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Cebu City Hall Office Directory and Contact/Telephone Numbers
This is a directory list of the offices of Cebu City Hall. Given below are the name of the offices, the name of the head of each offices, office locations, and the landline/telephone numbers.

Office Directory of Cebu City Hall

Office Name of Head Office Location Contact Number
Civil Security Unit Jose Christian Hembra Ground Floor
Telephone Number: 4120000 loc. 105
Economic Enterprise Revenue Collection Div. Ms. Raquel B. Arce Ground Floor
Telephone Number: 2551752 / 2531324
Tax Delinquency Task Force/ Land Tax Mr. Felizardo Delos Angeles Ground Floor
Telephone Number: 2532303 / 2553532 / 4120000 loc. 126 / 127
Occupation Permit Section Ms. Josephine Encabo Ground Floor Telephone Number: 412000 loc. 115
Cash Receipts Division Ms. Esterlita T. Garrido Ground Floor Tel. Nos. 2563995 / 4120000 loc. 130/131
Business Taxes and Fees Division Ms. Zosima Sebes 2nd Floor Telephone Number: 2548264 / 4120000 loc. 116
Tax Amusement Ms. Ofelina N. Villares 2nd Floor Telephone Number: 2553092
Office of the City Treasurer Ms. Ofelia M. Oliva 2nd Floor Telephone Number: 2532026 / 4122803 / 4120000 loc. 107
Fax. Number. 2553258
Tax Inspection Examination Division Ms. Julie Cuenca 2nd Floor Telephone Number: 2562623 / 4120000 loc. 111/112
Cash Disbursement Division Ms. Emma Villarete 2nd Floor Telephone Number: 2532259 / 4120000 loc. 109
Business Permit Ms. Elisa Gonzales 2nd Floor Telephone Number: 2548264
Tax Mapping of Business Establishments Juanita Monina Paeres 2nd Floor

Telephone Number: 2551820 / 4120000 loc. 121

Liquor Licensing Commission Elisa Gonzales 2nd Floor Telephone Number: 2549172 / 4120000 loc 117
Office of the Asst. City Treasurer Ms. Emma C. Villarete 2nd Floor

Telephone Number: 2553092

Property and Supplies Division Rupisa Cabuenas 2nd Floor Telephone Number: 4120000 local 122
Property Accountable Forms Division Ms. Zosima Aying 2nd Floor Telephone Number: 4120000 loc. 122
Mobile Alarm Response System (MARS) Mr. Jose Christian Hembra 8th Floor Telephone Number: 2563019 / 4120000 loc. 801
City Assessor's Office (CAO) Mr. Eustaquio Cesa 3rd Floor

