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To detect the temperature of the rotary kiln

In the oxidation pellets in the process of production of rotary kiln, the quantity and quality of the product is directly influenced by the rotary kiln burning zone temperature. Rotary kiln is a nonlinear and large delay system, which is difficult to establish the precise mathematical model. Due to the rotary kiln continuously running process, it is difficult to detect a temperature of the burning zone. When use the traditional thermocouple temperature measurement method and the PID control method, control results and influence the finished pellet quality often hard to achieve a satisfactory result.

The entire production process of cement can be summarized as 'two grinding burn', 'burn' is the process of burning good grinded raw material to clinker under high temperature. Therefore, the rotary kiln is in the host of cement production, which is commonly known as the 'heart' of the cement factory. During the production process of cement rotary kiln, there are blocking phenomenon. Currently, most factories choose to stop the cement machinery to clean by hand, which influence the production efficiency, and improve the production cost. The newly-developed rotary cleaner can solve this problem greatly.

According to the results of temperature forecast, algorithm of clinker rotary kiln burning zone temperature control model is proposed which based on the fuzzy pid, to the advanced method for the detection and control of rotary kiln temperature. First detailed analysis of the thermal process and rotary kiln temperature control key, a deep research on artificial neural network and genetic algorithm.

Apart from the calcination of cement clinker, cement kiln is also used to calcine clay and limestone, and dry slag. During the production of refractory materials, rotary kiln is used in the calcination of raw materials to make its dimension stable and strength increased. In the ore beneficiation process, the rotary kiln depletes iron ore to transform it from weak magnetic ore to a strong magnetic facilitate. Producing soda, calcined phosphate, barium sulphide depending on cement rotary kiln in the chemical industry has low energy consumption and electricity consumption, because it uses low-grade phosphate rock instead of sulfuric acid.

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