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Armin A. Luistro Address and Contact Number
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Name: Armin A. Luistro
Government Position in the Philippines: Secretary [Department of Education (DepEd)]
Address: 2/F Rizal Bldg. I, DepEd Complex, Meralco Avenue, Pasig City
Contact/Telephone Number: 633-7228/ 6337208/ 6341925/ 631-8493
Fax Number:
Email Address: sec@deped.gov.ph
Website: deped.gov.ph

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9 Louie Guanzon Bandejas • 12:14 PM, 24-December-2014
Dear Sir:
I am an irregular kinder teacher for almost 6 years since and i have now the the sensation of being deprived to become a regular one.I am Louie G Bandejas of the District of Manapla, Division of Negros Occidental.This message also concerns in behalf of my co teachers who,until now are longing for regular position.
I would be glad to hear from your good office for i am praying you can provide for me a positive response.
Thank you and God bless.
8 vicente ogrimen • 10:17 AM, 08-August-2014
Republic of the Philippines
Regional Office No. VIII
Province of Eastern Samar
Giporlos, Eastern Samar


Dear sir,

I am a classroom teacher of GIPORLOS NATIONAL TRADE SCHOOL, GIPORLOS, EASTERN SAMAR, one of the most devastated schools in Eastern Samar, during the hit of mega storm Yolanda where all the teachers and employees of this school, lost everything including houses that, even until now, we still have no house to live because we prioritized the studies of our children. We do not have cash relief from private institutions because of our being gov't. employees. Honestly, the amount we receive as typhoon Yolanda victims' financial relief was only 250.00 per teacher/employee from the tender-hearted people of Sultan Kudarat. We did not receive any cash assistance from any government institutions, yet. Until now, sir, we are still waiting for the cash assistance to be given to us, like what other government teachers/employees enjoyed.

Can you be our instrument, in order to avail what we are suppose to enjoy?

Thank you and with my heartfelt regards.

Marcelina S. Ogrimen
Master Teacher I
7 linda bentoso • 8:53 PM, 24-October-2013
Good day Sir,
I would like to ask if the DepEd has no budget for the REPORT CARD of the students here in Cavite particular in General Trias District I Hope for your immediate action Sir. Thank you po and God Bless.
6 Cabeba Mamalinta Omar • 6:04 PM, 30-September-2013
Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Region 12-Central Mindanao
Division of Cotabato City
Buaya Buaya Elementary School, Cotabato City

September 30, 2013

Department of Education
2/F Rizal Bldg. I, Meralco St., Pasig City



We the Parents and Teachers Association of this school have always remember your joke "the croc croc elementary school" and the "croconut" the dwarf coconut that bear native coconut. First of all we are on the query regarding our request for ten (10) sets of computer during your visit in our school last February 12, 2013. Said technology gadget are very important to the teachers and pupils in the barrio school.

Sir, our school is complete of electricity and water supply with adequate security that all school properties will be properly secured . We have heard that there are school who were recipient of said gadget that have no electrical power.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

School Head
5 Erwin S. Ramonal • 5:20 PM, 30-November-2012
Republic of the Philippines
Department of Education
Region X-Northern Mindanao
Division of Iligan City
Email address: erwin_ramonal2001@yahoo.com

November 29, 2012

Department of Education


This refers to your DepEd Order No. 8, series of 2012 and dated January 25, 2012, “Implementation of Php. 5000.00 net take home pay for DepEd personnel”.

Sir, I am Erwin S. Ramonal, Teacher I of Tubaran National High School, Iligan City and currently assigned in Iligan City East High School-Hinaplanon. I have been teaching for more than fifteen (15) years and has a take home pay of Php. 5100.00 only for about four (4) months and I have not received any single cents from my salary due to personal loans, salary loans from public and private lending institutions. I am a Typhoon Sendong victim. I lost almost everything. Frustrations, stress and maybe disintegration of my family might happen if this problem continues.

Sir, may I humbly request from your good self to please consider my situation by allowing me to renew my Consolidated loan with GSIS. Our cashier disapproved my loan due to the effect of the order. I even made a letter to our Schools Division Superintendent, Mr. Randolph B. Tortola, CESO V, asking him to approved my loan but to no avail. House rentals has been delayed for almost two(2) months, electric bill and the health and education of our daughter is being compromised.

Sir, I understand that your order should be strictly implemented but I am begging for your consideration.

Thank you very much and hoping for your approval.

Truly yours,

4 Josefina B. Basilla • 7:21 PM, 14-October-2012
I am a new DepEd employee and I am a guidance counselor. I am just wondering that there seems to be very little guidance and counseling concerns that are addressed in the DepEd system. As registered guidance counselors, we are waiting for clarifications on our roles at DepEd. I am aware that at DepEd work are clearly sent upper management officials.
3 Gie • 12:09 PM, 27-June-2012
Good day Sir, this is to inform your good office of the update regarding my ranking issue. Last year 2011, I filed my resignation of the pprivate school where I teach. I decided to give up my teaching opportunity in private for I applied for public position. I went all through the process for that position and fortunately I made it to the first rank. However, I was not been given the opportunity. The teachers who have been ranked 2 and 3 was given then for they have 3 years teaching experience in public. My question is this, Is the ranking really intended for the teachers who have teaching experience in public? How about the teachers who came in private? Are we not competent enough to be part of the teaching ministry for public schools?
2 Gellie • 9:53 PM, 03-January-2012
Good evening Sir,

I am a student Sir, I would like to ask financial assistance from you Sir. Our thesis study Sir has been selected to present in the International Conference in Singapore for the ICEMI 2012 unfortunately we don't have money for the registration. I know you are of great help Sir for our future endeavour. Our place was recently hit by Typhoon Sendong...Hoping for your favorable response Dep.Ed Secretary.
1 Rodolfo Geraldizo • 7:59 AM, 09-April-2011
Please extend help for me I am Mr.Rodolfo J. Geraldizo 61 of age and a resident of Purok 5,Mantic,Tangub City,Mis.Occidental.
My wife Alipia P. Geraldizo was a public teacher at Tangub City Elementary School as per service record shows she retired more of less 26 years of service but due to her untimely death she was not able to comply her retirable age.
May i know wether i can avail the survivorship benefit?.although my claim laid for a long period of time,because i have no knowledge of what to do only then i have restored my interest when someone got advice of me.
Hoping for your immediate reply at your conviniente time.more power and God Bless.

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