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Water Chiller CW-6200 with 5.1kW Cooling Capacity

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Are you tired of dealing with overheating and unstable laser performance? Industrial water chiller CW-6200 is perfect solution for your laser temperature control needs! With a temperature stability of ±0.5℃ and up to 5.1kW cooling capacity, you can be assured of consistent and precise temperature control for your CO2 laser, CNC spindle, UV curing machine, laser welding machine, analytical equipment applications and so on.

Water Chiller CW-6200 features a digital water temperature controller that offers intelligent and constant temperature control modes. This controller makes it easy to switch from one mode to another depending on your specific requirements, giving you greater flexibility and control over your process.

Plus, our energy-efficient design, low noise and vibration levels will make your working environment more comfortable and cost-effective. With multiple alarms and error display functions, industrial chiller CW-6200 can keep your laser system running smoothly and safely, compatible with various laser systems and applications. 50Hz or 60 Hz power frequency is optional. And UL certified version is also available.

Main Features:
(1)Temperature precision: ±0.5℃
(2)Temperature control range: 5~35℃
(3)Water tank capacity: 14L
(4)Machine dimension: 67 X 47 X 89 cm (L X W X H)
(5)Simple setup and easy operation
(6)Easy-to-read water level indicator
(7)Environmental-friendly refrigerant optional
(8)Easy mobility, high reliability, energy efficiency.

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