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DepEd Learner Reference Number (LRN)

In order to facilitate the tracking of pupils, students or learners and their performance, a Unique Learner Reference Number (LRN) will be issued to all public school pupils and students and Alternative Learning System (ALS) learners based on School Year (SY) 2011-2012 Masterlist of Students, Pupils or Learners submitted per DepEd Order No. 67, s. 2011.

The LRN is a permanent twelve (12)-digit number which the pupil, student or learner shall keep while completing the basic education program, regardless of transfer to another school or learning center in the public or private sector, and promotion/moving up to the secondary level.

The LRN shall be incorporated in all documents, forms, examinations, surveys and databases which refer to a pupil, student or learner. In particular, the LRN shall be indicated in the pupil's or student's Permanent Record, (Form 137), Report Card (Form 138), ALS Certificate, Diploma or Portfolio, National Achievement Test (NAT), and Accreditation and Equivalency (A & E) Examination.

The Database Management Unit-Office of the Planning Service (DBMU-OPS), shall be responsible for issuing the LRNs to all pupils, students or learners. The Regional or Division Planning Officers shall be responsible for releasing the LRNs of pupils or students to all public schools while the Regional and Division ALS coordinators shall be reponsible for releasing the LRNs of ALS learners to all mobile teachers and learning centers.

The school heads (SHs), district ALS coordinators, and mobile teachers shall be responsible for requesting the issuance of the LRN to pupils, students or learners who still do not have one. The request for additional LRNs shall be sent to the division office (DO) and should use the electronic template specified under DepEd Order No. 67, s. 2011 which can be downloaded at the DepEd website address: http://www.deped.gov.ph/downloads. The DO shall consolidate the requests to ensure that the correct template is used before sending them to the DBMU-OPS.

The school heads (SHs), district ALS coordinators, and mobile teachers shall also ensure that information about a particular pupil, student or learner is accurate. They will also be responsible for requesting the deactivation of the LRN due to multiple issuance of LRN to an individual or for any other reasons. The Request for Correction in the LRN shall follow the format in Enclosure No. 1, while the Request for the Deactivation of the LRN shall follow the format in Enclosure No. 2.

The DO shall submit a Status Report on the Implementation of the LRN indicating the number of pupils, students or learners who do not have any LRN yet following the format in Enclosure No. 3 by April 15, 2012 to the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning, Attention: DBMU-OPS.

All DepEd personnel conducting monitoring activities in the schools and learning centers are enjoined to monitor the compliance of the incorporation of the LRN in the pupil's or student's Form 137, Form 138, ALS certificate and diploma or portfolio by the concerned SHs and other DepEd field personnel.

The identity or other information that may reasonably identify the pupil, student or learner shall be kept confidential.
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1662 Andrew E. Asuncion   (21 December 2017 2:09 PM)
School ID of

RC-AL Khwarizmi International College Foundation INC.

1661 Wilhelm Provido   (14 December 2017 5:57 PM)
Could you email my LRN please?i really need it for my voucher application please? Ineed it as soon as possible hope you could help me out please email it to me. Wilhelm Provido thanks.

1660 David Joshua P. Viola   (10 December 2017 1:39 PM)
You can find your LRN number at your school id, LRN has a twelve digit number. IF not, you can ask your school registrar for help.

1659 Princess Maria Isabel F. Daguinotas   (10 December 2017 11:07 AM)
I badly need my #LRN for my scolarship please

1658 Rhonjie C. Aparece   (06 December 2017 7:50 PM)
I need my LRN ASAP! can you help me please?

1657 mark jeffrey r. anareta   (06 December 2017 4:31 PM)
kailangan ko po yung LRN number ko ASAP salamat po god bless

1656 Lea Rose Jeorgia C. Salonga   (04 December 2017 8:04 PM)
I forgat my LRN Number, could you please send it through my email :(

1655 Hennie Kathryn Caspe   (03 December 2017 3:30 PM)
Good day Ma'am/Sir, I went from WVS University and I forgot my LRN that I needed for personal purposes. I hope you'll email my LRN number anytime thank you.

1654 Mickle Paulo N. Miclat   (29 November 2017 1:17 PM)
Pwede ko po bang malaman yung akin LRN number? Kailangan po kasi sa school salamat po

1653 Paul Adrian D. Hular   (23 November 2017 10:01 PM)
Can you email me my LRN number? My school is asking for it. I badly need it asap

1652 Edmar M. Granada   (23 November 2017 6:41 PM)
I really need to know the LRN of my brother, JOMARK MARTINEZ GRANADA. Please email me as soon as possible. Thank you!

1651 Marie ang   (23 November 2017 4:04 PM)
I need to know the lrn of my kid, JESIEMER L. ANG.
Please kindly email me

1650 Philip Anthony T. Olaño   (23 November 2017 2:33 PM)
Good day, I'm here on behalf of my OLCET requirement. May I request to have my Learner Reference Number? It is essential for my form.

1649 Mark Christopher Alvero   (21 November 2017 7:10 PM)
can I get my LRN? I realy Need ASAP. Thanks

1648 Farah Calie Guro   (20 November 2017 6:51 AM)
Please send my LRN no. to my Email.. I need it since I transferred to another school

1647 Zaina Calie Guro   (20 November 2017 6:50 AM)
I really need my LRN no. because it is requested by my school.. pls send it to my email..

