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Beware of Email Scam: Compensating You $2.5 Million Dollars as Your Unclaimed Contract/Inheritance Payment Due

If you receive an email enticing you to receive $2.5 million dollars which is an Unclaimed Contract/Inheritance payment due coming from a fake United Nation (UN) Officer, please beware!

Beware of Email Scam!

I received an email today from a name Paul Watkins using an email address, P.Watkins@kitewood.co.uk. Here's the full message of his email:

RE: Congratulations (US$2,500,000.00)
You have been compensated with the sum of $2.5 million dollars as your Unclaimed Contract/Inheritance payment due from year 2009 to 2011.
Our swift card center will issue your ATM CARD .To claim your compensation fund do contact Kelly Luna via e-mail E-MAIL: atmcarddept@ciudad.com.ar
PHONE: +234 809 158 6627.
Remember the only requirement from you is $320 usd. for the activation of the ATM CARD.
Thanks for your co-operation.
From:. Paul Watkins
Executive Payment Officer (UN)

It would be my happiest day of my life if this email is true. But for what I know, this email is truly a scam. Too good to be true, isn't it? I don't even have connections or relationship with UN. I don't even know Paul Watkins and I don't even have a real contract/inheritance payment due from someone. Hahaha!. How fortunate they are if I pay them $320 usd as their requirement in order to receive my $2.5 million dollars. Hahahaha!

So if you receive this kind  of email or somewhat similar to this email, please don't believe it. Scammers usually use aliases or fake names, fake emails, fake organizations or in short fake personal details. You should be wise enough to spot email scams especially if it involves money.
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