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List of Fire Prevention/Safety Posters and Drawings

According to the Philippine Proclamation 115-A, March is assigned as the "Fire Prevention Month". One of the activities that raises "fire safety/prevention consciousness" to the people is making posters and drawings related to fire safety or fire vigilance. Here are some examples of the list of posters/drawings which propagates fire safety awareness.

Fire Prevention Month 2016 Theme
Fire Prevention Month 2016 theme in the Philippines

Fire Prevention Safety Poster Drawing

Fire Safety-Prevention Poster Drawing 2
Some of the posters during the Poster Making Contest 2015

Fire Safety-Prevention Poster Drawing 3

Fire Prevention-Safety 4

Fire Prevention-Safety Poster Drawing 5
Fires that are small will soon be tall, so try to prevent.

Fire Prevention-Safety Poster 6

Fire Prevention-Safety Poster 7
Smoke alarms will save your life.

Fire Prevention-Safety Poster 8
Don't test your lungs, test your smoke alarms.

Fire Prevention-Safety Poster 9
This is what happens when you don't check your fire alarms. Fire alarms will save your life.

Fire Prevention Safety Poster 10
Save your house. Keep fire alarms working.

Fire Prevention-Safety Poster 11

If you have a poster/drawing related to Fire Prevention/Safety, you can submit it to us by using the form below. We will be happy to include and post your name on your poster/drawing.

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