1646 Omair Calie Guro   (20 November 2017 6:49 AM)
I need my LRN no. because it is requested by my school..

1645 John Patrick Basallote Cruz   (15 November 2017 11:36 AM)
I need my LRN for my ID

1644 Earl Sebastian F. Concepcion   (12 November 2017 11:17 PM)
Hi i need my LRN for my application for asap hoping for your consideration. thankyou`

1643 Sarah Andrea T. Gulle   (10 November 2017 1:24 PM)
Hello Good day! I need my LRN for my ID. Thank you. God bless

1642 Flordiles Prollo Opeña   (09 November 2017 4:49 PM)
Hi po'

Good Evening' pwdi po ba makuha ang LRN number ng kapatid ko. Need na kasi sa school nila nag transfer po kasi sya dito sa Taytay, Rizal. At hindi pa po sya endroll.
I hope po na magreply kayo. Salamat po' God Bless

1641 Grace Diaz   (06 November 2017 8:05 PM)
Magandang gabi po ask ko lang ko pwede ko makuha yung lrn no. anak ko nagexam sya at nakapasa...grade 1 n sya ngayon need kc ng school niya ngayon yung lrn no...thank u po hope magreply kayo

1640 Jelyn R. Veranda   (06 November 2017 10:00 AM)
Good day po, kailangan ko po makuha yung LRN ko para sa 4ps here's may name Jelyn R. Veranda

1639 jean ratchellu brillantes   (06 November 2017 9:10 AM)
i want to know my LRN for my ID

1638 Loren Marie A. Onday   (04 November 2017 3:49 PM)
Hello po kailangan ko po makuha yung learner reference number ko need ko po for application sa senior high. As soon as possible po sana.

1637 Jean Obdosantos   (19 October 2017 2:15 PM)
Good day po kapag po ba nasa masterlist of private school operating with permit ang school meaning accredited po ba un ng deped??

1636 Rubelynn Marthe P. Pelones   (18 October 2017 7:38 PM)
Excuse me po pwede ko po hingin ang LRN ko? Nakalimutan ko kasi. Tapos nawala din ID ko. Kailangan kong mag pa ID bukas para makapunta ako ng UP. This coming January 2018. Pwede po ba? Thank you po.

1635 Rochielle   (18 October 2017 11:54 AM)
Hello po gusto ko malaman paano at saan ko ba makukuha ang LRN ko kc may form137 ako pero wala ako LRN .. tulungan nyo po ako

1634 Vince Matthew Enriquez   (10 October 2017 1:16 PM)
I need my LRN asap thank you in advance

1633 Al jiester P. Olivar   (10 October 2017 12:01 PM)
Need LRN please send me my lrn ASAP thank you

1632 Kerby D Batbat   (10 October 2017 7:15 AM)
Goodmorning I need my LRN as soon as possible

1631 Justine Edison D. Ronquillo   (10 October 2017 6:09 AM)
Good Morning pede po ba mahingi yunf LRN ko po kailangan ko po sa NAT thank you po

1630 Glazzy S. Bagus   (10 October 2017 5:43 AM)
Hi, I'm Glazzy Bagus. I need my LRN as soon as possible for my NAT test. Thank you

1629 joseph albert a ylalim   (09 October 2017 9:31 PM)
i need my lrn plss asap i need it now plss help its for the NAT TEST

1628 Sunny Dave Envidiado   (09 October 2017 7:57 AM)
DepEd Learner Reference Number (LRN) I need it to my new school. Im Sunny Dave Envidiado

1627 Sunny Dave Envidiado   (09 October 2017 7:56 AM)
Hello good day may I know what's my DepEd Learner Reference Number (LRN) Im Sunny Dave Felizardo Envidiado.

1626 Garry Lyn Amarillo   (08 October 2017 6:56 PM)
Good day po... ask ko lang po hindi po ba ma enroll sa LRN ang anak ko wla pa kasi form 137 kasi may balance pa kami sa old school... pwede po bang to be followed po yung form 137 naghahanap pa kasi kami pambayad sa school?

1625 Johanifah Pondiong   (04 October 2017 5:07 PM)
My LRN is lost in Marawi City. I need it now.

1624 Johanifah Pondiong   (04 October 2017 5:06 PM)
I need my LRN. It was lost in Marawi City. Because our school is now burning.

1623 Johanifah Pondiong   (04 October 2017 5:00 PM)
I'm came from Marawi. My LRN was gone because our school is burn. And now I need it in my new school

1622 Johanifah Pondiong   (04 October 2017 4:59 PM)
Galing po ako Marawi City at kasalukoyan na ang pinapasukan ko doon na paaralan ay nasunog at kailangan ko sa school ang aking LRN.

1621 Johanifah Pondiong   (04 October 2017 4:57 PM)
Wala na po yong LRN ko kasi galing po ako Marawi City at kasalukuyan na nasunog po yong paaralan na pinapasukan ko kaya imposibleng makuha ko pa ang aking LRN. Paanu ko po ba to malalaman? Kelangan ko po sa schooo ang LRN ko.

