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Ocean Jet Cebu Office and Contact/Telephone Number

Ocean Jet Cebu, Philippines

Company/Business Name:
Ocean Fast Ferries, Inc.
Cebu Office Address: Pier 1, Cebu Pier Area, Cebu City
Contact/Telephone Number: (032) 255 7560
Fax Number: (032) 255 0115

Official Website: http://oceanjet.net
Email Address: marketing@oceanjet.net

(Picture) Ocean Jet Business Logo

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19 Arlene B Llenos   (20 October 2016 9:20 PM)
Good Day!

I would like to know what are the requirements for a ticket agent. I am a new travel agency and I do have clients asking me tickets from ocean jets. I am very much interested to partner with you.

Your prompt attention is very highly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Arlene B. Llenos
GM/Travel Consultant

18 Pretchie Gold   (22 August 2015 7:41 AM)
Hi, good morning! I want to ask if you have a trip from Tagbilaran to Cebu today? My kids already have a ticket for 9:20am trip Tagbilaran-Cebu Route.

Kindly advise.

Thank you.

17 Faithglenn Garces   (01 May 2015 8:57 AM)
Good day maam, can I ask if the ticket is available from cebu to dumaguete for tommorow?
thank you!!!

16 Rena Pamaybay Adlit   (13 September 2014 9:47 AM)
my gosh I've been calling since 8am no once is answering the other line..it keeps ringing..and the other line which mentioned above is always busy..

15 Giezel Clabite Cabal   (05 July 2014 7:20 AM)
Do you have still a promo from Cebu to Tagbilaran? how much....?thanks

14 Angela   (16 May 2014 11:06 AM)
how much additional payment if magpa re sked ng ticket

13 Lorriane Jane Silva   (11 April 2014 7:28 AM)
Good Day!

I would like to ask what is the fare now from Tagbilaran to Dumaguete City and can I do the reservation through a phone call? This will be on 21st of April this year, I have 1year and 5months to traveling with me.


Your Client,

12 mark   (22 January 2014 5:22 PM)
can i avail the promo if I buy the ticket ahead?? for how much? thanks!

11 mark   (22 January 2014 5:20 PM)
ma/sir :
do you still have the promo??? can I avail it if I buy the ticket ahead ?for How much??thanks!

10 Arnold Avenido   (20 January 2014 12:08 PM)
Do you have still a promo for tagbilaran? how much?

9 luz embalsado   (22 September 2013 10:25 AM)
do you have trip for tomorrw cebu to tagbilaran?

8 andy   (10 August 2013 8:06 AM)
is this pier 1? or pier3 ? since pier 1 is undergoing renovation. pls advise. have trip today. thanks

7 argie   (10 April 2013 9:33 PM)
Good evening maam/sir.I would like to ask, if your company need the O.J.T students?.

6 marilyn   (13 February 2013 1:09 PM)
what is the limit age of a child is free for fare?

5 judith mendoza   (20 November 2012 5:24 PM)
pls email your rate for round trip ticket from cebu to bohol. or tex me at 0923-8910075. i need ur reply asap.
thnx ocean jet

4 sandy   (11 October 2012 8:40 PM)
and also 09435847316 for my sun

3 sandy   (11 October 2012 8:38 PM)
hi if you want to rent a car pick up tagbilaran or Tubigon pls contact me 09235543912

2 maha risha   (27 August 2011 3:59 PM)
gud pm maam.
I just want to ask if I could get my clearance thru email??? I worked as check in counter personnel in Iloilo Branch.. I've asked Miss Jhona Binggan, my supervisor but she told me that I should wait, for it has not been process yet. Thanks...

1 ramirez nikki   (27 July 2011 7:27 AM)
do you have a trip for today? at 10 am? dumaguete to dipolog...