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Vitarich Corporation Board of Directors and Officers 2012-2013
During the annual stockholders' meeting of Vitarich Corporation held on June 29, 2012 at Vitarich Compound, McArthur Highway, Abangan Sur, Marilao, Bulacan, the following were elected as directors for the ensuing year, to serve as such until their successors shall have been elected and qualified:

  1. Rogelio M. Sarmiento
  2. Jose Vicente C. Bengzon III
  3. Benjamin I Sarmiento Jr.
  4. Cesar L. Lugtu
  5. Angelito M. Sarmiento
  6. Stephanie Nicole S. Garcia
  7. Enrique G. Filamor
  8. Ricardo Manuel M. Sarmiento
  9. Lorenzo Vito M. Sarmiento, III
  10. Atty. Eduardo T. Rondain
Thereafter, during the organizational meeting held immediately after the stockholders' meeting, the Board of Directors elected the following officers of the Corporation for the ensuing year, to serve as such until their successors shall have been elected and qualified:
  1. Jose Vicente C. Bengzon III - Chairman of the Board
  2. Rogelio M. Sarmiento - Vice Chairman
  1. Rogelio M. Sarmiento - Chief Executive Officer / President
  2. Ricardo Manuel M. Sarmiento - Chief Operating Officer / Executive Vice President
  3. Stephanie Nicole S. Garcia - Chief Finance Officer / Treasurer
  4. Guillermo B. Miralles - Vice President, Vismin Operations
  5. Atty. Tadeo F. Hilado - Corporate Secretary
  6. Atty. Pedro T. Dabu Jr. - Assistant Corporate Secretary; Compliance Officer; Corporate Information Officer
  7. Alicia G. Danque - Alternate Corporate Information Officer
Audit Committee:
  1. Atty. Eduardo T. Rondain - Chairman
  2. Cesar L. Lugtu - Member
  3. Jose Vicente C. Bengzon III - Member
  4. Ricardo Manuel M. Sarmiento - Member
  5. Benjamin I. Sarmiento Jr. - Member
  6. Enrique G. Filarmo - Member
Compensation and Nominations Committee:
  1. Tomas B. Lopez, Jr. - Chairman
  2. Stephanie Nicole S. Garcia - Member
  3. Lorenzo Vito M. Sarmiento III - Member
  4. Benjamin I. Sarmiento Jr. - Member
  5. Ricardo Manuel M. Sarmiento - Member
  6. Angelito M. Sarmiento - Member
  7. Ruby Macario - Non-voting member
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