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Learn more about how to become a First Vita Plus Dealer now

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Learn more about how to become a First Vita Plus Dealer now

There are two (2) types of First Vita Plus Dealerships specifically structured and viably designed for you in order to be an effective and efficient dealer.


As a FIRST VITA PLUS DEALER, you can EARN through:

RETAIL PROFIT. Based on a 25% DISCOUNT on PURCHASES and REPEAT ORDERS of all First Vita Plus products.

ONLINE STORE. Set up your own Online Store for First Vita Plus products and EARN a net of 25% on all products sold through your Online Store. No inventory required.

SALES COMMISSION. For every Direct Sales of a First Vita Plus Power Pack.

SALES OVERRIDE COMMISSION. For every First Vita Plus Power Pack sold by Dealers you sponsored directly.

REBATES. Residual Income earned through the 3-Level Rebate System of 3% (1st level), 2% (2nd level), and 1% (3rd level) from the repeat orders and/or sales of First Vita Plus products sold by Dealers in your sales group.

REV-UP REBATES. An additional rebate incentive scheme, totaling 9%, generated from First Vita Plus product sales from Dealers, maximum 8-levels down, in your Sales Group.

GROUP SALES OVERRIDE COMMISSION. Commissions earned through Sales Matches made by sponsoring new Dealers in your Sales Group A and new Dealers in your Sales Group B.

*Attending a Business Development Forum is recommended for a more detailed discussion on the First Vita Plus Marketing Plan. See Seminar Schedules page.


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