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How to Send and Receive Facebook Message with Your SMART Phone

With Facebook SMS, you can send and receive Facebook (FB) updates/messages for only P1.

How to register to Facebook SMS?

   1. Log in to your Facebook account.
   2. On the upper right corner, click "Account” then "Account Settings”.
   3. Click "Mobile” then "Register for Facebook Text Messages”.
   4. Select "Country – Philippines” and "Mobile Carrier – SMART”. Click "Next”.
   5. Text "F” to 3404 to get confirmation code.
   6. Enter the code then click "Confirm”.
   7. You will get a Facebook Mobile SMS after a successful registration.

Facebook SMS for SMART cellphone
Send and Receive Facebook SMS using SMART phone


Once registered, you can:

   1. UPDATE your status
      Text < message> to 3404

   2. POST a message to your friend's wall
      Text W < friend's Facebook name>< message> to 3404

   3. SEND a message
      Text M < friend's Facebook name>< message> to 3404

   4. POKE your friend
      Text P < friend's Facebook name> to 3404

   5. SUBSCRIBE to a friend's status updates
      Text SUB <name> to 3404 

For the complete list of commands, go to: http://www.facebook.com/mobile/?texts
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2 Rubie May Quilingan   (01 October 2012 3:52 PM)
what is the smart confirmation code

1 nisha   (10 August 2011 5:17 PM)
nw i have registered my face book on mobile thn wht step should be taken next