1620 Joy Bernat   (25 September 2017 3:49 PM)
Hello, Good Afternoon.. paano po makukuha yung LRN? wala na po kasi akong copy ng LRN ko. Thank you po.

1619 John Paul B. Alcantara   (15 September 2017 4:43 PM)
Uhm.. Can I Have my LRN? Kailangan ko po kasi yun eh

1618 Angela Samantha Cacas   (14 September 2017 10:49 PM)
Good evening. Puwede po ba malaman ko yung LRN ko? Kailangan ko na po kasi. Thank you. I need it As soon as possible

1617 ZARRAH JOY NERA PAJARILLO   (13 September 2017 4:32 PM)
Need po ng ate ko yung LRN nya ..

1616 Kenjie Maala   (30 August 2017 4:26 AM)
Can I know my lrn? I badly need it right now

1615 Michael   (29 August 2017 8:46 AM)
Where can i find my LRN?

1614 Nikki Jasmine R. Rodriguez   (28 August 2017 12:21 PM)
Email: nikkijasmine08@gmail.com

1613 Nikki Jasmine R. Rodriguez   (28 August 2017 12:18 PM)
Please send my lrn asap.

1612 Sweet Pasaylo   (23 August 2017 8:16 AM)
Good day, My son has already LRN given by the school he was last attended, I transferred him to another school and the teacher check the details.. only to find out that the middle initial of my son is incorrect. what will i do? Thanks

1611 Jeric Adrian Tuazon Tengco   (20 August 2017 7:16 PM)
how to know my lrn no. ?

1610 Raswin Ejeson E. Salas   (17 August 2017 8:02 PM)
Please email my lrn

1609 Melody   (11 August 2017 5:43 PM)
Meron po binigay na LRN number yung pinanggalingan school ng anak pero nung nireregister na ng teacher nya sa grade 1 no status po ang lumalabas ano po dapat ko gawin. Bumalik ako sa dati nya school system error daw po ng eped.

1608 Mike Jerico G. Barrun   (10 August 2017 8:12 AM)
plss send my lrn now Asap

1607 Robick Aaron Angeles   (08 August 2017 8:21 PM)
Ma'am/Sir How i can get my lrn? i need it for appliying in scholarship for taekwondo ... i'm sorry to my distorb ma'am/sir thank you and good evening

1606 Jayron R. De Lara   (04 August 2017 3:10 PM)
how can i get my lrn ?i need it for applying for college ..thankyou

1605 Christian Czeazar C. Noroña   (03 August 2017 8:39 AM)
Please email my lrn. asap. ty.

1604 Christian   (03 August 2017 8:38 AM)
Please email my lrn . asap

1603 Honey Mae Belgica   (02 August 2017 5:43 PM)
how can i get my LRN?

1602 Sunshine Oriola   (02 August 2017 9:05 AM)
I need my LRN number asap, how to know mine? i need it for the entrance exam i am applying?

1601 Renilla Grace A. Buban   (01 August 2017 11:05 PM)
i just want to know, what is my LRN. i really need that now. because i'm applying college entrance exam at Polytechnic University of the Philippines

1600 Leighanne Zyril B. Santos   (01 August 2017 10:31 PM)
Goodevening! How can I get my LRN? I need it for applying for college. Thank you!

1599 Jasper Pilapil Combalicer   (01 August 2017 10:06 PM)
I badly needed my lrn right now can you give me a copy of it? I needed it for online registration or enrollment

1598 Allyza Diane T. Tresvalles   (01 August 2017 9:51 PM)
I want to know my LRN number :)

1597 Daryll Capistrano   (01 August 2017 8:30 PM)
I think that your LRN is present in your diploma.

1596 Patricia Noelle C. Jerusalem   (01 August 2017 8:29 PM)
I need to know my LRN, please.

1595 Errol Von M. Escutin   (01 August 2017 7:50 PM)
lrn please

1594 Jasmin L. Kamensa   (01 August 2017 7:47 PM)
Where can i find my lrn?

1593 Janelle Joy B. Cabiling   (01 August 2017 7:22 PM)
Where can i find my LRN?

1592 Hannah Lyn Bequillo   (01 August 2017 6:49 PM)
where can i find my lrn number?

1591 Hannah Lyn Bequillo   (01 August 2017 6:39 PM)
I kindly need my lrn right now.

1590 Elmica Paula Lucero   (01 August 2017 6:33 PM)
i need my Lrn number

1589 Charlie Mae Cruz   (01 August 2017 6:22 PM)
I badly needed my LRN :(

1588 roeder pita   (01 August 2017 4:43 PM)
kindly find my lrn please right now because im going to apply a test today.

1587 John Lende N. Casulla   (01 August 2017 4:23 PM)
kindly please find my lrn thanks po

1586 Romell Lagbo   (01 August 2017 11:56 AM)
pwede ko po ba malaman yung LRN ko.

1585 Dustine kline roxas   (01 August 2017 5:38 AM)
I kindly need my LRN

1584 Katriina Crizel T. Padilla   (01 August 2017 5:23 AM)
Where can I find my LRN? really need it right now for college application. Thank you for your kind consideration.

