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Shem Furniture Crafts Sale Sofa Sala Set Repair and Re-upholstery @ low cost


Ad Type: For Sale | Location: Cebu City
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Do not throw away your old sofa and furniture away ...

we can help you save money...

through furniture repair and  re-upholstery

  like sofa, beds, wood cabinets, car seats, etc

   looks brand new with SHEM Furniture

       http://www.ulnaris.com/shemfurn.htm - click here

   we do fast  and quality repairs

   more than 10 years in furniture manufacturing and upholstery.

We can also make customized sofa/ beds  for condos, restaurant, apartments
and houses..

delivery and pick-up also included

search " SHEM Furniture" at yahoo/ google search

Verify us first with Philippine SEC and DTI...

order direct


Shem Trading Corp.
Furniture Upholstery Department
63917-4688107 - talk direct


Cebu furniture repair sale and fix
re upholstery sala set crafts

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call USA NJ: 609 423 4113


1st picture of Shem Furniture Crafts Sale Sofa Sala Set Repair and Re-upholstery @ low cost For Sale in Cebu, Philippines

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cristine [Entry]

Hello!i just want to inquire how much would the cost be for re-upholstering or converting sala set...i mean at least can i know the prce range?thank you