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Resort Membership Management System

Ad Type: For Sale | Location: Outside Cebu
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All-in-One Resort Membership Management System powered by Gatessoft Corporation!
Attention All Exclusive Club owners: In today’s digital economy, how can you risk decisions made on weeks to months-old information? 

Introducing Ai1, the world’s first true ALL-IN-ONE Resort Membership Management System which also covers all aspects of Revenue, Inventory, Labor, and Accounting—featuring seamless integration, no other software needed. Ai1 provides key intel on your Resort Membership business faster than ever before, including the fastest-ever financial statements, membership and inventory reports—all within 24 hours. 
24/7 Local Support. Terms and conditions apply. 

Ai1 also covers the crucial business functions common to all businesses, including:
1. Transaction and Revenue Management.
2. Materials and Asset Management
   Warehousing Inventory Control. 
   Asset Management. 
3. Human Resources Management
   Localized payroll.
   Human Resources Information System.
4. Accounting. 
   GAAP/IFRS Compliant
   Seamless integration with all other modules.
   No redundant entry. 

Now for the first time ever enjoy on-demand management reports right to your mobile phone. Anywhere in the world! Ai1. All-In-One. By Gatessoft Corp. Call now for a free, no-obligation demo. 
CONTACT US NOW :inquiry@gatessoftcorp.com

*Indicated price is not the actual price. Costs may vary depending on the transaction made and product purchased.


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