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Metrobank Banking/Operating Hours

One of the largest banks in the Philippines, Metrobank typically opens and closes at the same time with other banks.

Metrobank Banking Hours

Usually, a Metrobank branch opens from 9:00am to 4:00pm on Mondays to Fridays. Some Metrobank branches open on Saturdays from 11:00am to 3:00pm.

Extension of banking/operating hours in Metrobank has been observed. In the past, the bank only accepts transactions until 3:00pm. But recently, Metrobank added a one-hour extension. This is due to the growing number of clients of Metrobank.

These operating hours may change especially if Metrobank observes an increasing number of customers going to the bank. To serve the customers better, Metrobank may extend banking operations soon.

Do you like to suggest an extension of operating hours in Metrobank? Do you experience convenience when banking with Metrobank?
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10 eva aguidan   (21 July 2017 3:51 PM)
where is metrobank branches with weekend office hour

9 laura   (04 March 2017 5:04 AM)
anong branch po ang may banking hour pag sturday

8 Peter Castro   (23 February 2017 3:13 PM)
9AM to 4:00PM is really unrealistic banking hours specially in the Philippines with its horrendous traffic problem everywhere you go. Metro Bank should not even ask their customers if we want longer banking hours. If you have a survey done on that issue, I'm almost sure you will get a unanimous vote to have your hours extended. That's a no-brainer really, don't think? BDO run circles around your bank when it comes to longer banking hours. In the U.S. banks are open half-day on Saturdays. Metro should emulate U.S. banks because they do know the meaning of "complete customer satisfaction". For most companies in the Philippines that deal with consumers directly they do not know such a honorable & must-practice policy. They just want to separate us from our money. Shame! I'm planning on transferring the bulk of our money from your bank to BDO, unless your banking schedule changes.

7 Jamaika Ann Dela Cruz   (05 August 2016 8:31 PM)
Hi,ask ko lang if half day open every saturdays ang metrobank alabang-zapote road?Thank You.

6 DANIEL WOON   (22 April 2016 7:56 AM)
I strongly suggest that the Branch at Ortigas Extension incorporate Saturday as a working day as I have encountered several times that it was closed when I needed to remit and transact. I also observed that several other customers were also there. However, the BDO bank, just a couple of steps away was opened and full of customers

5 july diaz   (20 July 2015 3:38 PM)
It should be 8-6 atleast.

4 lon andres   (26 June 2015 4:51 AM)
i work for now from 7am to 4pm...hopefully i can make a transaction and open a checking account in your bank for my housing loan...at least extend your office hours till 6pm maybe...please let me know...i do have an atm account with your branch along Shaw Blvd. near Shangrila Mall Crossings...thanks!

3 lara mellissa reyes perez   (20 February 2015 4:11 PM)
How about 8-5pm?

1 Emmanuel Rebueno   (18 November 2013 8:07 AM)
9:00pm to 4:00pm???
ever heard of proof reading?

2 admin   (24 November 2013 2:51 PM)
Emmanuel Rebueno, thanks. I stand corrected.