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Mang Inasal Franchising Information and Requirements

With Mang Inasal's fast growth in the fastfood chain market, many businessman never hesitate to invest their hard earned money by buying a franchise of Mang Inasal. We are aware how Mang Inasal restaurants sprouted in every corner of major cities in the Philippines. Pinoys loved to eat at Mang Inasal. That's why the demand of Mang Inasal franchising grew. And Jollibee Foods Corporaton (JFC) noticed it and as a business entity, Jollibee never hesitated to buy Mang Inasal. And yes Jollibee successfully acquired 70% of Mang Inasal. Mang Inasal CEO has assured his franchisees that the acquisition was for the good of the company and the investors.
Mang Inasal Franchise
If you're interested to franchise Mang Inasal, these are there franchising details:
Mang Inasal Franchising Information
  • Franchise Fee: Php 1.1 Million (may differ per location)
    • Includes Tried and Tested Operation Support, Use of Brand/Trade Name, Opening Marketing Support, and Training Support
    • Franchise Term: 7 years, Renewable
    • Product Security Deposit: Php 400,000
    • Space Requirement: 150 to 200 sq. meters
    • Royalty/Service Fee: 5% of Gross Sales
    • Advertising Fee: 2% of Gross Sales
    • Renovation Estimated Cost
  • Please send letter of intent to [email protected] or contact Ms. Madz Casing at telephone number: (02) 852-1448
Additional Information about Mang Inasal Franchise
  • Company Name: Mang Inasal Philippines Inc. (MIPI)
  • Mang Inasal Chairman: Edgar "Injap” Sia II
  • Mang Inasal Chief Operating Officer: Ferdinand Sia, younger brother
  • Mang Inasal has a total of more than 303 stores. 24 Mang Inasal stores are company owned.
  • As of December 2010, there are more than 279 franchised stores of Mang Inasal.
  • Mang Inasal Philippines’ total revenue is estimated at P2.6 billion, and its system-wide sales at P3.8 billion.
  • When Jollibee acquired Mang Inasal, many franchisees are interested in putting up additional branches and in buying shares of the company if the initial public offering (IPO) had pushed through.

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Adell Maniti   (02 January 2017 10:29 PM)
Union City in California have a huge Filipino community. It will be a perfect set up for something like Mang Inasal. Can you provide all pertinent information regarding setting up a Mang Inasal Franchise in California.

THank you, Adell Maniti

Dayang Omar   (31 July 2016 3:33 AM)
Hello...could you send me the details how to open franchise Mang Inasal in Sandakan,Malaysia ?

Aiming Yen   (27 May 2016 5:21 PM)
Hi could you please send me the details on how to franchise Mang Inasal. Thank you very much

shirlie pura   (17 May 2016 7:25 PM)
Hi could you please send me the details on how to franchised Mang Inasal here in Abu Dhabi, Our Managing Director
so interested to open here first branch in abu dhabi u.a.e.

Thank you..

Kindly do the needful

kristina velasco   (22 March 2016 3:24 PM)
Kindly send details on how to franchise mang inasal, my boss wants to bring mang inasal to dubai

Thank you

Ayah   (02 August 2015 8:22 PM)
Im interested in bringing Mang Inasal here in Doha,Qatar. Can you please send me details or please give me some support team number.

Ricky B.   (02 June 2015 6:01 AM)
i plan to venture in this business,please email me me for further info.im from san felipe,zambales and i like to put up the chain here.

ronelyn gavileno   (01 June 2015 12:10 PM)
im interested but how to start. this is my cell number 09085676473

joan   (22 May 2015 11:54 AM)
I'm interested to franchise please call me as soon as posible. My contact number is 09331685111. Thank you

anthony   (18 May 2015 8:04 PM)
I'm interested to franchise mang inasal located in muzon San Luis Batangas. Can u give me more details on total capital that I need. How much will it cost me on surveying the place and how long will it takes?

