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Google Adsense Releases Its New Logo 2015

When, I opened my Google Adsense account, I was surprised by the new logo that the Adsense program is using. You can see it in the upperleft corner inside the Google Adsense account.

From it's old logo:
Google Adsense old logo

And now it's new logo:

Google Adsense new logo
Adsense new logo 2015

Adsense new logo 2015

In my opinion, this logo represents or symbolizes stats. It might be statistics or performance report of a publisher's adsense ad units. That's the essence of adsense. The two-color new logo (yellow and blue) is similar to the color of the two characters of Google company logo which are letters O and G. (GOOGLE)

You can also see this new logo to the Adsense blog site (adsense.blogspot.com).

Adsense announced its new logo thru their Google Plus (https://plus.google.com/+AdSense/) page but no details have been said:

"AdSense has a new logo! 

We are proud to help people do more of what they love around the world."

Below is the video they published together with the announcement.

What can do you think of the new logo? Do you like this new logo?
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