1583 Haslyn Nombila Mateo   (01 August 2017 3:39 AM)
I kindly need my LRN

1582 Ma.Angelica Tagalog   (01 August 2017 0:24 AM)
Hi po! Pwede po ba mag request na makuha yung LRN ko? Kailangan po kasi for college enrollment. Here's my info.
E-MAIL ADD: maangelicatagalog@gmail.com

Thank you!

1581 Demi Rizo   (01 August 2017 0:11 AM)
Hi! I forget my lrn, kindly send it to my email please. I need it now for my enrollment. Thank you!

1580 Raven Gail Vicente   (01 August 2017 0:04 AM)
To find out what is my LRN :)

1579 DARWIN MAPILI NIEVA   (31 July 2017 11:33 PM)
pwede ko po ba malaman yung LRN ko. need now

1578 Reeva Cel Dolor   (31 July 2017 11:33 PM)
Good day! I would like to ask my LRN. Thank you!

1577 Sabrina Anya A. Feliciano   (31 July 2017 7:53 PM)
Good Day!
I would just like to know where I can get my LRN?

1576 Gift Joy C. Miape   (31 July 2017 5:12 PM)
ask ko lang po ang aking lrn, kaylangan ko po kasi sa enrollment, thank you po

1575 Rio Carla E. Del Rosario   (27 July 2017 9:15 PM)
Good day i would like to request for my lrn... my full name is RIO CARLA EMETERIO DEL ROSARIO Im afraid I do not know where to get it po kasi. Thank you!

1574 Joemarie Orellanes   (22 July 2017 8:14 PM)
Ask ko lang po ang aking lrn from region-4a calabarzon laguna cabuyao city ,joemarie b. orellanes,pwede po ako itext sa number na ito 09085305729.

1573 Edcharl Zapatos   (20 July 2017 5:54 PM)
Pwede ko po ba malaman yung LRN ko kailangan ko po kase sa school namin. Kailangan na kailangan ko po talaga.
Pwede nyo po ako itext sa number na ito.
09292181744 o 09957162783


1572 janine cagasan   (19 July 2017 10:17 PM)
please help to find the Lrn of my daughter..we badly need it .please help us po..Ma. Sofia C. Mapano from Gingoog city misamis oriental mindanao..please help me..send please to my email. Janinecagasan16@gmail.com or text me po..09973504123

1571 janine cagasan   (19 July 2017 10:03 PM)
Good day. Pwedi po bang kuha LRN ng anak ko .kailangan po kasi sa school nila..name po ng anak ko MA. SOFIA CAGASAN MAPANO..from Gingoog City Misamis Oriental Po Mindanao..please help me po. you email me Janinecagasan16@gmail.com or text me po 09973504123. thank you

1570 Robert Christian C. Namocot   (19 July 2017 7:27 AM)
Goodmorning po. Pwede po bang makuha ang aking LRN need po kasi ng school namin at tsaka wala na din aking mga past ID's. Thankyou in advance po. Good day!

1569 PAUL CAMPILAN   (17 July 2017 11:49 AM)
need your assistance on my son's LRN. transferee sya from private school to public school. the LRN given by the private school "cannot be found" kapag iniinput ng public school teacher today. Baka po pwede maadvise remedy if any?

1568 Rebeca   (14 July 2017 11:11 PM)
Hello po, kung pwede po sana malaman ang LRN number ko? Kailangan po kasi hanggang mamaya lang po ang deadline , pasensya po kung madalian, sana po masend niyo. Salamat po ng marami.

Rebeca Z. America

1567 Bryan Iglesia Bron   (13 July 2017 7:17 PM)
Pahelp po, pahingi po ng lrn ko pakisend po 09174709068 need ko po

1566 Jacquilyn Q. Mallillin   (12 July 2017 10:31 PM)
Good evening pwede ko bang makuha yung LRN ng anak ko na si Jazmine Mae Mallillin. She is from The National Teachers College Elementary. You can send it at my yahoo jacquilyn1812@yahoo.com Thank you for your immediate respond..

1565 Gladys Santos   (12 July 2017 8:20 AM)
Hello po pwede ko po ba makuha lrn number ng mga anak ko? Nas hayden santos vidallo and hailey sophia santos vidallo both are from sto. Entiero learning center angono rizal. You can send it po sa email address ko gladyssv8@gmail.com. Many thanks to you sir/ma'am!

1564 Jhon Ryan C. Alejo   (11 July 2017 6:19 PM)
hello po pwede ko po ba makuha lrn ko po? pa send po sa jhonryancalejo@gmail.com

hi can i please ask to get my lrn? can you send it to jhonryancalejo@gmail.com

1563 Richard A. Espiritu   (11 July 2017 1:09 PM)
Good afternoon, can I ask the LRN of my son Raven V. Espiritu.Can you send it to my email address.
thank you..

