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Other Specifications and Features of Ball Mill

Other specifications and features Ball mill: rod mill is generally used for coarse grinding, feeding size is 20 to 30 mm, the product granularity general is 3~0mm.

Working features of rod mill is characterized by a point to stick to ground ore milled ore, but the full length of the rod, so the force is more evenly. Before the coarse grain is crushed, fine particle is less vulnerable, so that the over crushed materials are reduced, their products granularity is more uniform.

Regardless of the kind of type of grinding machine, pebble mill is used only in certain occasions, the aircraft often used for grinding gold ore cyanidation processing, because in this process, the iron ball and lining grind each other and generate scrap iron, it is harmful. in this case, you can use siliceous gravel lining or the inner wall of the mill fitted with siliceous bars embedded in the cement.

The machine is mainly used for grinding minerals, that are fear of iron contamination of the ore, which is mainly used in the processing of gold and silver ore processing plant.

Since the mill is also known as a no medium grinding machine. Its characteristics, based on the material to be broken as a medium to achieve the crushing purposes. Since the mill do not need to be added the Ball (special circumstances also add a small amount of steel ball), it greatly simplify the process of crushing and grinding. The ore is pulverized by the impact force between the particles of the ore free falling and the sudden force generated by ores become the tension state from pressure state, thus avoid too pulverizing.

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