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How to get a voter's id in the Philippines
To apply or get a voter's ID in the Philippines is very easy unless you don't know what's the first thing to do. If you don't know what to bring, you might be wasting your time coming back to your home or office to get the requirement needed by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) office. So here are the steps you should do:

Step 1

Bring the needed requirements for applying a voter's id:

A valid id. It could be your birth certificate (Either NSO or Local Civil Registrar Copy), postal id, driver's license, passport id, GSIS ID, PhilHealth ID, school id, etc. You can browse a list of Philippine valid id's here. If you don't bring a valid id, the COMELEC office will not accept your voter's id application.

Here's a list of recommended valid id's required by the COMELEC Office:
  • Postal ID
  • Drivers license
  • Students ID or library card, signed by the school authority
  • Employees identification card (ID) with the signature of the employer or authorized representative
  • Senior Citizens ID
  • Passport
  • NBI/PNP clearance
  • Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID
  • License issued by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC); and
  • Any other valid ID...
If you're married and both of you and your spouse will want to apply, you can bring your marriage certificate as valid ID.

Step 2

Go to the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) office. If you don't know where's the COMELEC office in your city/municipality, you can ask your neighbors or friends.

Step 3

Apply for a voter's id inside the COMELEC office. The staff will entertain you, check your valid id, and process your application.

Step 4

They will give you a voter's id application form you should fill-out correctly. You should know where you currently live. Know what street or sitio and baranggay you live. (This is very helpful for new residents)

The issuance of voter's id will take several months or even a year depending on the city/municipality.

You can see samples of voter's id in the Philippines below:

Voter's ID
(image: comelec.gov.ph)

Voter's ID
photo: herronchrisann.wordpress.com

Latest version of the voter's id in the Philippines:

Voter ID
photo: comelec.gov.ph

Voter's Identification Number (VIN)

Voter's Identification Number (VIN) refers to the number assigned by the Commission on Elections to a registered voter that shall consist of three (3) parts:
  1. the current address (city/municipality and province);
  2. the current precinct assignment of the voter; and
  3. the permanent birth and name code unique to every voter;
Do you want an instant or quick issuance of voter's id? How about an automated or online application of voter's id in the Philippines? Tell us in the comment below.
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292 Salvador G. Basa   (23-June-2016 3:30 PM)
Sir/Mam paano ko makuha yung Voter's ID ko or paano mag claim.

291 Salvador G. Basa   (23-June-2016 3:28 PM)
Paano makuha yung Voter's ID or saan mo pwede malaman na may Voter's ID kana. maraming salamat.

290 Louie Andres   (23-June-2016 2:09 PM)
How to verify the status of my Voter's ID?

289 Mhadz barana   (17-June-2016 11:21 AM)
Nageexpire ba ang voter's id?

288 mary ann v. carambas   (15-June-2016 12:14 PM)
i want to apply for a VOTER's ID for general purposes

287 Ryan Magtibay Balote   (07-June-2016 8:38 AM)
Hello Maam/Sir, I am a residence in Antipolo City, I was registered already since 2008 or 2009 for voters id, But I lost my confirmation ticket, to claim my voters id.How can i claim my voters id please help me , this is my number please call or text me 09465-465-796/0975-7297-137. thanks Godbless

286 marlyn rolida   (27-May-2016 5:28 AM)
Good morning sir/madam;
Please let me know if I can have a quick release of my voter's id I'm registered one year ago here in zamboanga city but before that I have been registered at my birthplace pagadian city..

I need the id for dfa use, is it possible that mt my id has already been printed (with my old address) or if not, can I have an id with my present address even if I just registered one year ago?

Please help.

285 mariecris calma   (24-May-2016 2:58 PM)
How can i get a voters id online.., and how much? po

284 Jo-anna Carla M. Ostan   (19-May-2016 8:55 PM)
How can i get my voters id.online??? And how much cost if get fast????

283 maricris ricafort unawa   (14-May-2016 12:22 PM)
How can i get my voters I'd?

282 joice   (10-May-2016 4:08 PM)
How can i get a voters id online and how much?

281 Eleanor Luis Vincilione   (10-May-2016 7:28 AM)
I want to have my vote's id.I already voted at the 2016 elections.Please how can I have?

280 Jayzahl   (07-May-2016 4:12 PM)
how I can get voters ID online

279 neil jade cabatana   (02-May-2016 8:38 PM)
hi good day! I want to get an voters ID. not yet registered on COMELEC, if I go on COMELEC and do a registration ? do I get my voters ID immediately? and how much will cost me on the ID. thank you

278 Mabelle Villafuerte   (02-May-2016 11:12 AM)
Good day ma'am/sir. My name on a list every election is mispelled. It's Marelle Villafuerte instead of Mabelle Villafuerte. Do you think it's the same with my voter's id? I haven't recieve my voter's id yet. If it is mispelled how can I fix it? Hope you can help. Thank you.

277 Liezel Joy Licaros   (02-May-2016 6:19 AM)
Dear Sir/madam I need voters I'd how can I get?

276 Angeles Jr, Joel P.   (30-April-2016 7:33 PM)
As soon as possible

275 Jezaneth Molleda   (27-April-2016 2:01 PM)
dear Sir/Madam,

i need to get my voter's id,how can i get it fast ?
and how much will i pay for it ?

thank you !

274 Erline   (25-April-2016 4:11 PM)
I would like to change my civil status from married to annulled. What status will appear in my voter's identification card? I only saw 4 selections in the civil status (single, married, widow/widower, and legally separated). Please enlighten me on this as i would want all my documents to be uniform in data.

Thank you.

273 Leilanie Tapsay Galero   (17-April-2016 10:43 AM)
Dear Sir/Madam,

I need to get voters I'd.how can i get it fast po?
And how much will it cost?

272 Felix Tanio Zamora   (13-April-2016 8:05 AM)
Dear Sir/Madam

I am already registered since im in abroad but until now i don't received my voter ID, and i want to know my voters identification no.


271 Arlene G. Andersen   (10-April-2016 8:52 AM)
I have lost my voter's id a couple years ago. How could i possibly get a new one?
Thank you!

270 Kriztel alquizar   (01-April-2016 4:34 PM)
I need to get my voters' id.. Whats the easiest way to do it?

269 Cesar Marlo Rivera   (13-March-2016 12:34 PM)
do you have any way to release a voter's id faster?

268 melanie agunos   (28-February-2016 2:05 PM)
I need to get voter's id for my passport application, how can i get it fast, comelec says it not yet ready for releasing. Thank you!

267 Cherry dıendo   (25-February-2016 6:57 PM)
Good day maam/sır I already registerd sınce 2007 but untıl now ı dont have.my voters ıd ı come fıve tımes ın comelec offıce how can ı get my voters ıd. Easy because .ı used ıt for my passport aplıcatıon.ı wıll waıt for your response thank you

266 Emilda larong   (23-February-2016 7:31 AM)
I'm already registered last year October 2015,how to get my voter's I.d.,I need it to get my passport, ASAP,thank you

265 byron   (21-February-2016 10:25 PM)
i loss my voters i.d,is that possible to get a new one even ifi loss my voters i.d,i need it so badly,thanks

264 Josephine Yniere Mabini   (12-February-2016 9:03 PM)
I lost my voters I'd this week..I want to have it again

263 Russell Heppner   (26-January-2016 11:51 AM)
My fiance needs a voter id quickly in order to get a passport. dakotah2000@gmail.com

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