1562 Letty R.Escamis   (09 July 2017 6:06 PM)
Good day.
Can I ask the LRN of my daughter Leanne Kimberly R. Escamis.
Can you send it to my email address: Lettyrescamis28@gmail.com.
Thank you so much

1561 Pangandaman Abdulazis B.   (05 July 2017 1:03 PM)
Good afternoon ! Can I ask for my LRN, My full name is Pangandaman, Abdulazis B. Please send it to my email

1560 Aira   (04 July 2017 7:44 PM)
Good evening! Can you please send my LRN as soon as you can? My name is Aira Graciela Biglete, and my email is graciela.aira@gmail.com; thank you~

1559 Ahna Rose   (04 July 2017 7:51 AM)
Good Morning! i just want to ask for my sister's LRN, her name is Loremae Licauan. Please send it to my email. Thank you!

1558 Joselito Jimenez Jr   (03 July 2017 9:27 PM)
Can u please send my LRN on this # 09087387151 I realltly need this tomorrow please

1557 Kim Ashniah   (03 July 2017 4:07 PM)
Can you send my cousins LRN? please he really need it from now. PLEASE
His name is Ashraf Sabdullah and study at Cataggaman Pardo Elementary School. Thank you very much! hope you'll send it

1556 Julie Ann V. Selim   (02 July 2017 5:23 PM)
Good day! Can you send to me my LRN number through my email? I don't know what's my LRN and I badly need it. Thank you!

1555 CLARK GLEN T. SALIBONGCOGON   (30 June 2017 12:43 PM)
hi, my friend lost his LRN Johary Magad Ampatua kindly sent to this # 09264173519. thank you

1554 junrey delima   (30 June 2017 10:10 AM)
Where's my LRN

1553 Jana Junaid Barua   (30 June 2017 5:48 AM)
Kindly send my LRN Number to my email address barua.junaid@gmail.com. my name is JANA JUNAID BARUA graduated in Grade 6 at DANSALAN COLLEGE FOUNDATION in Marawi City, for enrollment purposes po

1552 Paul Daniel P. Pranada   (28 June 2017 5:06 PM)
Hi ma'am/sir can you please send my LRN number to my email

1551 Joel Mar Cachombo   (22 June 2017 7:41 AM)
Hi ma'am/sir can i please you to send my LRN number in my gmail urgently needed please

1550 Dante A. Surban Jr.   (21 June 2017 10:31 PM)
Can you please me my LRN in my gmail As Soon As Possible thanks I've study in First City Providential College
Dante A. Surban Jr.

1549 Princess Jamilah H. Abdullah   (21 June 2017 9:15 PM)
Can you give me my LRN because I forgotten it. Please send to my email.

1548 Richard T. Rigor   (19 June 2017 7:12 PM)
Please send me my LRN. I studied at Padul Elementary School. Thanks

1547 Christine Anne Yambao   (19 June 2017 12:45 PM)
i would like to ask if you could check my LRN number. kindly send it to my account, thank you very much. -Christine Anne Yambao

1546 April Jhoy A. Rosaldo   (15 June 2017 2:28 PM)
Pwede po bang makita yung LRN ko? Nakalimutan po kasi eh.

1545 Rodssel Marc Malicsi   (14 June 2017 9:28 PM)
pwede ko po matingin ung LRN ko? Rodssel Marc Malicsi po
email ko po rmmacalintal@yahoo.com

1544 Rulet Fulo   (14 June 2017 8:45 PM)
Pwede po bang makuha LRN ko? Rulet Fulo po

1543 Mines   (14 June 2017 7:59 PM)
Pwede po bang mahingi yung LRN ni Chloe Deniece de Guzman?

1542 jay benedict g. cartago   (13 June 2017 8:02 PM)
pwede po bang mahingi o malaman ang ULRN ko po need po kasi para sa listahan ng room.
Jay Benedict G. Cartago po salamat...

1541 Rommel Tadeo   (13 June 2017 2:01 PM)
Pwede po bang malaman ang LRN number ko, Rommel Tadeo po. Maraming salamat.

1540 Rodrigo Delute Tagnipez   (09 June 2017 10:11 AM)
Itanong ko pang po kung ano po ang LRN number ng anak ko na si Lian Margarette Tagnipez kailangan po kasi sa school na po nag transfer ra n nya salamat po!

1539 Renie Zaldy A. Flores   (08 June 2017 12:37 PM)
iHi good day to each and everyone, I just want to ask a favor from your good office the LRN of my kids namely Reizel Hayes A. Flores and Renzel Hainz A. Flores. You can email me at bbzaldy_flores@yahoo.com. Thank you so much and have a nice day ahead.

1538 Yssa Miguel   (05 June 2017 2:41 PM)
Goodafternoon. I have a concerned about this lrn. Three years na po kasing nag aaral ang kapatid ko sa school na ito at ngayon lang namin nalaman na wala palang lrn na iniissue ang school na ito. Itatransfer po sana namin sya sa public school kaso wala po palang lrn na nakaindicate sa card nya. Kaya ang nangyare po ay hindi sya tinanggap sa school. The school that I am talking about is located at Buenavista Pura Tarlac, PROGRESSIVISTS SCHOOL OF BUENAVISTA. ALYSSA NICOLE P. MIGUEL named ng sister ko. what is the remedy to this issue? Please I need your immediate response regarding this. Thank you.

1537 Christian Paul S. Ison   (04 June 2017 4:44 PM)
Those who are asking for your LRN you may contact directly to our current/former school since your LRN contain your personal information are now part of the Data Privacy and Protection rules.

