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How to register your Cellphone in Touch Mobile (TM) Facebook Unlimited Internet
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Touch Mobile (TM) recently announces their new mobile internet service called " Unli-Facebook" where you can access Facebook through your phone using Touch Mobile (TM) sim. You can avail of this service by following the steps below:

Unlimited Internet in Facebook through TM cellphone

How to register Touch Mobile (TM) for Facebook Unlimited Internet

 In order to register for TM Unli-Facebook, text ASTIGFB10 to 8888. It costs 10 pesos upon registration.

Other Options:

ASTIGFB10Text ASTIGFB10 and send to 8888P101 day
ASTIGFB15Text ASTIGFB15 and send to 8888P152 days
ASTIGFB50Text ASTIGFB50 and send to 8888P507 days
ASTIGFB199Text ASTIGFB199 and send to 8888P19930 days

You can also register by dialing *143# and press send/call and choose Mobile Internet Promos > ASTIGFB.

2.  Wait for text confirmation. When you received the text confirmation, you can now access Facebook (unlimited) good for 1 day.

3.  In your phone, go to your internet browser and type m.facebook.com

If you want to go to other websites such as Yahoo, Youtube or Google, the 5 pesos per 15 minute rate will be applied unless if you were registered with other TM mobile internet promos like PowerSurf or SuperSurf.

The same 5 pesos per 15 minute will be charged if you'll use the Opera Mini browser and Blackberry devices.

If your subscription to Unli-Facebook has been expired, 5 pesos per 15 minute rate will be applied.

If you want to stop for subscribing Unli-Facebook, you can type ASTIGFB STOP and send to 8888. It's free of charge. 

If you want to know more about Unli-Facebook, just text ASTIGFB HELP and send to 8888. Free of charge. 

To know your subscription status, text ASTIGFB STATUS and send to 8888. Free of charge.

Some reminders to consider in using Unli-Facebook:
  • You can't avail "Unli-Facebook" if you are outside the Philippines. You can access the internet if your cellphone is internet-capable.
  • You can register to ASTIGFB10 while you are currently registered to PowerSurf or SuperSurf promo. If you are registered with other mobile internet promos, you can access other websites other than Facebook with no charge.
  • Your cannot register ASTIGFB10 through a retailer where you load your balance.
  • ASTIGFB10 is open and available 24 hours after successful registration.
  • No maintaining balance is needed when you avail this service.
  • This mobile internet service is valid for 1 day only.

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42 Mary Joy padon   (28-May-2014 9:41 PM)
hello,...can i will share a how to unlimited a need facebook free data..thank you...

41 Jason   (26-May-2014 12:45 PM)
Bakit po ganun .. nag register po ako sa ASTIGFB15 nung una ok naman po .. pero after 15mins di na po nagloloading ung FB ko .. nasayang lng po ung pag register ko sa FB .. help nmn po :(

40 jayzel   (20-May-2014 11:25 PM)
Pa activate po ung phone ko para sa fb

39 princess marie   (26-April-2014 11:38 PM)
unsa on pag uli sa facebook kung sa cellphone mag gamit

38 Nherylmae Labiscase   (31-March-2014 9:06 AM)
Paano po bah mgparegistered sa Tm ung unli internet na good for 1 month ung bukod mo sa facebook eh makakagamit ka din ng skype at ibang apps..salamat pou

37 Rizalyn Gian   (30-January-2014 4:33 PM)
Baki hindi po nagamit ang astigfb in my phone..

36 Rizalyn Gian   (30-January-2014 4:30 PM)
baki hindi po ako maka pasok sa free fb paki activate po cp ko

35 jan   (03-January-2014 11:19 AM)
panu nga pla magregister sa facebook ang tm?

34 jeffrey   (15-December-2013 8:16 PM)
pa activate ng gprs ng cp ko

33 mark glenn olmido   (04-December-2013 0:26 AM)
bat po nag rereply ng "no displayable content" .?? napa-unli ko nman tapos nka receive narin ako ng comfirmation ... bakit po ??

32 aileen   (14-October-2013 12:57 PM)
weeh! Opera mini gamitin ny0ng br0wser upang gumana yang ni reg. nyo...Sa opera lng kasi yan...

31 jamer   (07-October-2013 5:26 PM)
wala parin, di parin ako naka pag fb kahit na naka pa reg ako morning hangang gumabi wala parin,.

30 Marie Nelle   (24-September-2013 10:00 AM)
bakit di po gumagana yung astigfb10 saken? ok nmn yung configuration ko,

29 shakiraleexion   (12-September-2013 11:34 PM)
Tm aT gLobe po b iisa..?

28 cheal   (10-September-2013 10:12 AM)
pag nag register po ba ako ng 7 days unli hnd kakainin kc sa ibang network pag 2 days unli fb 1 day ko lang nagagamit then wala na ..

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