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Is it right that you (as a tenant) pay taxes to the property you rented?

Let's say, you're just renting a land where your house is on and you're paying the real property tax. You might ask if it is right that as a tenant, you're the one paying for the real property tax even if you don't own the land?

Tenant Pays Landlord's Real Property Taxes

Actually, the owner of the land is the one who should pay the real property tax. But the obligation to pay the real property tax could be pass on to the tenant. There's nothing illegal about that arrangement.

If you're the tenant, you can ask the landlord (owner of the property) to pay the taxes. So, it depends on your arrangement with the landlord.

This case may apply to the following scenarios:
  • You rented a land and built a house on that land
  • You rented a land and built a commercial building on that land
  • You rented a land and built industrial structures on that land
  • etc...
Are you having a problem with your landlord regarding payments of the real property tax? You can post in the comment below.
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