1536 Clark Aurve Peromingang Fernandez   (02 June 2017 11:43 AM)
Please pasend po ng lrn ko, need lang po for enrollment.

1535 Justine Mari S. Atong   (01 June 2017 10:28 PM)
Hello po. Gusto ko lang po makuha ang LRN ko para po sa pag-enrol ko sa Senior High. Kung pwede po paki send na lang po sa email ko. Thank you in advance.

1534 Kaycielyn A. Basis   (01 June 2017 12:16 PM)
Hi ma'am good day po pwede po ba mag request n makuha yung LRN my daughter name Tiffany Khaye A. Basis from United Evangelical Christian School of Pagsanjan Laguna nag kinder 1 n po sya and summer enroll ko po sana sya nang grade 1 pero kailngan ko po nang LRN nya sana po mabigyan nyo ko para po makapag grade 1 sya this coming school year thank you and good bless

1533 Lana Jane P. Lobitos   (01 June 2017 7:05 AM)
Good Morning. I am requesting my daughter's LRN number. Larianne Francesca L. Novis from Brightways Academy. Kinder -1 2016-2017. Thank you very much.

1532 Gian Margarette L. Ong   (30 May 2017 9:45 AM)
can you please provide me the LRN number of my niece Gian Margarette L. Ong from Philippine Su Kuang Institute, Manila

1531 Rosmarie Imperial   (29 May 2017 9:07 AM)
Gud am, I want to request for the LRN NUMBER of my daughter KIMBERLY MAE IMPERIAL, she need to complete and update her student information in college.

Thank you...

1530 Socrates Bergantinos   (27 May 2017 10:52 AM)
I'm requesting for my daughters LRN no. Jemuel Macy Daza Bergantinos and Justine Muniz Daza Bergantinos thank you.

1529 Ervinjan Baldove   (24 May 2017 3:42 PM)
Pa send po sa gmail ko yung voucher please? need ko po kasi sa pag aaral ko thank you po

1528 Joseph Jairus L. Laurente   (19 May 2017 10:37 PM)
I need help for my LRN can you please send it to me? Thank you in advance.

1527 Brent   (12 May 2017 5:25 PM)
I need my reference number right now :( Please send it to me please :( Cruz brent gabrielle is my facebook account thanks :) I hope you will send it to me

1526 Jason Mendiola   (11 May 2017 1:04 PM)
Hi, good day po! May katanungan lang po ako. Kc po gusto ko pong pag aralin na sna this school year yung anak ko. 3 1/2 years old na po sya ngayon at mag 4 po sya sa november. Saang level ko po ba sya pwedeng i enroll? Sa nursery o s kinder po? Waiting for your quick response. Thanks!

1525 Sofia rose valera   (10 May 2017 9:33 AM)
Hi. Can you please help me by sending my LRN? ASAP please. Please send it at jetblackheart72@gmail.com

1524 Roxanne charice dela cruz   (10 May 2017 8:13 AM)
Good morning .. ask ko lang po sana LRN number ng anak kong si dream daniel dela cruz from Victoria preparatory school bagong silangan quezon city .need kasi for enrollment ngayong month..

1523 John Ralph Ballares   (08 May 2017 10:11 AM)
Hi! Can you please send my lrn to me(johnralphballares@gmail.com). Asap please. I needed this for my enrollment. Thank you very much

1522 John Troy D. El-Sadek   (07 May 2017 10:46 PM)
Hi! Can you send me my LRN? My name is John Troy D. El-Sadek,I want to avail for voucher.Please send it to my Yahoo e-mail (imjt_us2012@yahoo.com). Please give me immediate response. Thank you!

1521 Victor Lemuel A. Rait   (06 May 2017 10:31 AM)
Hi, my name is Victor Lemuel A. Rait, I was wondering if I could please have my LRN sent to my gmail (victorlemuelrait@gmail.com) so that I could avail for voucher. Thanks

1520 Almirah Walid   (05 May 2017 4:46 PM)
Good Day, I am Almirah D. Walid and I need to get my LRN to avail the Voucher. Can you please send it to my gmail (almerawalid@gmail.com)? Hoping for your immediate response. Thank you!

1519 Charnel S. Casanova   (05 May 2017 1:24 PM)
Pwede ko po makuha yung LRN number ko po?. Charnel Saldua Casanova po pangalan ko.. paki.send nlng po sa email ko, charnelcasanova@yahoo.com.. salamat po.

1518 Fathma P. Solaiman   (03 May 2017 6:07 PM)
Pwede niyo po bang isend sa aking email account ang aking LRN. Sana po matulongan niyo ako. Ito po ang aking gmail account: fathmasolaiman8@gmail.com... Marami pong salamat!!!

1517 Fathma P. Solaiman   (03 May 2017 5:57 PM)
Can you send my LRN to my gmail please. I really need it right now. fathmasolaiman8@gmail.com here thank you!

1516 Jay Carl A. Cinco   (03 May 2017 5:57 PM)
Hi, I need my LRN to avail the voucher. Can you please send it to my gmail (Jaycarl98@gmail.com)?
I need your immediate response. Thank you!

