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How to separate PST File into Smaller Parts? 3 Best Methods

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The ToolsBaer Outlook PST Split Tool offers three highly efficient methods to break down PST files into smaller, more manageable parts, ensuring improved organization and accessibility of Outlook data.

Split by Size: This method allows users to segment large PST files into smaller parts based on predefined file size limits. By setting specific size thresholds for each segmented file, users can prevent PST files from becoming unwieldy or causing performance issues, ensuring smoother operation of Outlook.

Split by year: A huge PST file that gives 100% guarantee when split by year using the ToolsBaer. No data will be lost during partitioning.

Split by Selected Folders: Users can opt to split PST files based on selected folders within their Outlook profiles. This method allows for targeted segmentation, where users can choose particular folders containing emails, contacts, or other data to be divided into separate parts, offering a more focused approach to managing Outlook information.

The ToolsBaer Outlook PST Split Tool simplifies these segmentation methods with its user-friendly interface, guiding users through the process step by step. It ensures the integrity of data during splitting, preserving the content within PST files without any loss or corruption. The tool's compatibility with various versions of Microsoft Outlook ensures seamless integration, allowing users to apply these methods across different Outlook environments effortlessly. The ToolsBaer Outlook PST Split Tool empowers users to efficiently manage and organize their Outlook data for enhanced productivity and accessibility.


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