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Our Company:

“The Leader in Growth Stage Financing”

Esquire Financing Inc. began with a simple realization: Once an SME, always an SME. The single greatest weakness of the SME (small/medium enterprise) is its inability to grow towards becoming a large and mature enterprise.

After taking a profound look into this insight, it became clear that once a business is at that stage wherein it is ready to grow and get to the next level, it requires a credible and proficient financial partner to provide it with this opportunity. These companies that are ready to take that next step are officially in the “Growth Stage” – the most exciting, most demanding, and most strategic stage of a business.

Established in April 2011 under the flagship of Esquire International Financing Inc., a leading financial institution for close to 40 years that boasts of over 6,000 clients and investors in the Philippines and overseas, Esquire Financing Inc. (EFI) caters to the financing needs of small and medium-sized enterprises that are in The Growth Stage.

Recognizing the challenges posed on entrepreneurs by the rapid increase of emerging enterprises in the country, limited financial capacity, and the demands of a business in its Growth Stage, EFI also provides its clients with consultancy on business management and analysis, marketing and corporate strategies, and professional networking and business skills enhancement to help them prime their business for continuous growth and long-term success.

At present, EFI has helped more than 1,000 SMEs in expanding their entrepreneurial endeavors. Considerably a young but an apparently thriving financing company, it has been accorded the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP) Plaque of Merit for its outstanding contribution to SME development during the ADFIAP Awards on April 25, 2012 at Istanbul, Turkey. It has also been named Best Financing Company in the 2011 National Product Quality Excellence Awards.

With the partnership based on efficiency, flexibility and integrity that EFI affords its clients, the Philippines will soon be a country of self-sufficient entrepreneurs who can be forerunners in making a name for the Philippines in the global economy.

EFI’s Vision
To be the global leader in growth stage financing and enhance economic development through emerging enterprises.

EFI’s Mission
To equip emerging entrepreneurs with the right mindset, essential skill-sets, and the necessary financial support to achieve sustainable business growth.

EFI’s Aim
For our clients to acquire success
For our investors to enjoy the returns above the market
For our employees to have a productive and enjoyable working environment
To empower our agents to create wealth

EFI’s Core Values
EFI is centered on three core values – principles that drive every decision, process, product, or innovation. These values determine how we treat our people, clients and partners. They define who we are and how we do our jobs. It also helps us work together in the most effective way.

Efficiency – We shall, at all times, endeavor to simplify processes, make tasks simpler, and find ways to innovate. We shall work as a team in developing and unceasingly innovating a streamlined and seamless process that promotes customer convenience.

Flexibility - We shall, at all times, attempt to address and satisfy our customers’ needs without compromising our ethics and values. We shall adjust to their requirements, and remain tenacious and dynamic, proactively approaching them with value solutions.

Integrity - We shall never engage in any business activity that is against the written law or its inherent intent and purpose. We shall have a conscience in every decision we make. Profit shall, at all times, be sacrificed in favor of our integrity and reputation.

We offer more than 100 Million grant business loan expansion for your business expansion. For appointment contact me @ 09231433954 .

Christian R. Limpag

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