1515 Ma. Cherryl P. Sevilla   (27 April 2017 4:29 AM)
Again, I am Cherryl Sevilla asking for your kindness to send my LRN to my gmail account. My email is cherryl.sevilla@gmail.com. Hoping for your response as soon as possible. Thank you!

1514 Ma. Cherryl P. Sevilla   (27 April 2017 4:24 AM)
You can send my lrn number on my gmail account. My email is cherryl.sevilla@gmail.com

1513 Ma. Cherryl P. Sevilla   (27 April 2017 4:21 AM)
Can i get my lrn number? I've lost it so please help me. I badly need it by tomorrow

1512 Abigail Baldecañas   (22 April 2017 9:00 AM)
I was able to get my LRN on my school ID and report card for my QVR Certificate, I thought everything was okay until I got the results. I was going to download the certificate but the site says that the information I provided does not match my profile in the Learner's Information System. I tried again before the said deadline (April 21, 2017). This morning I checked the site again and it still says the same thing. I can't find the problem at all. I checked my LRN for God knows how many times.

1511 Abegail Taaca Caringal   (19 April 2017 12:11 PM)
I lost my Learning Reference Number & I need it before April 21, 2017 so that I can get my QRV (Qualified Voucher Recipients) and have an ESC (Education Service Contracting) for Senior High School. I will sincerely wait for your reply. Thank you & Godbless.

1510 Diane Estraña   (16 April 2017 12:17 PM)
Ma'am / sir pwede KO po ba malaman LRN ko kailangan KO lang po

1509 Bryndyll Bicoy   (13 April 2017 4:10 PM)
can i please ask for my LRN i need it asap for my voucher thanks

1508 Roxen Yares   (12 April 2017 12:44 PM)
Can I see the information of my LRN which I badly needed for my online voucher application

1507 Erika SM Quiroga   (11 April 2017 4:36 PM)
Can I request for my Learner's reference number please, I'm from Blessed Hope Christian School. I need it for my voucher, I really need it as soon as possible please. Thank you

1506 Fulgencio Roy Domingo A. Buencamino   (11 April 2017 12:41 PM)
I am a pre-school teacher in Sampaloc, Manila. Our school registered at Manila Department of Social Welfare. And we want our pupils to have a LRN. How we avail? And what are the requirements for requesting the issuance of LRN to pupils? Thank you very much?

1505 josephine atizado   (11 April 2017 8:29 AM)
ask ko lang po LRN ni Jestine Roi A. Vidallo? hindi po kc mag reply sakin ang school ng St. Simon Cyrene Academy. Thanks

1504 John Roel Bolima Caacbay   (10 April 2017 10:37 PM)
Can I request for my Learner's reference number please, I need for my voucher, I really need it as soon as possible please. Thank you

1503 Catherine Julia N. Abella   (10 April 2017 9:39 PM)
Can I request my LRN I need it for my voucher. You can send it to my email. I really need my LRN as soon as possible. Thank you.

1502 John Patrick M. Basbas   (10 April 2017 5:01 PM)
Hi can i request the LRN of John Patrick M. Basbas,He graduated at Colegio de San Jose SY.2016-2017.Thank You

1501 mel   (10 April 2017 4:02 PM)
Hi can I request the LRN of Mel Tumolva Loteriña. He's studying at Saint Agnes Academy, Legazpi City S.Y. 2016-2017

1500 zeniada b.de chavez   (10 April 2017 2:52 PM)
Hi can I request the LRN of Michael Labesti Bautista.And the Name of the school he enrolled last 2015-2016..

1499 Cherry Monforte   (06 April 2017 6:54 PM)
Hi can i request for the LRN of my sons Don Louis Sebastian M. Monforte and Miguel Joaquin M. Monforte we need it for the voucher.thank you

1498 Jamil Christian C. Camarse   (05 April 2017 10:37 PM)
Please send my LRN Within this week because I really need it for the enrollment of grade 12 I currently studying at Asian College near anonas

1497 Jamil Christian C. Camarse   (05 April 2017 10:34 PM)
I lost my learners reference number please send my LRN within this week so that I will be able to enroll for this coming grade 12 thank you po

1496 Minah Ivy E. Eslabra   (01 April 2017 11:04 PM)
Hi, Can I get my LRN number? I need it for my voucher. Thank you

1495 Minah Ivy Eslabra   (31 March 2017 8:56 PM)
Hi. I need my LRN for my SHS voucher. . Paki-send na lang po sa email ko. minaheslabra18@gmail.com thank you

1494 Minah Ivy Eslabra   (31 March 2017 5:03 PM)
Hi. Can I get my LRN? Kindly send it to my email. Thank you

1493 Dixie Eulaine Nangan   (15 March 2017 9:23 PM)
Good evening, may I know my LRN? Thank you.

1492 Jaminah   (04 March 2017 3:25 PM)
Paano po kung magkaiba ang NSO BIRTH CERTIFICATE sa LRN PO. MASISIRA na po ba Ang record ko po? paki text na lng po sa # na to 09505841667 po..

1491 sophia bogador   (26 February 2017 5:12 PM)
Can i get my lrn for a shs application?

