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How to Share-a-Load in Touch Mobile (TM)
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You can give or share-a-load to your friends or love ones through Touch Mobile (TM) share-a-load service. This is service is usually helpful during emergency situations or when your textmate or callmate has been out of load and he want to text or call someone for help. You can extend your help by giving him a load. Follow the procedures below on how to share-a-load in Touch Mobile (TM).

2 Ways/Options to Share-a-Load with Touch Mobile (TM)

Touch Mobile TM share a load

1.) Text Amount and send to 2 + 10-digit phone number of the person you want to share a load to.
  • For example, you're planning to send or share a 100-peso load to someone: Text 100 and send to 29161234567
2.) Or you can share-a-load by dialing *133# on your phone.
  1. Dial *133# and press Send.
  2. Press ANSWER and press 1 then press Send.
  3. Press ANSWER and type the amount of load you want to share and press Send.
  4. Press ANSWER and type the 11 digit phone number (example: 09068012345) of the person you want to share a load to and press Send.
  5. Press ANSWER and enter Share-a-Load PIN if PIN is ON or enter 9 if PIN is off and press Send.
  6. Press ANSWER and press 1 and press Send.

Are you having any problem sharing or giving a load to someone?

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1 juppy • 9:35 PM, 12-August-2013
I tried the no.2 but it said's YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THIS SERVICE.

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