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Ocean Jet Cebu Office and Contact/Telephone Number
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Ocean Jet Cebu, Philippines

Company/Business Name:
Ocean Fast Ferries, Inc.
Cebu Office Address: Pier 1, Cebu Pier Area, Cebu City
Contact/Telephone Number: (032) 255 7560
Fax Number: (032) 255 0115

Official Website: http://oceanjet.net
Email Address: marketing@oceanjet.net

(Picture) Ocean Jet Business Logo

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16 Rena Pamaybay Adlit • 9:47 AM, 13-September-2014
my gosh I've been calling since 8am no once is answering the other line..it keeps ringing..and the other line which mentioned above is always busy..
15 Giezel Clabite Cabal • 7:20 AM, 05-July-2014
Do you have still a promo from Cebu to Tagbilaran? how much....?thanks
14 Angela • 11:06 AM, 16-May-2014
how much additional payment if magpa re sked ng ticket
13 Lorriane Jane Silva • 7:28 AM, 11-April-2014
Good Day!

I would like to ask what is the fare now from Tagbilaran to Dumaguete City and can I do the reservation through a phone call? This will be on 21st of April this year, I have 1year and 5months to traveling with me.


Your Client,
12 mark • 5:22 PM, 22-January-2014
can i avail the promo if I buy the ticket ahead?? for how much? thanks!
11 mark • 5:20 PM, 22-January-2014
ma/sir :
do you still have the promo??? can I avail it if I buy the ticket ahead ?for How much??thanks!
10 Arnold Avenido • 12:08 PM, 20-January-2014
Do you have still a promo for tagbilaran? how much?
9 luz embalsado • 10:25 AM, 22-September-2013
do you have trip for tomorrw cebu to tagbilaran?
8 andy • 8:06 AM, 10-August-2013
is this pier 1? or pier3 ? since pier 1 is undergoing renovation. pls advise. have trip today. thanks
7 argie • 9:33 PM, 10-April-2013
Good evening maam/sir.I would like to ask, if your company need the O.J.T students?.
6 marilyn • 1:09 PM, 13-February-2013
what is the limit age of a child is free for fare?
5 judith mendoza • 5:24 PM, 20-November-2012
pls email your rate for round trip ticket from cebu to bohol. or tex me at 0923-8910075. i need ur reply asap.
thnx ocean jet
4 sandy • 8:40 PM, 11-October-2012
and also 09435847316 for my sun
3 sandy • 8:38 PM, 11-October-2012
hi if you want to rent a car pick up tagbilaran or Tubigon pls contact me 09235543912
2 maha risha • 3:59 PM, 27-August-2011
gud pm maam.
I just want to ask if I could get my clearance thru email??? I worked as check in counter personnel in Iloilo Branch.. I've asked Miss Jhona Binggan, my supervisor but she told me that I should wait, for it has not been process yet. Thanks...
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