Jheff A Acelajado   (31 January 2015 5:03 AM)
I am little bit cumfuse about the price of franching for mang inasal, the information on this site are not the same information to the staff of mang inasal manager. I wish I could know the exact amount or price for franchise to your mang inasal.. hope I can get the answers. Thanks.. god bless you.

Mae Alemania   (30 June 2014 12:01 PM)
Hi! i am interested to franchise Mang Inasal. My location is in Quezon City, I want to talk to you personally regarding this matter. Pls call me at my globe # 0917-8406639 or local # 961-0745, Thanks! God bless!

leila peralta   (26 April 2014 11:27 AM)
hi ! we are interested in opening a mang inasal in kuala lumpur, malaysia. what are your requirements? thanks..

janeth barlisan   (15 April 2014 2:28 PM)
i lived in cagayan de oro city. i am interested in franchising..can you please send me details how to start?..

thank you!

Rolando Malit   (14 April 2014 0:55 AM)
Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to know if we can franchise Mang Inasal here in Abu Dhabi UAE. If you send us a requirement for all the details or can we set meeting in personal.We would like to invite you here in Abu Dhabi to discuss the franchise.

Thank you and Best Regards.

Jun Yamit   (22 March 2014 0:39 AM)
I want to franchise MANG INASAL here in Muscat, Oman would it be possible?

If its possible what would you like me to do to pursue this plan.

Please reply, I really want to take this opportunity.


meriam   (20 March 2014 4:41 AM)
Hello,just want to know what are the details to open a franchise in iloilo and how much is thevtotal amount in need to spend.40 Thanks and regards , Meriam

Charity sinilong   (05 March 2014 5:06 PM)
Can you give me all the details how i can buy the franchise of mang inasal and how much all would it costs for me..by the way in living in lapu-lapu cebu city.thanks

sheryl colada   (22 February 2014 0:29 AM)
Hello . Ask ko lng sana if ano requirements pag gsto mag franchise ng mang inasal . Thanks

Ihab Albezri   (12 February 2014 1:36 AM)
I live in Istanbul turkey and my wife from Philippine and I have in cavities and I'm thinking to open inasal branch her in Istanbul so can I have special offer fr this or I have to pay the same requirtments fr local brance in Philippine pls advise yr soonest answer if ok so I we'll be therein Manila soon to duscus about all the details .

Thanks , best regards

Mary Grace Gapasin   (19 October 2013 3:29 AM)
I want to franchise MANG INASAL here in Doha Qatar, would it be possible?

If its possible what would you like me to do to pursue this plan.

Please reply, I really want to take this opportunity.


Mary Grace

alan   (01 October 2013 7:13 PM)
ihow to franchise mang inasal here in cebu... kindly send me all the detailsfor franchising mang inasal...thank you..hoping foryour reply..more power..

marion b. dela cruz   (09 September 2013 1:32 PM)
Please give me some information on how to franchise mang inasal.how much money should I prepare and what are the.requirements.
kindly send me all the details for franchising mang inasal.. hoping for your immediate reply.

rose-ann cabalona   (17 August 2013 3:40 PM)
how much am i going to prepare to start franchising mang inasal? and what are the needed requirements? thank you.

regie m.   (12 August 2013 7:53 AM)
My wife and I are working abroad for more than 10 years. Its about time to own and handle what we call ours.. pls. Tell me the estimated cost.. all of the terms. And conditon aside from the Info written up, and anything we need to know upon franchising this interesting brand..

huzesc   (23 July 2013 8:27 PM)
Please give me some more information about how much i need to have for franchising and from which bank it is easy to take the loan?

jumanah hammad   (30 June 2013 7:45 PM)
kindly send me all the details for franchising mang inasal. including the total amount that I nedd to prepare. hoping for your immediate reply.

rosie bacuad   (15 June 2013 6:23 PM)
how much will i pre[are before i will going to franchise mang inasal??

suzette diaz   (22 April 2013 6:13 PM)
How much money shall I prepare to franchise and open a mang inasal bussiness..

Gina Mintu   (07 March 2013 8:15 PM)
How much money shall I prepare to franchise and open a mang inasal bussinesz..

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