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How to get a voter's id in the Philippines
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To apply or get a voter's ID in the Philippines is very easy unless you don't know what's the first thing to do. If you don't know what to bring, you might be wasting your time coming back to your home or office to get the requirement needed by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) office. So here are the steps you should do:

Step 1

Bring the needed requirements for applying a voter's id:

A valid id. It could be your birth certificate (Either NSO or Local Civil Registrar Copy), postal id, driver's license, passport id, GSIS ID, PhilHealth ID, school id, etc. You can browse a list of Philippine valid id's here. If you don't bring a valid id, the COMELEC office will not accept your voter's id application.

Here's a list of recommended valid id's required by the COMELEC Office:
  • Postal ID
  • Drivers license
  • Students ID or library card, signed by the school authority
  • Employees identification card (ID) with the signature of the employer or authorized representative
  • Senior Citizens ID
  • Passport
  • NBI/PNP clearance
  • Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID
  • License issued by the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC); and
  • Any other valid ID...
If you're married and both of you and your spouse will want to apply, you can bring your marriage certificate as valid ID.

Step 2

Go to the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) office. If you don't know where's the COMELEC office in your city/municipality, you can ask your neighbors or friends.

Step 3

Apply for a voter's id inside the COMELEC office. The staff will entertain you, check your valid id, and process your application.

Step 4

They will give you a voter's id application form you should fill-out correctly. You should know where you currently live. Know what street or sitio and baranggay you live. (This is very helpful for new residents)

The issuance of voter's id will take several months or even a year depending on the city/municipality.

You can see samples of voter's id in the Philippines below:

Voter's ID
(image: comelec.gov.ph)

Voter's ID
photo: herronchrisann.wordpress.com

Latest version of the voter's id in the Philippines:

Voter ID
photo: comelec.gov.ph

Voter's Identification Number (VIN)

Voter's Identification Number (VIN) refers to the number assigned by the Commission on Elections to a registered voter that shall consist of three (3) parts:
  1. the current address (city/municipality and province);
  2. the current precinct assignment of the voter; and
  3. the permanent birth and name code unique to every voter;
Do you want an instant or quick issuance of voter's id? How about an automated or online application of voter's id in the Philippines? Tell us in the comment below.

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256 marjorie   (16-November-2015 1:41 PM)
thank you

255 marjorie   (16-November-2015 1:40 PM)
how much does it cost to register?

254 angelica lampitoc   (02-November-2015 4:02 PM)
Hello Good day, I just wanna Ask if its still Available to Apply For the Voters Id?

253 DARIN   (21-October-2015 8:05 PM)
thank you

252 Elizabeth G. Cortez   (29-September-2015 10:28 AM)
How much does it cost to register for a voter's I.D.?

251 Rohvel Romanes   (23-September-2015 7:50 PM)
In need a voter's id for my passport application

250 JEFFREY M. CONJURADO   (22-September-2015 4:01 PM)
Good day, may i ask how long does it takes to get a voters id? how much it cost? What are the requirements? Thank you.

249 Maria Clarissa Ruby N. Lim   (17-September-2015 8:59 AM)
I have my passport as my legitimate ID. I would like to get a voters ID and i live in Pacific Ave., Marina Tambo Paranaque City.

248 DHISIERY DALEN   (09-September-2015 4:42 PM)
I want to get my voter's i.d

247 jessiery c.deguzman   (01-September-2015 8:13 AM)
When i can get a voters id....i already registered this year month of january....how can i get a voters id and when?

246 NoName   (19-August-2015 11:17 AM)
If you have registered at Makati, sadly your voter's id will only be available after 3-4 years. COMELEC is just a waste of time!

245 LENS   (14-August-2015 2:48 PM)

244 antonio a. quiambao   (12-August-2015 4:59 PM)
Good day! I badly needed a voter's id for my passport, can you give some advice for this? Thanks

243 Rosemarie I. Tan   (07-August-2015 3:59 PM)
Good day, may i ask how long does it takes to get a new voters id in case of lost id?how much it cost?and do i need to present again the requirements?thank you

242 Rosemarie I. Tan   (07-August-2015 3:57 PM)
Good day, may i ask how long does it takes to get a new voters id in case of lost id?how much it cost?and do i need to present again requirements?thank you

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