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Rhinoplasty (Noselift) Philippines

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Noselift Philippines by Dr Juan Jim Sanchez
Rhinoplasty (Noselift) Philippines
Plastic Surgery ,rhinoplasty (noselift) Philippines, is unique in the field of Medicine and Surgery. It is where the logic of science and the beauty of art meet. It is where artistry and imagination play a key role in the management of patients.
Although the term “Rhinoplasty” includes different procedures performed on the nose, augmentation rhinoplasty, or more popularly known as the “nose lift”, has become one of the most frequently performed aesthetic surgical procedures in Asia.
To a novice Aesthetic Surgeon, Augmentation Rhinoplasty is a fast and easy procedure. This paradigm, together with the quick financial rewards of Aesthetic Surgery has led to the performance of surgeries with inadequate analysis and planning, unsatisfactory results and complications.
Rhinoplasty needs adequate knowledge, skills and experience to achieve good results. The goal of this booklet is to lay down the foundations and principles in performing Augmentation Rhinoplasty that are easy to understand and practical for emerging Aesthetic Surgeons. The procedure is approached in a logical and systematic manner based on the authors’ personal techniques and experiences, which have evolved over years of practice, open-mindedness and artistry, keeping in paramount importance the welfare of the patient and ethical practice.
Colleagues in other specialties may have different views and techniques that work well to their advantage.
Therefore, all are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience in this field for the benefit of our patients and our present and future surgeons.
Basic Principles And Anatomy Of Nose Lift Or Rhinoplasty
Basic Principles And Anatomy
Knowledge of the anatomy of the nose, the surrounding structures and the basic principles for safe surgery of the nose are very important. We have to know the normal to know the abnormal. We have to know what is “aesthetic”, safe and the desire of the patient to achieve good and satisfactory results, avoiding complications.
nose lift | rhinoplasty Patient (Before and After)Evaluation and Nasal Cast
Taking a good history physical examination are important steps that are often overlooked. Listening to the desire of the patient, previous procedures on the nose and the surrounding structures are very important.
Together with a three-dimensional replica of the nose “the nasal cast”, discuss your plan with the patient. Without a clear plan, the procedure is doomed to failure. The nasal cast is important in the preparation of the nasal implant, be it Silicon or ePTFE (Gore-Tex) A “customized” implant is much better than a prefabricated.

The implant should be “personalized.” In other words, every patient should have his own implant. One implant will not fit every patient. Prefabricated implants were either produced by a factory or prepared by a technician who did not see the patient at all. The Plastic Surgeon of the patient should be the one to prepare the implant of the patient. He did the evaluation, he knows the desire of the patient hence he is the best person to prepare the implant to be used. The nasal cast is only a guide, the overall evaluation and desire of the patient should be considered as well.

Rhinoplasty Philippines Nose Surgery and SURGICAL TECHNIQUE
Competence, knowledge acquired in training and thereafter experience and common sense gained in practice, creativity and imagination plus excellent surgical skills are very important for success. The surgical technique in every case should be meticulous and precise to achieve excellent results. The expanded Polytetra fluoroethylene (ePTFE) or more commonly known as Gore-Tex popularity has wean and waved.

The initial interest was due to others claim that it has less rejection or infection rate and incidence of “mobility” after implantation is less. Both of there are attributed to ingrowth of tissue on the implant. However, because of the growing number of unsatisfied patients due to failure in achieving the desired good result (“refined aesthetic look”) plus the need to use a separate cartilage graft taken from the ear, the interest to it has slowly waned.
THE Goretex Noselift or GORETEX IMPLANT
In the event that the patient chooses a Gore-Tex implant. I prepare an initial silicon implant fitted for the patient and then use it as a pattern in the preparing the Gore-Tex implant. The silicon implant also serves as a “tester.” If after insertion of the silicon implant and I get the result that the patient and I agree upon I pull out the silicon implant and replace it with the Gore-Tex implant. It is unwise difficult to insert the Gore-Tex implant, pull it out to make the necessary changes and then reinsert it. In doing so you could also damage the implant.

Learn about the Goretex and the following
What is Goretex
Goretext vs. Silicone
Technique for Nasal Augmentation with Goretex
Silicone Implant Preparation
Goretex Implant Preparation
Surgery Proper
Goretex Post Operative Care
Before and After Photos of Representatives and Cases | Noselift and Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery

All patients featured in this website, noselift.ph, needed augmentation of the nasal dorsum (or noselift) and some with and refinement of the lower third of the nose.


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