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Some Ways to Improve the Grinding Efficiency of Ball Mills

In summary, select the best rotation speed of the ball mill, filling rate and high-quality steel ball, and be careful to draw the ore particle size characteristics curve, in order to determine a suitable size of the steel ball, ball ratio, and gradually mastered the production complement ball law is an effective way to improve the ball mill efficiency.
If the ratio of ore and water is too large, the viscous slurry would slow down the rotation of ball mill, and as a result, the grinding efficiency of grinding media will be decrease.

But if the ratio is too small, the thin slurry will lead to the direct impact of the grinding media to increase the wear and tear of the grinding body, also cause increased evaporation in the spray-drying process, which could waste the fuel and decrease the discharging ratio of spray drying tower.

Usually for ore containing more plasticity raw materials, the ratio is smaller; the ratio should be larger is more barren raw materials are contained.

The grinding medium and materials within the ball mill have three kinds of moving states because of the different rotating speed of the ball mill: drop motion; throwing motion; centrifugal motion.

The normal working states of ball mills are drop motion and throwing motion.

According to the observation, the more close to the ball mill cylinder, the more the amount of the grinding medium. 

Only making full use of the outermost layer of the material can make the maximum efficiency of the ball mill.

By the theoretical calculation that, when the outermost grinding media detachment angle of 54.73 °, the outermost layer can obtain the maximum falling height of the material in the most effective pulverization.

Found from the actual operation, when the operating speed of the ball mill is adjusted to critical speed of 0.75 to 0.85, the grinding medium could reach higher place.

In the ore separating line, the ball in a ball mill is continuously worn.

In order to maintain a stable operation of the ball mill and to maintain a reasonable ratio of the filling rate, balls must be reasonably complemented. Reasonable complement of balls is one of the key issues to improve the efficiency of the grinding process.

Regularly check the ball mill in accordance with its actual situation, accumulate data, revise the ratio, and finally reach a stability ball charge ratio and reasonable purpose of the complement ball.

Normal complement ball only refer to a large ball, and users do not make up a small ball, because the ball can be worn by the big ball.

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