Vega Estacio   (01 March 2014 10:19 AM)
papano magactivate ng sim kasi bagong bili ko lng paulit ulit nmn ung send failure tapos wala pang # puro allow simcard to send message

jane   (16 February 2014 4:25 PM)
bakit poh ung sim ko lgeh nlng registration failed...../?

Markdavereid   (07 January 2014 1:50 AM)
Baket po walang signal ang TM ko? kkabili ko lang ng bago!

mhiko   (31 December 2013 2:59 PM)
?tang ina nmn oh bat ayaw mag avtivate ang sim ko kkabili ko lng bagong taon bagong gagohan ba toh?

charlene   (22 December 2013 11:31 AM)
paano po buh to bumili po aku ng sim tnry kuna po sa ibat2NG PHONE WLA PA RIN PO signal .,

RyanRey18   (15 October 2013 7:12 PM)
Nakakainis lang bumili ng sim na TM :3 May Registration pa e sa ibang networks naman wala. This might be the last time that i will buy a TM Sim :/

kelvin   (13 October 2013 2:19 PM)
invalid globe number

Rizelle Anne   (16 September 2013 5:05 AM)
When I will going to to send to 8888 "c15" the 8888 will replied, "sorry, ikaw ay kasalukiyan pang naka-register sa TM COMBO. Hintayin lang magexpire ang iyong registration o ihinto ito para makapag-register ulit." The I will send "stop" to stop the Tm combo, but it will replied "Sorry, the subscriber has no active subscription to the service"

steven george virata   (09 September 2013 8:40 AM)
nkaka receive aq ng txt.. pero di mka send :(

Ana May Posadas   (21 August 2013 7:55 PM)
Nag dial 801na po ako pero ayaw pa din ma'activate ung sim ko. Ano po ba ung callcard number na hinihingi.?

Emmanuel O. Requiroso jr   (19 August 2013 2:35 AM)
how activate my sim card tm

joshua de guzman   (11 August 2013 2:42 PM)
Ung Sim ko amff . nag load ako tapos ayaw makapag unli ...