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Angel Investors Supporting SMEs Businesses

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We work with an Angel investment network of brokers who manage the investment fund of individual Angels investors mostly from Europe and USA is much more common than venture capital and usually is far more available to start-ups, and at earlier growth stages too. Although angel investment is a lot like venture capital (and is often confused with it), there are important distinctions. First, angel investors are groups or individuals who invest their own money. Second, angel investors tend to invest in companies at earlier stages of growth, while venture capital typically waits until after a few years of growth, after start-ups have more history. Businesses that land venture capital typically do so as they grow and mature after having started with angel investment first. Like venture capitalists, angel investors normally focus on high-growth companies at early stages of development. Don’t think of them for funding for established, stable, low-growth businesses. You should also be aware that angel investment was affected by the 2012 JOBS Act that loosened some restrictions and allowed what we now call crowdfunding. Traditionally, angel investment was limited by U.S. securities and exchange regulations to individuals meeting some minimum wealth requirements, called “accredited investors” in the legal wording. Crowdfunding is the accepted term for individual investment in start-ups by people who don’t meet the legal wealth requirements. Under certain conditions, start-ups and even non-high-growth small businesses can solicit investment from a wider range of investors. Details are still fuzzy on a lot of this, so, when in doubt, check with a good attorney first. We expect you reach out to us if you have a private setup in need of an Angel investor.
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