1490 Raymond Glenn Hernandez   (22 February 2017 3:12 PM)

Pwede ko po ba makuha ang LRN ng anak kong si Raymond Glenn Hernandez Jr

Salamat po

1489 Raymond Glenn Hernandez   (22 February 2017 2:47 PM)

Pwede ko po makuha yung LRN ng anak kong si Raymond Glenn Hernandez Jr.

Thank you

1488 DOMINIC   (19 February 2017 4:02 PM)
What is my LRN ??

1487 Ronnie Jason I. Marquez, Jr.   (12 February 2017 7:25 PM)
Hi I need my LRN for SHS Voucher. Kindly send to my email above. Can I still apply for a SHS Voucher after online deadline? Was not able to log due to LRN. Thank you.

1486 Daryl Talosig Arcega   (11 February 2017 1:53 AM)
Good Morning po, pwede ko po ba makuha lrn number ko po ngayong day po before 7:00 am po kailangan po sa SHS exam ko po , thank you po , pangalan ko po ay Daryl Talosig Arcega

1485 francinebarsagas   (10 February 2017 11:10 AM)
this is my LRN? What does not


1484 Eilsel Angelo Ortiz Caro   (10 February 2017 9:08 AM)
can i gt my lrn? my name is Eilsel Angelo Ortiz Caro

1483 Eilsel Angelo Ortiz Caro   (10 February 2017 9:05 AM)
can i get my lrn??

1482 Uldrey Darsie Joyce T. Estela   (10 February 2017 7:03 AM)
I wold like to have access to my LRN. Thank You

1481 Keith Rhoi Canonigo   (09 February 2017 3:54 PM)
Hi! I need my LRN please for my enrollment in SHS. Thank You so much. My name is Keith Rhoi Danao Canonigo (Keith Rhoi D. Canonigo)

1480 paul vincent s. sante   (08 February 2017 6:13 PM)
pwede ko po bang makuha ang lrn number ko send mo nalang po sa fb sa paolo santillana

1479 Felix Palmerine R. Labog   (07 February 2017 7:39 PM)
Goodeve! Can I get my LRN? I need it for applying for the SHS Voucher.

1478 mark jovan teopiz jr.   (06 February 2017 7:25 PM)
Can i get my LRN?My name is Mark Jovan Teopiz Jr.

1477 mark jovan teopiz jr.   (06 February 2017 7:23 PM)
can i get my lrn plssss for my enrollment.my name is Mark Jovan M. Teopiz Jr.

1476 rhea jean quijano   (05 February 2017 9:03 PM)
hey can i ask my lrn? i really need it for my application in esc voucher, by the way im rhea jean c. quijano. i hope you'll send it to me. thank you :)

1475 Benjiro Genito   (04 February 2017 9:16 PM)
Hi! I need my LRN today. I have to apply for the SHS voucher so... Full name is: Benjiro Diaz Genito

1474 Jalen Posadas   (31 January 2017 8:34 PM)
hi can i get my lrn number within this day? jalen rose evangelista posadas

1473 Earl James Aller   (29 January 2017 1:07 PM)
Can I ask the LRN # of Earl James Aller?please :) Thank you

1472 PRECIOUS JOY CORONADO   (25 January 2017 1:28 PM)
Good day! Can I ask the LRN # of my son? His name is Morpheus Dane Aquino Coronado. Thank you.

1471 joel paulino   (23 January 2017 9:12 PM)
hi. if a child finishes kinder level in a non-DepEd-recognized preschool, and has no LRN, can the child still move into a (DepEd-recognized) private or public school? is the LRN mandatory for all children to continue their studies?

1470 Janella Artizuela   (19 January 2017 4:52 PM)
Can I get LRN Number Janella D.P. Artizuela. Thanks!

1469 Janella Artizuela   (19 January 2017 4:48 PM)
Can I get my LRN Number Janella Dela Peña Artizuela. Thanks!

1468 JOANNA ASAYAS VERGARA   (19 January 2017 4:06 PM)
Pwede po ba malaman ang LRN ng anak ko po si JOHN RAY A. VERGARA kasi po kailangan n po kasi talaga...salamat po

1467 rogieorlanda   (19 January 2017 11:28 AM)
pwede po ba malaman ang LRN ni RICCA ORLANDA

1466 rogieorlanda   (19 January 2017 11:26 AM)
pwede ko po bang malaman ang LRN ko po pasend na lang po sa facebook ricca orlanda

1465 Michaella Jules Sagidao Velasco   (18 January 2017 9:32 PM)
request ko lang po for my LRN, i badly need it po kasi for my school because i just trasnfered. thank you very much

1464 Marife Andres   (17 January 2017 10:49 AM)
i want to ask what is the LRN of my daughter Trisha mae K. Andres from Mendez Christian University at Asis Mendez Cavite.i hope that you will send me as soon as possible.thank you...

1463 lauradel barber   (16 January 2017 10:00 PM)
Good day po. Gusto ko po malaman LRN ng anak ko na si EARL LAURENCE B. PABALAN sa KAPT.EDDIE T. REYES MEM.ELEMENTARY SCHOOL po siya huling nag aral Grade III po. Salamat po.

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