Telephone Number: 4121665 / 2531099

CAO Administrative Section Antonio Abellana 3rd Floor Telephone Number: 2531099 / 4120000 loc. 301-305
Asst. City Assessor for Admin. Liezl Gonzaga 3rd Floor Telephone Number: 4120000 loc. 304
Board of Tax Appeal Ms. Aileen B. Bordaje 3rd Floor Telephone Number: 4120000 loc. 304
City Assessor Records Section Mr. Richard Gonzales 3rd Floor Telephone Number: 4120000 loc. 302
City Budget Office (CBO) Ms. Nelfa R. Briones 4th Floor Telephone Number: 4120000 loc. 404-408
Direct Line: 4122810
Human Resource and Development Office Atty. Mary Ann Suson
4th Floor Telephone Number: 4120000 loc. 409-413
Direct Line : 4122814
Management Information Computer Services (MICS) Mr. William Cris V. Artajo 5th Floor Telephone Number: 4120000 loc. 501-507 or call 4122818/ 4121859
Geographic Information System(GIS) Emar C. Montejo 5th Floor Telephone Number: 4120000 loc. 502 or call 4121859
Cebu City Commission for the Welfare and Protections of Children (CCCWPC) Ms. Annabeth Cuizon 5th Floor Telephone Number: 4120000 loc. 509
Telefax: 4121714
Office of the City Accountant Ms. Arlene Rentuza 6th Floor Telephone Number: 4120000 loc. 611
Remittance Section Ms. Diwa Cuevas 6th Floor Telephone Number: 4121915 / 2549871
Audit and Indexing Division Ms. Diwa B. Cuevas 6th Floor Telephone Number: 4120000 loc. 605/608
Accounting Admin (Front Desk)
6th Floor Telephone Number: 4120000 loc. 610
General Services Office Engr. Rolando Ardosa 7th Floor Telephone Number: 4120000 loc. 701/708
or 4121692
Property Division Lorna Logico 7th Floor Telephone Number: 4121927/ 4120000
loc. 703/707
Supply Division / Buyer Mr. Jerome Aracan 7th Floor Telephone Number: 4120000 loc. 702
Internal Control Office Ms. Belona Abelgas 7th Floor Telephone Number: 4120000 loc. 705/706
Sports Commission (City Hall Office) Exec. Dir. Eugenio Faelnar, Jr. 7th Floor Telephone Number: 2532853
Office of the Mayor Front Desk
8th Floor Telephone Number: 2556983 / 2548637
Office of the Mayor Exec. Staff
8th Floor Telephone Number: 2537455 / 2534913 /
2537817 / 4120000 loc. 801-803
Fax. Number. 2537558
SPRING Café Rene B. Sanapo 8th Floor Telephone Number: 2554045/ 4120000 loc. 806/810
City Planning & Development Office
Engr. Nigel Paul C. Villarete 8th Floor Telephone Number: 2551884/ 4121763/
Committee on Awards Section Carlota Nelyn Paglinawan 8th Floor Telephone Number: 2537778 / 2532484
Office of the City Administrator Atty. Jose Mari Poblete
8th Floor Telephone Number: 2549115/ 2532703/
4120000 loc. 807 / 806
Mayor's Property Section Cencerita Osabel 8th Floor Telephone Number: 2532484 / 4120000
loc. 809
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12 LIA SETERRA   (29-April-2016 9:35 AM)
Good Day!!!
May I ask Regarding securing our requirements to process our Mayor's Permit in your good office.
The compliance for SSS,PHILHEALTH,PAG-IBIG Clearance are you pertaining to SSS,PHILHEALTH,PAG-IBIG Registration Certificate/s?

11 Julie Wang   (26-December-2013 6:01 PM)
Dear Sir:
May I know what is the office hours of Cebu City Hall under birth certificate registry department? When is the break from the holidays? Can I still rush for some annotations from your good office tomorrow?
Thank you and more power!

Yours truly,
Julie Wang of Manila

10 Graciela Brizuela   (11-November-2013 8:54 PM)
Good Morning, I'm trying to find my friend Juan Carlos Gomezand his son Gian Kenzo Gomez, both living in Bogo, Cebu at the moment of the Typhoon.
I would relly appreciate if you could give any info about them or let me now a way of finding out whether they have survived and are OK.
Thank you very much,
Graciela Brizuela

9 dennis joy tan lim   (24-September-2013 9:19 AM)

8 Hayley   (07-September-2013 9:33 AM)
Hi I was wondering if you can help me? I am looking for someone who is from Cebu.Can you please tell me where or whom who can help me with my inquiry. Thank you so much.

7 Rocres Aying   (23-June-2013 4:50 PM)
SPEED contact number pls

6 Roldan M.   (17-June-2013 2:14 PM)
Good day Mam/Sir,

A 3 boarding house units here in urgello sambag 1, owned by Mr. Oscar Moreno an instructor in UC Maritime school had been in existence for about 10yrs. and believed to be w/o business permits.

2 of this units are 3 story, w/o permits and necessary required docs means not paying proper taxes, this not only unfair competitions but also deprived the government of addt'l income via

Just wondering every BIR and city hall staff had been told about when conducting an inspection in this areas, but nobody seems to care or pay attentions.

The mentioned 3 units boarding house address is not known but the house can be located at besides of Pioneer Agency near saint vincent hospitals.

Hope this will be treated w/ great confidentiality.


5 marissa   (05-April-2013 12:39 PM)
no raid at all,hmm drugs are everywhere can we bring back the vigilantes?

4 Habib Marwan   (03-April-2013 3:55 PM)
How can I report a business operating for more than one year without a permit here in Cebu City

3 Habib Marwan   (03-April-2013 3:54 PM)
How can I report a business operating without a permit here in Cebu City.

2 Maria Agnes Viovicente   (28-November-2011 8:54 AM)
hi gud am Maam/Sir, just want to follow up my application. Thna you.

1 Ludivina Tingson   (12-November-2011 1:16 PM)
work vacancy