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How to Invite Business Prospects Effectively...

In every business endeavor, huge part of its success is a successful and effective invitation of prospects, clients or potential customers. Effective invitation can increase tremendous sales in your business, be it direct selling, multi-level network marketing business (MLM), real estate selling, or selling securities and financial investments. One successful selling of high end real estate brought by an effective invitation might fill a hundred thousand dollars or pesos a month in your bank account. That's why you need tips and advice on how to invite business prospects effectively.

Effective invitation of your business prospects can level up your success!

Proven Tips and Advice on How to Invite Business Prospects Effectively

1.    Make a prospects list at least 100 to 300 persons

2.    Speak to people at least 5 to 10 everyday.

3.    Find their needs and identify their wants.

4.    Extend the invitation. Giving end not receiving end.

5.    Set schedule. Give choices date, time, & venue.

6.    Confirm an appointment just to make a sure you invite seriously.

7.    You remind again 2 hours or a day.

8.    Follow up within 48 hours

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My problem is how to convince members that if your account is activated you cannot full out the payments. even they have a login and password... stress every day.
Shawn Lister F. Acosta [Entry]

good day. Can you send me more tips on how to invite or approach the business people to do business with you in a network marketing company?
reighnman [Entry]

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