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National Seminar-Workshops of The Philippine Professional Linkage from Various Disciplines, Inc. (PPLVDI) 2012-2013

The Philippine Professional Linkage from Various Disciplines, Inc. (PPLVDI) announces the conduct of its National Seminar-Workshops for School Year 2012-2013 on the following dates and venues:
National Seminar-Workshop on Social Studies, Civics and Culture, TLE, MAPEH, and MSEP
Theme: "Effective and Innovative Instructional Strategies of Teaching and Learning"
July 27-29, 2012
RELC, Palo, Leyte
Apply activity based teaching so that students will enjoy learning
Seminar-Workshop on Journalism
Theme: "Journalism in the Digital Age"
September28-30, 2012
RELC, Palo, Leyte
Update the participants on the new forms of expression used in journalism
National Training Workshop in Science Theme: "Science in the Future"October 17-21, 2012
St. Paul College
Tuguegarao, Cagayan
Update teachers/learners on the wonders of the works of the boards of science
National Training Workshop in Leadership
Theme: "Becoming an Irrefutable Leader with Solid Ground"
Know and understand by heart the 21 Laws of an Irrefutable Leader
National Seminar-Workshop in Guidance and Counseling
Theme: "Current Issues and Trends in Guidance and Counseling"
October 24-26, 2012
RELC, Candahug
Palo, Leyte
Ingrain to the youth the importance of the family in having good mental health and healthy family relations
National Seminar-Workshop on Giving Homeworks and Assignments
Theme: "Painless Study Techniques"
January 18-20, 2012
Quirino Hall
Teachers Camp,
Baguio City
Provide the students/participants in developing excellent study habits not only in the classroom but also outside
National Seminar-Workshop on General Education
Theme:  "The Delightful World of Mathematics"
April 17-21, 2013
St. Paul College
Tuguegarao, Cagayan
Assist the participants to devise ways and means to make the learning and teaching of Mathematics in the K to 12 curriculum come up with a relational attitude
National Seminar-Workshop on Values
Theme: "Changing Values and The Future"
April 24-26, 2013
Teachers Camp
Baguio City
Provide venue to compare the ways of life in the past to the present
National Training Workshop on English
Theme: "Reading and Grammar Practice by Doing"
April 24-28, 2013
Quirino Hall, Teachers Camp
Baguio City

Provide the participants with situational communication to practice the communication skills
General Educational Seminar-Workshop
Theme: "Schools Without Failure: Reality Therapy to Contemporary Education"
May 9-11, 2013
RELC Pulungbulu
Angeles City
Discuss with the participants the importance of reality and therapy
The target participants to the abovecited activities are teachers from both public and private elementary and secondary schools, coordinators, master teachers (MTs), supervisors, principals, school paper advisers, student writers, journalists, and/or any interested individuals.

For more information, interested participants may contact the Philippine Professional Linkage from Various Disciplines, Inc. (PPLVDI), Block 7, San Vicente, Tarlac City, mobile phone nos.: 0933-618-9043; 0926-700—0619 or send a message through e-mail address: [email protected]

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Rickdenson M. Vadil   (07 June 2013 4:41 PM)
can you give me the update about the upcoming educational seminar workshops in baguio?

Doddie Marie L. Duclan   (19 April 2013 5:49 PM)
Please send me details and registration form for the seminar- workshop on Values with the
theme: "Changing Values and The Future". Thank you.

Joem   (04 April 2013 11:24 PM)
May I know the specifics of your National Seminar-Workshop on Values with the
theme: "Changing Values and The Future" like what to bring, if there's a registration fee, and others. Thanks

ces   (28 February 2013 1:31 PM)
hi Gud day!

im from Negros Occidental.. will there be any available semminars like in the visayas area..

can you please email the schedules.

thanks very much

Harold   (23 October 2012 7:01 PM)
We want this kind of seminar camp. We are hoping that you have also these seminars and conferences here in our places near MANILA.
We are students teachers of Polytechnic Univ of the Phils. and all we want to have is to learn many things coming from the professional and effective speakers.

Please contact us if you have.
here 09306312801