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Paquito N. Ochoa, Jr. Address and Contact Number
Name: Paquito N. Ochoa, Jr.
Government Position in the Philippines: Executive Secretary [The Executive Office]
Address: 1/F Bonifacio Hall, Malacañan Palace, Manila
Contact/Telephone Number: 733-3010 / 7332485
Fax Number:

Paquito Ochoa
Picture of Paquito N. Ochoa, Jr.

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4 Reynaldo Campos   (29-January-2016 7:02 PM)
Good day Sirs/Madams. May I respectfully request for a private meeting with Mr. Ochoa to discuss plans for the Liberal Party. Your quick response will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

3 GLECERIO F. GALOLO   (10-November-2013 10:09 AM)
Good am Hon Sec P. Ochoa Sir!
Keep up the good works! You are one of the best Executive Secretaries the Phils ever had! God bless you and the Country ! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas !

1 Narciso Limsiaco Ner   (09-March-2013 3:59 AM)
There is no question that the Sultan of Brunei gave Sabah to the Sultan of Sulu who saved him from being dethroned but the fact remains that Malaysia which is a sovereign nation and a member of the United Nations is in possession of this piece of territory. The intrusion inside Sabah by our Filipino brothers from Sulu has placed their own government in an unenviable and precarious position. The Philippine Constitution is also unequivocal in its declaration that the Philippines renounces war as an instrument of national policy!

When a flotilla of "pundits" surfaced in the social networking particularly Facebook, my reply to their postings was not to like and endorse their war mongering stance but reminded them of my concern for the Filipino OFWs in Malaysia who could be harassed, even assaulted and deported. I also pointed out that many Malaysian companies have poured investments in the Philippines and if the situation gets out of hand and deteriorates, they could shut-down their business operations. It is sad and unfortunate that some of our countrymen have become irrational that they have unjustifiably accused the President and those who disagree with the decision of Sultan Kiram to get confrontational with the Malaysian authorities in Sabah as traitors and anti-Filipino.

2 admin   (09-March-2013 7:05 AM)
Thanks for the insight Sir Narciso Limsiaco Ner.