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How to Buy and Pay Domain Name Using Metrobank ATM Debit Card?

If you want to build a website, buying and paying a domain name in a domain registrar might be difficult for you if you don't have a Paypal account, a Unionbank EON account or a credit card from any bank. That's what you think. Years ago, I used my Unionbank EON account (linked to Paypal) to purchase domain names and hosting services. Because of circumstances when I encountered login issues (I cannot login to my Unionbank EON account in Unionbank's website), I was for forced to try my Metrobank ATM card (with MasterCard logo) to purchase domain name in GoDaddy and Hostgator. The payment I've made to GoDaddy and Hostgator were successful using only my Metrobank ATM Card details. My Metrobank ATM account was not even linked to my Paypal account.

How did I pay GoDaddy using my Metrobank ATM (debit) card?
After I entered my personal information, I choose (checked) Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card in the Payment Information (or Payment Option). Then I entered my Metrobank ATM Card Number, Name on the Card,  Expiration Date and the Security Code (or CVV Code).
GoDaddy Payment thru Metrobank ATM Card
How did I pay HostGator Using My Metrobank ATM Card?
Like I did in GoDaddy, I checked or choosed Credit Card as Payment Type. Then I entered the same atm card details in HostGator payment option:
  • Name on Card: My name
  • Credit Card Number: the ATM card number printed on the front of my Metrobank ATM card
  • CVV Code: the 3 digits (numbers) found at the back of the atm card
  • Expiration Date: expiration of the ATM card
HostGator Payment Option
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If you are a Unionbank EON accountholder and you didn't able to renew your EON card, then, Metrobank ATM Card will be your best option in paying your domains or hosting services.
Have you tried paying GoDaddy or HostGator thru your Metrobank ATM Card?
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