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How to Access Free Facebook with Globe and Touch Mobile (TM) Phone?

Those who are Facebook addicts will surely love this. You can access Facebook (FB) for free with your Globe and Touch Mobile (TM) phone. No payments required. This is not a hacking tutorial. No registration needed. Just follow the procedure below:

1. Insert your Globe or Touch Mobile (TM) sim card on your phone.

2. Dial *143# and press Send/Call.

3. Choose Free FB (under Number 2), which means you enter number 2 and click Send.

4. Choose Start Now (under Number 1), enter number 1 and click Send.

5. You will receive a message from Globe/TM (8888) shortly which notifies you that you can now access Facebook for free.

Free Facebook Access with Globe Touch Mobile

To access Facebook, just click on your Facebook browser or go to http://m.facebook.com/free

Take note: No wifi needed. This promo is not available on Blackberry and Nokia Express browsers. For more info., text FREE FB HELP to 8888.

Have you successfully access your Facebook for free with Globe/TM? Or are you having problems with Free Facebook?
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Jelan Baul   (18 July 2016 9:54 AM)
As i dila *143#, no FREE FB is written to choose from...how can i activate free FB?

lailanie liwanag   (17 May 2014 10:27 AM)
i registered to ASTIGFB15 but i cant use my unli facebook on my iPhone 4 since i registered it last night, can u help me fix this? what should i do?