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Metrobank Rome Italy Branch | Telephone Number
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Metrobank Rome Branch, Italy

Office/Branch Address
Via Del Viminale 43

00184 Rome, Italy

Contact/Telephone Number
39 (06) 4891-3091 / 39 (06) 4891-3095

Fax Number
39 (06) 4898-9882

Email Address

Banking/Operating Hours

Type of Industry
Banking / Financial Services / Remittance

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3 marites agas pablo • 8:03 PM, 23-April-2014
pls inform me why my metrobank atm card can't withdraw any amount here in turkey ,thanks
2 rose castro • 5:24 PM, 13-April-2014
Ma'am I'm desperately putting a call Rome branch but Telecom says your number is not active 0648913091 could somebody text me the right one this is my CP 3335748048 please.thanks
1 HUI HUANG • 5:37 PM, 02-October-2013
Do you have Chinese remittance business at your Rome branch office,if you have,how much is the service charge and how long does it take for the funds to reach China?

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